reading my letter before sending it to prison | Ron Vuggotta

recording recording hey guys so in his

new video I'm gonna be reading out the

letter that I am going to send out

tomorrow to one of my friends if you

watch my channel did you know that I had

talked about this guy going to prison

and how I wanted to date this guy but it

never worked out and now that I found

out he's in prison now it all means

sense but also if you watch my

laughs um because I talked about it a

little bit more when I'd be going all

off I also said that in 2019 we're going

to remain positive so my thing is is um

I still call him a friend at the end of

the day cuz I wanted us today but didn't

work out that way and now I see it's for

the greater good

so before before I read this I need to

get my black before I read this of I

just wanna let you guys know the place

that I'm trying to come from um and this

letter I was trying to come from a place

where I'm being supportive overall just

supportive overall but also to let him

know that you know I was disappointed

and that you know I still wish them the

best and yeah so just keep that in mind

I didn't want it to come off too

sensitive to where I will be giving like

mix feelings like you know when you out

don't think that we're gonna get

together because no but you know I also

didn't want to come off too insensitive

I wanted to be sympathetic also

to the situation so I'm Maria goes out

to y'all because during my life someone

asked me did I write the letter and my

mana was all just read the letter to

y'all so y'all can see you know how this

sounds before I send it off tomorrow so

I totaled it all you know with the dated

January 7th and I put I'm not gonna say

his name I'm just saying bling

whenever I say his name only say his

name twice so I put hay blank on three

exclamation marks and also I want to

know that I don't know how many of you

guys sit and write letters on a normal

basis but I don't so for me to have

wrote all of this and only messed up one

I know 3 times 1 2 for sure right here

and I don't know what a third time was

it we gonna come upon it but I only

messed up three times Brian Diaz and

after I noticed I was like yeah I'm not

starting over so he just want to accept

the apologies so I'm put hey blank this

is wrong but you would know that because

it is letter low like she well ill is

ill ill it's I don't even know what to

say in a letter but I guess it would be

the same as a regular tics bear with me

on my handwriting is all i'ma say lol

well I need to tell myself that because

I'm struggling to read this and this is

my own handwriting how have you been

it's funny because I comment on your

last post on Instagram in October but

during that time up until now I was

going to myself so I never really

paid attention to the contents of the

posts because I told you guys he made a

post saying on if you want to write him

a letter then you know what I would have



okay somehow I came across your page

Friday night the fourth and I literally

spent the whole night just trying to

figure you out putting all the pieces

together and no putting all the pieces

together just made so much sense to me

now and what's crazy is I never bother I

wonder to know why all of a sudden you

were leaving I guess I just trusted that

you would always have everything under

control so I took your absence as you

call them quote finding yourself or

something like that the next day on the

field I was just an shocked the whole

day over you like wow so even write

these words down to send to you still

has me shook I was a little hurt only

because after finding everything down I

was like damn why he couldn't have just

told me about everything that was going

on the money the ankle bracelet moving

back to Oklahoma you telling me quote

unquote you got into some that you

have to deal with when I facetimed you

that night I never paid attention to any

of that I understand that you might have

felt embarrassed or ashamed but me not

no one just had me feeling so bad you've

been gone all this time and I never knew

anything to know to start sending you

letters okay let me reset it over you've

been going all this time and I never

knew anything to know to start sending

you letters so I basically ended up

being mad at myself for not realizing

all of the signs but at the end of the

day I realized that you're still a

friend to me and despite your situation

and how cruel the world can be I also

learned to not turn my back on someone

at their lowest not saying you're at

your lowest but you know I learned to

just be tough for people when they

needed I went back on youtube and watch

all your videos and it was nice to see

my friend and action lol somehow I still

wish you were out but lately we say that

somehow I still wish you were out you're

not a bad person and I still look at you

as the same kid well man rather who just

wanted to be on top like all of us

they'll go on to the second thing

I've been getting my money together to

start traveling so I can expand my

photography business and make some vlogs

like you're always telling me I should

do that's on one thing about this guy

when it came down to him us always

talking about like YouTube and like what

we can do for our YouTube channels he

always told me wrong you need to start

vlogging like you think that your life

isn't exciting do you think people don't

want to see but your fans will want to

see you know what you do and what you've

been up to so that's something I can't

give them he always um told me to vlog

that well that's one person who always

