How to Daily Journal // tips & tricks to journal everyday & improve your mental health


hey my dudes its Caitlin and today we

are doing such an exciting video we are

going to be talking about daily

journaling how to daily journal how to

get in the habit of daily journaling and

why I daily journal I'm so insanely

passionate about this topic it is one of

my life passions I guess you could say I

daily journal adds it would sound every

single day so this video is going to be

separated in two parts and I just want

to give you guys a rundown of what these

parts are gonna be so you know what to


why daily journal the first steps to

daily journaling how to daily journal

supplies that I use personally tips

tricks and thoughts and then I'm gonna

answer some questions at the end from

Instagram that you guys asked so if you

are one of those people who wants to

know everything about daily journaling

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so you may be wondering by Daily Journal

and I'm going to tell you my personal


um I think daily journaling is really

beneficial to everyone and why I

recommend that everybody do it so for me

daily journaling is a complete outlet

for me it really lets me brain dump my

feelings and my emotions and think

through things that I'm feeling in that

moment it also helps me keep track of my

mood day to day and lets me see that

over time for me it's really therapeutic

I really enjoy it and I've learned to

enjoy it there have been times when I

hated it but there's ways to avoid that

and when I do enjoy it it's just the

highlight of my day I look forward to

daily journaling another thing is that

if you daily journal and keep your old

journals then it will save your memories


I personally have a fear of time passing

it just really is my biggest mindfuck

and for me I sort of started daily

journaling because I didn't want that

time to pass and have no way to keep it

so you can save memories forever if you

daily journal I hoard my journals after

I fill them and it's so satisfying

filling journals and then going back and

reading through all of it one summer it

was my goal to fill an entire journal

and I did it and I have those memories

forever the last point is sort of just a

mesh of personal growth and reflection

so if you use your daily journal to

reflect on life and past present and

future things then you'll be able to

work through things that you've gone

through and you'll be able to see your

personal growth physically you can look

at these journals and read from

beginning to end and see how much you

grew as a person and I think that is an

amazing thing to see it is such a

present to yourself

so now we're going to move on to the

first steps that you need to do to daily

journal these are very simple but

they're very important so the first step

is trying to figure out what you want to

do in a journal you've got to figure out

what the purpose of your journal is

going to be so in this video I'm

touching more on daily journaling like

writing out like a diary but there are

so many kinds of journals that this can

apply to you can do a daily art journal

a daily sketchbook a dream journal a

brain dump notebook I have a brain dump

notebook and I love that to death some

people also have bullet journals that

they use daily the options are endless

and like I said I'm gonna be focusing

mostly on writing journaling but this

will apply to any kind of journaling you

want to do so after you decide what kind

of journaling you want to do you can

move on to finding a journal that you

love finding a journal is really

important because you need to love this

journal it needs to be practical for you

it needs to fit the needs of whatever

kind of journaling you want to do it's

important that you love your journal

because you want to look forward to

opening it and writing in it or drawing

in it and you don't want to just despise

the journal you're using so let's say

you use your favorite pen in a journal

and it bleeds through the pages and it

doesn't really work well you're not

gonna want a daily journal it's just not

gonna work out but if you find a journal

that you love and it works with your

favorite pen or pencil or art supplies

then that's gonna work out really well

for you later I will get into the

supplies that I prefer and the exact

journals that I use if you guys are

interested in that next is finding

supplies that you absolutely love so I

found a journal and a pen that I love so

much that are my favorite things and

that is how I stick to daily journaling

that is what's gotten me through I look

forward to using the pen and I look

forward to using the notebook just

because they work cohesively so well

together and it just makes the process

easier and more gratifying if you're

doing something like art based you want

to find supplies that work with the

journal you're using that don't bleed

through the pages and if you have a good

balance between the journal and the

supplies then

it's just a happy I don't know why I'm

doing a heart but it's just a happy

cohesive heart I guess sick and it just

works out perfectly but yeah it's

important that you love your supplies

that you're using and your journal

because you want it to be as stress-free

as possible and you want to love what

you're doing now we're going to get to

the fun part and the meat of this video

which is how to journal and this is

going to focus like I said more on the

writing portion but you can try to apply

this to any kind of other journaling and

just take away some tips from it there

will also be tips and tricks and in the

Q&A I will answer some questions about

other kinds of journaling as well so the

first step in how to journal is get into

the habit of it and to get into the

