Simple Homemade Card using Life is Beautiful by Stampin' Up!




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so let's go ahead and get started on

that beautiful card it's super simple

and i usually always use die

cuts when i'm making my cards i was

looking through my videos and most of my


are using dies

so i wanted to do a card where it was

just stamping

so i am using the life is beautiful

stamp set this stamp set is so pretty

you guys

it's great all year round and um

that tree is just gorgeous when it

stamps out so for our cardstock today

you will need a piece of soft seafoam

this is cut a2 size so it's five and a

half by eight and a half fold at four

and a quarter you also will need two

pieces of whisper white

these are cut five and a quarter by four

for our ink today you will need early


and momento we'll be using the stampin

write markers so

today you will need pacific point

seaside spray pool party

crushed curry pumpkin pie

and granny apple green

so you're going to need your black e

with this black we're going

to take our stamp and write markers and

we're going to use the paintbrush tip

and i'm just going to color a strip

down the black so about

about that much you're gonna want six of

these strips

in here so next i'm gonna use pool party

same thing paintbrush side

and i'm gonna color that in

then your seaside spray

with your paint brush side

then i'm going to bring in the crushed


pumpkin pie

and then i'm going to finish it off with

the granny apple green

i'm going to bring in that piece of

whisper white

and with this what i'm going to do i'm

actually going to move that out of the


i do have the mister in here i'm going

to pull it way back

and just spritz it a couple of times

and then i'm going to bring back in that

piece of whisper white

and you're just going to stamp that over

the top and i do have it

centered and you're just going to press


and you want to just wait a little bit

so that those colors soak in

isn't it just so gorgeous i love how

that turns out so you can do that with

any colors you choose so then i'm just

going to take my simple shammy

and just washed the block off so i'm

going to take this tree out of here

it is quite large so i found the block

that it fits on

is the f block through stampin up

that's the largest block or you could

use the stamparatus to stamp this down

so you're going to want to take your

early espresso and

i like on the bigger stamps to take my

ink pad and

and put it on like this instead of

trying to put the stamp on there

um you get better coverage this way

so then what you're gonna do is you're

going to stamp this tree

right in the middle of this

love how that tree looks so pretty so

then again i'm going to take

my simple chamois and just wipe off

my stamp and my block in the stamp set

there's that little bird house we're

going to use that birdhouse

and you're going to stamp it out again

in early expresso

and i'm just going to line it up so it's

on this branch

final bit of stampin will do is the

hello in here

you're gonna stamp that out in tuxedo

momento black and

i'm just gonna stamp it right along the

bottom here

we're just gonna bring in our card base

and we're gonna fold that right in half

i like to take my bone folder and give

it a good crease

and then we're going to take the stamp

and seal

and if you have not used this yet

or if you're having trouble using this i

know people have complained that it does


and sometimes the the glue isn't

right there when you go to start it so

the trick i found which works out great

is you pull it straight back and then

when you get to the end

you just kind of flick it to the right

or if you're left-handed you flick it to

the left

your glue stays right there so

when you go to start it again it's right


flick it and again your your adhesive is

right there at the start so you're not

going to have it

getting stuck it's not going to stick up


that seems to work i've been using it

that way since

i bought it and it seems to work out


so this is going to go right on the

front of

the card and then you want to go ahead

and glue this on the inside

just to finish up the look of the card

isn't it so cute you guys i love that

and it was so simple to do

you could choose any colors you wanted

you could do

this with any of your stamp sets so i

really love the look of the background

with that i love how there's the white

in there where it didn't quite stamp all

the way it just gives it more

dimension and more texture so i hope you

guys enjoyed

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