Kairos Letters: Good and Not-so-Good Examples

good day Kairos brothers and sisters

today we're going to give you examples

of good and uh-hum not-so-good letters

for Kairos weekend retreats of course

David will do the not so good examples

and I will do the perfect examples

fitting since David is not so good and I

on the other hand M perfect okay I will

not comment on that now but here is your

first not-so-good example Papa dear

whoever you are there for a reason

God knows a judge knows it not for me to

judge but you might want to tell me

about it later not that I'm gonna judge

you but I'm just curious your brother in


happy wow that was really bad

here's a good one dear brother blank God

knows us and knows our hearts I am glad

he found me fit use my heart to share

his love with you this weekend I'm very

blessed to meet you your sister in

Christ Marva let Marva let Martha let

okay here's another example not to

follow dear Braham I'm glad to be here

of a Kairos I have enclosed a track for

you to read to keep you from going to

hell do you work in leather crafts can

you get me one of those leather caps

I haven't closed the money for it signed

just a nut oh boy

you are really good at creating bad ones

here is another good one dear brother

blank as he read this letter there are

people all over the world who are

praying for you and for every guest at

the skyress weekend they know how

awesome it is to see God work through

Kairos prison ministry in your behalf

may your Kairos experience be a

life-changing one and may your life

forever be lifted up to the Creator for

having had the experience god bless you

and we love you your sister in Christ

mistletoe hectares haha mistletoe I see

what you did there

that's funny well boys and girls you see

it is so simple to write nicely letters

just write uplifting letters from the

heart you may include a favorite

scripture or saying but don't judge or

condemn yes and don't place anything in

the envelope but words from your heart

no contraband such as money stickers or

tracts let the holy spirit work through

you we hope this was helpful bye-bye

goodbye bye bye bye bye bye BB BB bye