habit of it you got to find love in it

it cannot be a job to you you just have

to jump into it in the most practical

way possible and make it simple for you

but really enjoyable and it'll become

easier and easier to do everyday so to

keep up with the journal every day and

make it a habit like I said don't make

it a job don't make it a hassle for

yourself sometimes it just doesn't work

out and you'll miss a day that's fine if

you do miss a day how I kept up that one

summer that I journaled the entire

summer I would write a sticky note or in

my phone just a bulleted list of what I

did that day so I could go back to it

later in the day or the next day and

fill it out I did it that summer I got

like 14 days behind at points and at

that point I suggest just skipping those

days or just writing a bulleted list of

what you did instead of writing out a

whole journal for it writing previous

days rather than the present is not as

fun at all it's sort of torturous I'd

still do it sometimes and I hate it if

you want to be really meticulous you can

journal every single day but in reality

there are gonna be days you have to skip

or miss okay so next the way that I

journal throughout the day is anytime I

get a free moment I write a little in my

journal I don't do the whole journal at

the end of the day because that is just

really inconvenient on days that you're

super busy or days that you don't have

enough time

so that just makes it much less probable

that you'll Journal every day if you do

it solely at the end of the day so what

I do is anytime I get a free twenty


or sometimes even less I'll start off my

journal and then say okay I'll update

later and then come back to it later in

the day and update again and sometimes

I'll update my journal three times in a

day sometimes it'll be one sometimes

it'll be twice sometimes it'll be three

times it just depends on the day and

it's okay to update your journal

throughout the day rather than once in

one big chunk so now I'm going to tell

you guys how a journal and like the

format that I do it in so I always start

off my journal with how my day was I

just do a small paragraph that recaps

the day I say if it's been a good or bad

day productive or lazy how I'm feeling

overall that day because I think that's

important to have at the beginning just

like your current mood how you think the

day's been overall you don't have to do

it in this exact format but that's just

how I tend to start my journals I don't

really have a format for them I'm just

giving you guys sort of a gist of how I

do it so after the quick blurb about how

the day's been if it's been productive

or not and how I'm feeling I'll get on

to the day's events and I began

describing my day so far so I usually do

this in paragraphs I don't make it one

long entry because I like it to be split

up so it's easier to view so I'll just

describe what I did in chunks like one

part of the day and then I'll go on to

the new paragraph and say what I did

later that day if I switch topics I'll

switch paragraphs just things like that

um it's really up to you how descriptive

you want to be journaling is so fluid

and it has so many options that it's

just it's mind-blowing it doesn't have

to be this way or that way you can make

it however it works for you you want it

to be practical for you the last thing

that I want to add about how to journal

in something that'll make your

journaling so much more rewarding for

you is talking about the past the

present and the future when you're

reading this journal in the future you

won't only just see what you did that


you'll also see your inner workings and

your thoughts and feelings and you'll


see that reflection and that will help

you see your overall personal growth

throughout I'm sorry I'm using my hands

so much I'm just really passionate about

this I hope that I'm getting this point

across well but basically reflection is


whether you're reflecting on the past

the present or the future reflection is

so important to your journal into

personal growth in general I didn't even

think about this but one of my good

friends told me about reflection in his

journal and I immediately integrated it

into my journal it is not that easy at

first but once you get the hang of it it

is the most rewarding thing I promise

you so now we're gonna move on to

supplies that I personally use you guys

don't have to use this exact supplies

but I think that like since I've been

journaling for so long this might be

some top-notch recommendations for you

guys especially if you have no clue

where to start I hope that this will

help you guys so I'm going to talk about

the notebooks that I use and then the

types of materials that I use with each

one my three main journals are my art

journal my daily journal and then my

brain dump journal and all of these are

moleskin notebooks I absolutely love

moleskin notebooks moleskin notebooks

can be pretty pricey but they are so

worth it they're durable the page

quality is so nice if you get the right

one and I just always love moleskin

notebooks and they're like completely

plain so you can always decorate them if

you want to so this is the size of my

brain dump notebook this is the size of

my daily journal notebook and then this

is the size of my art journal and as you

can see they're drastically different

sizes but they are all moleskin for my

daily journal and my brain dump I have

soft cover and for my art journal I have

hardcover but that's really up to you

I believe the link for the sizes and the

type of quality of paper inside down

below for each one of these journals in

case that you want to start one of these

on your own through my daily journal I

use the paper may ink joy gel 0.7 gel