told me that what did I leave off uh and

make some good blows like you're always

telling me I should do I deleted all my

videos and revamped my channel just to

be honest and myself so we are going to

change his furfrou

with that being said I know Texas will

definitely be a place I'm expanding to

so it brings me comfort to know that

while I'm in the state I'll be closer to

you especially also knowing that you're

under somebody's care and not on the

streets trying to figure out I felt that

I feel like I had to specifically worry

because I originally wanted to say I'm

gonna be in tick I know I'm gonna be

traveling to Texas because I do have a

photography business and as a Travel

Photographer I want to start expanding

um so I can be you know booked and busy

by everybody so we never met in person

but we've always facetimed in ticks and

things like that for like three years or

so and so I originally wanted to say I

know my be in Texas basically um so

maybe one day I may stop by the prison

and come see but when I google the rules

for that it was like I had to be put on

like a guest list or something like that

and I'm like you know what it's cool I'm

gonna be in the state and just knowing

that I close to you is good enough so

that's basically what I meant by that um

yesterday was your birthday

disease and I never forgot because it's

here go

here's that third time I messed up again

and I just put a hex over yesterday was

your birthday and I never forgot because

it's the same day as my mom's I was

gonna get your car but the website

doesn't say anything about cars being

allowed or not cuz when I googled it to

see if I could send this place like this

prison a card or not because someone on

Google was like just Google and going

that prisons website because they'll

tell you that whether they accept it or

not and I know some of you guys when I

was alive was like yeah you could send

prisoners cars but I wasn't for sure so

I don't want to send my car and then my

litter as a whole just gets rejected so

yeah I was gonna get you a car but the

website doesn't say anything about cars

being allowed or not so I just played it

safe with this letter bright side is

we're the same age now until September

lol which is yeah we'll both 22 right

now hopefully you're doing okay and

hopefully you get this letter if you're

not able to write me back then you can

wait if you're able to write me back

then you can always write the address on

the letter and if not then I'll make

sure I send you a letter every time I

get a chance to sit back and give you a

genuine thoughts I had to feel like I

felt like I had to worry about

specifically C because then I don't want

to start saying oh yeah I'm a senior

letter every week on every month like

just you know just whenever I just found

time to sit back and you know write the

letter because one thing about it is is

I know he's not my responsibility

because we aren't together so I'm not I

don't even know the word I want to say

I'm not bound but I don't want to say

bound but I'm not you know whatever um

obligated rather yeah I'm not obligated

to have to write you but as a friend I

will write to you whenever I um

sit banking or write using so then I

wrote in the back it is I didn't feel

this page up because I knew I was going

to have space to just start spacing out

so yeah every time I get a chance to sit

back and give you genuine thoughts if

you ever need anything then just let me

know and if you can't write back then no

you're forever in my thoughts and

prayers and that I'll be looking for

your return so let me okay yeah that's

sandy right if you ever need anything

then just let me know and if you can't

write back then no your favor in my

thoughts and prayers and that I'll be

looking forward forward to your return

that's what it was I'll be looking

forward to your return I was originally

gonna say I'll be looking forward to

your release but that sound a little too

harsh like a little too real like

released out of prison so now I say then

I put on happy 22nd birthday like in all

caps happy 22nd birthday friend and just

a parade of I'm here for you and sending

you love through every letter

you're still an amazing a heartfelt

guard to me so stay strong and keep your

head high and then I entered it with

this quote that I got it from Lady Gaga

my idol and it's something that I truly

believed in myself to everyone I love I

say when you are lonely I will be lonely

too and you're no exception

I miss you blank and look forward to

hearing from you and then I put nothing

but love wrong and then I sign so yeah I

don't know it's just wow to know that

I'm really gonna send this letter to

prison right Wow

I don't want to make it too long but

then again I will I don't want to just

make it super short so this is what I

conjured up right here I was gonna send

the letters and I have like these little

mini envelopes right here and I figure I

could just like

they're not like the regular size

envelopes to where you could just fold

this so they're a little bit smaller so

I figure I could just fold them down and

mail it in just this and I have to buy a

regular full-size and below and then I

have I found my little booklet thingy

we're not a booklet but my little thing

of stamps so luckily I keep stamps with

me and I would say don't ask why because

then if I didn't keep stamps I would

have to buy stamps but luckily I keep

stamps and envelopes so yeah that's it

tell me guys what you think um today is

the 7th of Monday so I'm Emeritus out

tomorrow morning hopefully it gets there

within like a week hopefully I hear back