"A Little Note" just because card using Positive Thoughts Video Tutorial

hello this is jill from paper daisy

crafting thank you so much for joining

me today

hope you're well hope you're surviving

current times without any problems

um thank you for joining me and today

this is our project i posted this um

for a blog hop a color combination blog


was a bit challenging for me i have to

say the color challenge was to use

soft suede rich razzleberry and mint


not an easy combination of colors to

come up with a card for

but i thought it was quite nice this

little card so i've done a i've done a

version in colors that i think i'm going

to like

more and i'm going to use very vanilla

again as my base i don't often do that

quite often use them whisper white but i

thought i'd use very vanilla again today

i'm going to leave that there so i can

refer to it

so what will we need right well

obviously you need a card blank

and we're doing this one tenth fold so

my card blank measures 10 and a half

by this will be 29.8 but we're going to

score it at 14 and a half and then cut

off the excess so we'll do that in a


and then you need the two panels

this one i don't know if you can see

that how well can you see that on camera

it's got a beautiful pierced edge

that you get with the die oh i didn't

tell you the die set did i we're using


this set which is called positive

thoughts got some beautiful images

and then the die set that goes with it

is called nature's thoughts

you find them and they're here

and so you've got the big ferns you can

cut out the big fern with that one

cut out these little sprigs of foliage

and an even tinier one cut out a

butterfly i've used that one so i've


i've used all of these dies use that one

to cut out my flower

and this is the frame i haven't actually

used these ones on this card but i have

used the feather before

i know that feather i cut out a stamped

one with that one um but really lovely

really lovely set

bit outside my usual style i have to say

this is more sort of almost vintagey but

i quite like it

yeah i'm getting used to it so the

pieces that i'm going to use which i've

already die-cut i've stamped the foliage

with the stamp and then die cut that

in soft seafoam i've cut out three of

the little sprigs in

put in um very vanilla i've cut out one


butterfly's going on there one little

sprig in

um crumb cake this color is crumb cake

and then my flower and my butterflies in

highland heather

oh and another little sprig there i

don't know if we're going to need that


i don't think i use that one on the

other card anyway so let's have a look

at what we need to do to put this card

together oh and another little scrap of

card to do our

sentiment all right these are the stamps

that i used

i'm going to use that one again in a sec

that one i won't need to use because

i've already stamped and die cut the


um but that's the stamp that you use and

the sentiment i'm using

is from butterfly gala which is

a little note which is a sentiment i've

used over and over again i love that i

love having some cards in my stash

that i can just send for no occasion

whatsoever just a little

note to say to someone i'm thinking of

them or how are they

or whatever so let's make a start take

your card blank

and we're going to score at 14 and a


like i say if i was really going to do

this in half a4

it would be something like 14.8

and a half or something like that and i

can't be doing with those figures

especially when i want to produce mattes

and things for it so i tend to

do it at 14 and a half which means i get

a little bit of leftover card

but that doesn't worry me so i'm gonna

use my bone folder line that up

give myself a nice crease there and then

i'm just going to trim off that

that little bit at the edge there of

course you could cut the card before you

um oh that blade has come out somehow

that's better sometimes slips out of the


um there we go all right and that's our

card blank done that's all the

trimming we need to do today just a

little sliver that's left over so it

doesn't really matter

just means that if i'm cutting down if i

want my mat to be

half a centimeter smaller all round it's

much easier to work out

than it is by trying to do odd bits of


right there we go right now this panel

is going to be what we're working on so

i think we'll mount everything on there

first i think we'll stamp on there first

yeah we'll do that first

so we've got these bits to add on in a

sec trying to remember i made this

card quite a long while ago so i'm

trying to remember

how i made it right i'm going to take my

soft seafoam

stamp pad

i was trying to find today a stamp pad

that needed re-inking because i wanted

to demo it on a video

and i've just remembered that this is

one of the ones that does need re-inking

so i should have done this one

hey-ho never remember at the time

um okay so i'm going to

now this won't do as good stamping out


um off as the other one because it's not


so juicy and not quite so dark and stamp

one there

i think i might just keep stumping i'm

going to do one

there and then i'm going to come in with

a stamped off one there

but it's up to you can you see that's

very very pale

very pale indeed and because

because of the color ink it is it

doesn't matter but it is very pale right


then we can start layering so first of


i'm going to mount this spring here i'm

going to do it

slightly more into the center than i did

on the last one

this is all going to be covered up by my

sentiment so i don't need to worry too

much about what's going on down here

so i'm going to take some dimensionals

so i'm gonna put one up there

one there

maybe half always that cut no there's a

cut one

i might just put a little half of one


and maybe another little half of one


another one should use the little one

shouldn't i if i thought about it i

might have done

another one there but they're so good

for cutting up anyway

right now what i'm going to do is i'm

going to place that there and then i'm

going to think about where i want my

little sprigs to be

i want a little sprig behind there so

i'm going to take the backing

off my dimensional

and i'm going to try and angle where i

want that sprig so i want that sprig to

be there

i think so like that so that's going to