pen and this

a really specific pen that I have never

tried out until like two months ago I've

gone through two of these pens already

in this notebook from filling it up I

tried another gel pen and it smeared all

the time this one does not smear at all

and it's just my favorite pen to write

with um so that's my favorite for my

daily journal

so first supplies for my brain dunk

notebook in our journal I use tombow

dual brush pens fabric Estelle Pitts

artist pens micron fine liners and then

just as a recommendation you can use mid

liners as well they're like highlighters

that are I think they're called zebra

mid liners a lot of people use them and

I just wanted to recommend them because

I've heard only good things about them

so that's it for supplies I hope that I

gave enough detail I will link them all

in the description for you guys it's

gonna be a lot of links but I promise

you won't be disappointed the website

that I use to buy art supplies if I

don't buy it in person is Dick Blick

comm they have any art supplies you can

think of and it is just a wholesale site

so you can buy like specific colors and

you could buy mass amounts if you want

to as well and then I also go to

Michaels and I use moleskin calm as well

for the notebooks


so now I'm going to answer questions

from my Instagram's I asked on both my

main and my art journal Instagram what

you guys had questions about for daily

journaling if you guys want to be part

of Future q and A's or you just want to

see what's going on with my life make

sure to follow the instagrams on the

screen or linked in the description

below this is more of a personal

question but how did you get into daily

journaling so basically I've had this

weird fear of growing up since I was

little and losing time and losing

memories so ever since I was little I've

been hoarding my notebooks and writing

down things and drawing just to keep

them as memories when I got a little bit

older and read back on old Diaries I saw

how important they were to me and how

much I had grown as a person and that

just sparked this flame to try and

journal for myself for the future so

right now I'm daily journaling not only

for myself in the present but for myself

in the future as well how many different

journals do you use and what is the

purpose of each one so I have a few main

notebooks right now I have a brain dump

notebook an art journal a daily journal

and a sketchbook and those are my four

main journals I use those pretty

regularly all four of those and almost

every day actually and yeah those are my

main journals right now and I keep all

those and then I will hoard them once

they're awful what do you write when you

have nothing to say so when I have

nothing to say I will either say okay

I'll pick up later or end the journal

there or I'll talk about something that

has been on my mind that day or

something that stood out to me about the

day I might journal about something I'm

grateful for or journal about something

that made me really upset that day and

journal about why and ask myself like

why that upset me so I sort of do some

reflection or I just end the journal

when I have nothing more to say is it

hard to keep doing a journal every day

don't you lose motivation sometimes

I honestly never lose motivation to do

my daily journal the art journal

sometimes I do lose motivation and I

have to find some inspiration but for my

daily journal I do not lose inspiration

ever just because it is one of my

favorite things to do because I got a

pen that I love in a journal that I love

and I've done it for so long now I

absolutely love it and I know how

rewarding it'll be so I just don't lose

motivation for it if you find a serious

passion for it you won't get unmotivated

to do it sometimes I have too much

you're right and it takes me ages and

ages to write it which puts me off so

I'm guessing you're asking what to do if

you have too much to write like I said

you guys can always do bulleted lists

and that'll make it much easier I think

having a lot to write is not a bad thing

at all if you don't have time and you

have more to write try to journal

throughout the day instead of all at

once because if you do journal once it

can get boring and you can get tired of

it and then your journal sort of suffers

so if you're a person who has too much

to journal user so if you're someone who

has too much to journal usually try

journaling throughout the day so you

have more time to write what you want to

talk about if that makes sense how do

you make time to write in your journal

every day so because it's a passion I

don't really make time to do it I sort

of look forward to it but if you need to

make time to do it

you can do it you can wake up early and

journal in the morning about the day

before you can journal during your lunch

break or your work break or you can

journal on the bus or find a nice place

to sit when you get your morning coffee

journal um or before bed is a popular

time to journal because that's when it's

the end of the day and you have your

whole day already in your head if that

makes sense I'm losing my voice that's

getting harder to talk basically if you

want to make time to journal like I said

I suggest journaling throughout the day

and that'll be the best way to get it

done whenever you have free time I carry

my journal everywhere with me just

make that clear so when I have free time

I free time to journal I'm not just

sitting there waiting on a plane even

like on my plane rides and in the

airport recently I was journaling in the

airport I was journaling on the plane I

didn't care if people are staring at me

it's just um that's how I made time for

it at that time how much time every day

do you spend daily journaling so I spend

