Hanukkah Star of David Card. Love this beautiful Hanukkah Card Happy Hanukkah

hey and thanks for coming back to my

youtube channel today I wanted to show

you the tutorial on how to put together

the Hanukkah star of david' card so if

you are interested in this it is also on

my Etsy shop which I will link below so

let's get started


all right so this is a really simple

card to put together we have the base

and it just folds in half at the score

lines and then also I created four

little score lines you can't really see

them they're not to be scored though but

they're to help you line up this middle

piece and I went ahead and on this

middle piece I went ahead and I embossed

it to different types of embossing

actually I ran it through the cuttlebug

with the Swiss dots and then at the

bottom I used my scoring tool and

created some horizontal lines and then

added the the gems you got these two

pieces not a layer on top I've already

went ahead and stamped to celebrate and

then you'll have the glitter paper or

whichever backing you want and the star

now this piece is just a hair shorter or

smaller than the star so that it doesn't

peak through over the edges so it's best

to go ahead and apply the glue to this

piece so I'm applying the glue over here

and you just want to make sure that you

do the edges because the rest of the

star is exposed and you may get glue

through the openings there so you just

want to go ahead and put glue on the

edges make sure that is all Center it up

really nicely

and since this is glitter paper that I'm

using I'm going to go ahead and push it

down just to make sure that it is set

I'm gonna go ahead now and glue the this

piece to the glitter piece and for this

some piece here you can either do stamp

you can write something if you're using

an electronic cutting machine you can

print it and then cut it or use your

machine you can use pens in your machine

you can write something out as well and

so for the centerpiece I'm going to go

ahead and glue this piece down

and again I'm gonna go ahead and use

those four little tick marks that I am

created on the card to make sure that it

is aligned in the center you can see my

card on the liner that I'm placing on

right now there's a little bit of

blemish on the top I actually used some

washi tape so that it didn't move in my

embossing folder but it's okay because

the star is going to cover that part so

now we're going to go ahead and apply

glue on to the back of this piece this

would also look good if you use some

either pop dots or some foam squares to

lift this up just a little bit I'm going

to go ahead and glue that you can go

ahead and use your fingers to make sure

that all of the corners are aligned


and then last but not least we're gonna

go ahead and put our sentiment on and

I'm gonna go ahead and use some foam

squares here or not some foam squares

some foam tape I just started using foam

tape and I really enjoy it peel off the

backing here and go ahead and place that


and there you have it real quick it's

very easy to cut out obviously you can

see very easy to assemble this will fit

into a five by seven envelope and there

you go thank you guys so much for

joining me today in this tutorial if

you're interested in this file please go

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