save me having to glue that sprig down

i want another one on the other side i

might do a bit lower

so that one

coming up there no

didn't catch it there we go

that one there i've got another one but

i'm not sure i need it

i don't think i need the other one i

might do the tiny one i might do a tiny

one down here

but just play around there are no hard

and fast rules here

just play around with it until you get

an arrangement that you like

if you glue them to the dimensionals

they will if you're very gentle they'll

peel off again if you don't quite get

them in the right place

there we go and then that is going to go

over like that and i'm actually going to

glue my butterflies

slightly differently i'm going to put

one up here

and one a bit further down over here i


so on this one both butterflies are on

the same side i'm just going to split

them up a bit this time

um so now we're going to stick on our


the flower is going to go here so i just

want to see where i want my sentiment to



there so i want my flower about there so

i want to put a lot of my flower

on it too low there we go so that's

about where i want my flower to go

maybe over to the side so it hangs off a

little bit i quite like that effect of

hanging over the side

so let's put a bit of glue on

and there that you don't need

dimensionals because you're layering on

top of the foliage

and so that's just going to be risen up

if you put another layer on it's going

to be a bit high

and then this is going to go across here

like this excellent love that

yep okay so i haven't glued my

butterflies on yet so let's do that

might as well do that while i'm here

so this is quite an easy little card to

put together

um once you've got all the bits i know i

cheat a bit by coming on with all my

die cuts already done

um but that's because my big shot is

really old

i have to but i didn't apologize at the

beginning did i for the noise of my fan

in the background we're going through a

heatwave in the uk

i set aside sundays normally to do all

my videoing

but it's um 30 30.5 degrees in my craft

room at the minute so i can't turn my

phone off i'm afraid it's just too

hot right and then we're going to glue

that onto there and then that will glue

onto the card base

and we've just got the sentiment to do

so very very quick little card

i love this panel with the pierced

stitching and i think that'll be useful

for all sorts of things

not just this set but it does set them

off quite nicely

i love when stamping up put a set of

dies together they always

quite often throw in an odd die that you

can use for so many different

purposes i do i do love that

makes it all the more versatile and all

the more that you can't live without it

which is actually probably their ploy


it doesn't do my bank balance any good

right okay

so i'm going to glue that on there i'm

using tombow so that i can move it

if i don't get it right the first time

there we go so if you've got any

questions um

anything you want to ask about stamping

up or stamping in general card making do

do drop me a note i

love responding i'm very happy to answer

any questions or anything that anyone's


i don't know if you know but i've got a

beginner's series going on at the moment


and even if you're an experienced

crafter you may find things in there


um you didn't know so it's worth having

a little look right this is going to be

our sentiment strip

the first thing i'm going to do is print

my sentiment on it

and i'm going to print it in crumb cake

which is the color that i've used um for

the backing panel so that will just tie

it all together

so we've got purple and purple soft sea

foam and then

crumb cake and crumb cake so let's try

and get this straight on this panel

so i'm going to put it a bit further

over than where i actually want it

oh perfect it doesn't often go like that

when i do it on camera

um right so

actually that might be exactly in the

right place having said that i think

that's perfect

perfect place so i'm going to trim off

that about

here and i'm going to just cut a little

banner in now we've got a new banner


in the new catalogue that i haven't

bought yet but i'm sure i will

because it will be really useful for

doing these little

fishtail banners

as you see what i do is i cut in from

the center

and then cut in from each side to get


fairly even but it would be nice to have

a punch to make them exact

right and then i'm going to put that i'm

just going to overlap that a little bit

because i want to trim that off when

i've done it

so i'm going to put come in with some

more dimensionals so they are hiding

under there

so i'm going to put one under here

and then i'm going to put a couple at

the other end but i'm not going to do

them in the middle because it's going to

sit on that flower

so it's already risen up there so i

don't want it to be any higher

so like that and that should hold that

in place

like so this might be another of the

cards that i send my mum

my mum if you don't know is in a care

home and with dementia

um and i haven't seen her for quite a

while now with them the pandemic so

i keep sending a little little notes

little cards little parcels

send it quite often turned to chocolate

or biscuits because she's a real got a

real sweet tooth

i'm not sure she knows they're from me

but i know um

so that's fine there we go so one of

these cards may well be winning to her

there we go we're done isn't that nice

nice and quick

i know i'd already die cut but even so

that didn't take me very long before i

came on camera oh last little bit sorry

i forgot

i just did a little sprig on the other

card there just to

so i've just stick that another one out

of crumb cake so that just ties in again

with the backing so when i use colors i

like to sort of get

just tie them in so they're not just a

rogue element

there so there's my other card

with positive thoughts and nature's

thoughts dies

um like i said this one was really not

my choice of colors

this one's much more at my street quite

like that one

um so that's quite nice thank you for


hope you've enjoyed it if you want to

see my blog post about um these cards

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just get in touch i'll be happy to help

that's all from me

have a lovely day and i'll see you again

soon bye