right now since I don't have as much to

do and it's summer I spend probably an

hour a day daily journaling I'm really

in depth because I really really like it

and I have the time to do it right now

but when I don't have time and I have a

full busy schedule I usually take about

30 45 minutes to daily journal during

the school year instead of doing it at

night I'm gonna do it throughout the day

and I'll probably have more time to

daily journal but as of now it's

probably about an hour a day and when I

have full schedule and I'm working and

going to school it's about 45 minutes a

day to 30 minutes and sometimes it's

even 20 minutes if I'm really tired

what's your favorite part about daily

journaling so I love a lot of things

about daily journaling but the most

rewarding part has to be looking back at

it in the future reflecting on things I

figured out a lot of things about myself

and about the future and the past

just from daily journaling so I think

that that's why it motivates me so much

because I have figured out so much about

myself through daily journaling what the

hell do you write in it I love this

question I write about like I said I

generally recap how the day was how I'm

feeling and then I write everything that

I did that day and I'll throw in little

details of how I felt when I was doing a

certain thing or something that maybe a

smell that reminded me of something else

so mainly it's to write about what I did

that day but I also throw in a lot of

reflection and a lot of personal talk

and what's going on in my brain too just

to make it more interesting and more

fulfilling okay so the question is about

how long is eight each daily entry so

like I said right now I have a lot of


and that means that I have a lot more

pages to write then you might have just

because you might not have as much time

as I do right now I have plenty of free

time right now so when I started this

journal which is this big I had

basically a page front and back for

every single journal and then once I got

more in the hang of it I have three

pages friend back for each journal just

because I got more in the swing of

writing and I could think of born to

write about so it might start off really

short you might use half a page but the

more you do it the better you'll get at

it and the more you'll be able to write

depending on if you want to somebody

asked how to start their journal and how

I start this journal is I wrote a page

that was called what's this journal and

I always start my journals with

something like this just to say the

purpose of it so I wrote this will be a

daily catalogue of my life hopefully

daily at least I plan on using this for

logging memories and reflecting on my

life in order to grow as a person

I believe that reflection is important

for personal growth and learning more

about yourself overall reflection is

just pivotal for any and all aspects of

your life it's so important lastly as

I've mentioned in my other journals I

have this deep fear and unease about the

passing of time I hate that it is out of

my control yet such a big factor of life

I also hate that it's somewhat of a

mystery it is just a human cot is it

just a human construct is it linear

canopy more latent manipulated these

questions haunt me this journal will

begin summer 19

I'm currently 20 years old Wow and will

be a junior in college this year let's

begin filling yet another journal

actually I said let's begin filling yet

another journal my dude good luck and I

signed it my name so basically that's

how I start my journals I give a little

tidbit of what I did I didn't have to

read like the whole beginning of my

journal but I just wanted to give you

guys an idea of what I wrote and how I

started my journal and sort of how I

talked to myself in my journal Oh brick

Titus asked how to stay consistent

she's another youtuber here on YouTube

I'll put her YouTube in the description

but basically the way that I stay

consistent is you have to make it

practical for your lifestyle don't tell

yourself that you're gonna drool every

single day if some days you literally no

you will have zero time you can still

call it a daily journal if you daily

journal like most of the time what I'm

trying to say is you basically just have

to make it fit your lifestyle and it'll

become so much easier than forcing it

upon yourself if you make it work around

your lifestyle you'll naturally find

time to do it and you'll enjoy doing it

motivation I tried to do this but I

didn't have any motivation so you're

asking for motivation to actually start

not motivation to keep up with it so my

advice is which I've reiterated a lot of

times in this video is that if you're

lacking motivation to start just try to

start small and tell yourself how

rewarding it'll be in the future for me

starting was hard too but I knew that

looking back at my old journals just

gave me so much joy and it was so worth

it for me to start another one I'm

telling you now that keeping a journal

is so rewarding and your future self

will thank you if you keep a journal and

you can use this as your motivation if

you want to but that's that's what

motivates me is knowing that my future

self will have memories to look back on

forever okay guys that is it for this

video that was all the questions this is

going to be such a long video and if

you've made it to the end comment down

below your favorite emoji and something

you learned in this video I love that

you guys were so excited about daily

journaling and I hope that you guys

loved to this video and got something

from it I appreciate you guys so so much

and I hope that I helped you in any kind

of way possible I will see you guys next

week in another video peace out guys