Relationship Journal Gift Flip Through

hi guys it's Avery and welcome back to

my channel or if you're new welcome to

my channel it feels so good to be

filming today because it has been a very

long time since I have set up a journal

video and gotten to just chat with you

guys here I have my relationship journal

and I'm so excited to flip through this

with you guys I actually have two of

these these are what i gifted nick on

our wedding day I have been making this


since our the beginning of our

relationship when I knew that we would

be getting married when I knew that he

was the one I wanted to start a journal

and just document every moment we had

together and then I have another journal

starting from our engagement to our

wedding day and then I want to do a

journal with me process video as I

create our wedding journal so starting

with this one today this is the first

journal this is year 1 2018 to 2019 of

us dating and I actually left out a

photo here and I kind of think it's

funny cuz I gifted it to him and

everything and I just for the whole time

forgot to get the photo that went here

but I don't know it's kind of fine being

blanked but I really just did pen and

paper throughout this whole journal

because I knew that it would be an

ongoing process over a long period and I

kind of didn't want to use a lot of

different materials and art supplies and

different forms of art because I knew

that I would be moving that I would have

different supplies that I would run out

of supplies that my style would change

so I didn't want it to be all over the

place I wanted it to be as consistent as

possible over the span of years and so I

really just chose to go pen paper marker

stamps and then of course my washi tape

and I tried to write as close to the

date of the photos as possible but you

know it's kind of hard to keep up with

journals like that what I would really

do is I have this app called

oh gosh what's it called Oh so we were a

long-distance if he didn't know and so

for our honestly our whole entire

relationship until after we were engaged

we lived in different states

I had this photo app where it's called

free prints it's an app and then every

month you and this is not an ad like I

just genuinely love this app every month

you can order eighty free prints and all

you do is pay for shipping and so that's

been like amazing these are just like

compliments I wrote him and anyway so I

would like at the end of a month I'd

order my photos and the nights sit down

and document it all sometimes I'd go 2

months then I'd have to do all a whole

bunch more but I really was able to stay

as consistent within this journal and

sometimes I wrote like quotes sometimes

I wrote something about what the

pictures were a date sometimes I would

just write something I loved about him

sometimes I would write you know I don't

know compliments or this one says thank

you because he was there for me

throughout my wreck even these fall for

you so quote here these are actually

Nick's quotes so he has a bunch of weird

things that he says so I just wrote them

all here cuz it was kind of a joke yeah

so I've really appreciated having these

this journal I was like a way for us to

kind of have our memories and look back

on I love like normal photo books that

you can order and I've been going back

and forth on doing that for a wedding or

actually creating a journal or like a

scrapbook thing I think these are just

so much more personal and I think it's

really special as a gift I mean it's

like hey I created this okay so some

movies I write out of glue or I didn't

have them with me because when I moved

it supplies are kind of crazy but I

hadn't even moved here yet but yeah so

some things just aren't really stuck in

here very well

but anyway

this one says can I just say I'm super

super think will we share a lot of the

same interests I started talking about

that here because we went to like my

last like college football game ever and

I don't really care for sports and he's

not the biggest sports person either and

I really appreciate that we can

appreciate he the same things sometimes

what I love to do is like posts like the

pretty post is display the pretty

pictures and then have a tab to open it

to like the behind the scenes so here we

went to a lights festival and it was

super muddy and my boots got so money

and he came home and started cleaning my

boots with my stepdad and I thought that

was really cute so I had to include that

of course and something we just really

enjoy doing together is taking photos a

lot of people are like oh my gosh like

how y'all have so many photos but that's

like just something we love to do

together it's like you know time we can

spend together so it's not like I know

like most people probably don't take as

many as we do but so that's why I'm able

to fill so much but even if you don't

have as many photos you can fill it with

just a bunch of different things like

reasons you love them and the letters

that you'll write each other and some

things that I love to do is like if you

sent me a really cute text because we

were long-distance I document that our

face times you know screenshots of

things like anything that reminds you of

them it doesn't have to just be like

photos of you all together you're able

to fill a relationship journal and with

everything but to be able to document

your timeline I think is super special

and to create it by hand and to be able

to write words so it's kind of like a

diary so you know 20 30 50 years we'll

be able to look back and be able to tell

how you were feeling in that moment I

ended this journal with I knew it was

coming but I wasn't prepared for just

how perfect it was and on to the next

chapter and that's like me talking about

the proposal and that starts the next

journal so yeah that will be the next

video stay tuned for that in a week I

really hope you guys enjoyed this quick

little flip through of me flipping

through my really

ship turtle I didn't go into too much

detail because this is our personal

lives and as you can see it's all just

like my personal writings to him so I

didn't want to go into too much detail

but just explain my process and why I

love doing these if you've been

following me than you know I love

creating journals for people and so

creating a journal for your loved one is

just super special especially as a

wedding gift he had no idea it was


of course towards the end I was getting

excited and I feel like yeah I have a

gift for you I've been working on it so

he could kind of have a hunch because

I'm a journal or but yeah so in one week

you will see the journal flip through of

our engagement and yeah thank you guys

so much for watching and sticking with

me through this crazy change in my life

and I am so excited to be back and I

will see you guys at my next video