Patricks' Cubology: Kairos–Secrets Revealed

there's there's a there's an a meat

grinder what did you do want in Cairo's

dose the dragon that grants you through

the retreat what did you do on Kairos

the retreats they named a retreat after

a dragon

hello and welcome to Patrick skew Balaji

with your host Patrick Heffernan your

camera person of sorts

Patrick broody and our special guests

anonymous time yeah you're in time

that's okay

so we're talking about Kairos the

biggest retreat at reads chat with Kyra

Kai Kairos there the retreat you

recently went on retreats yeah

the retreat you told us you would spill

the secret song Kairos are you sure yeah

yeah I thought that's the retreat the

junior time yeah it's the junior retreat

okay yeah yeah you just went on it

correct all right then where were you

so so when you were gone for a week well

Kairos was going on where were you I was

sick you were sick yeah I had math club

so the location of Kairos is it in the

United States area well see Kairos I

think I think I think I finally know

what you're getting there I think I

think you're referring to to Kairos as

in that that the the retreat that

juniors go on here at Regis Jesuit yes

the one that you have recently gone on

right so the Kairos retreat Hey

cherry pop is my biology so on to our

next question I think a very important

part of Kairos is that many people

describe it as life-changing would you


describe it as life-changing well um see

the thing about the thing about Kairos

is it's so life it's you know you wake

up and and you're just you know you're

so excited so excited you can't remember

what you had for breakfast like I was

going on Kairos and when I was there

what happened when I went on Kairos when

I was I was there when I went on cars so

you were on Kairos no yes I that the yet

that the point is I don't remember what

I had for breakfast no breakfast not

that maybe I'm pretty sure I had

breakfast if they don't feed you on

Kairos well see that I don't remember

because I could have had breakfast I

think it was oranged it was orange juice

it was oil and orange juice so for

breakfast I'm a naughty I didn't have

because I didn't go on Kairos

is there a point to anything are we not

all cute what we're made of brave what

do we do if we're made out of grain is

this pumpkin grain are you grain is this

cube you are shooting grain is the air

grain if not are we just graining

through the grain do you understand now

I don't

Kairos set the dragon from Dragon Ball Z

now what were you saying about what how

do you find like happiness in your life

well if I wanted to find happiness I

looking for you know the H in the

dictionary do you go to H and then cut

it out I think I think I think you're

asking all the wrong questions I think

it's I don't think it's where to find

happiness where it's fun I think it's I

think it's what did I have for breakfast

the day I left for cars so you were

talking about how Kairos is a

theological aspect of time okay what now

in the Greek Greek no no this isn't I

thought you said there's some Dragon

Ball Dragon grants three wishes what

would you wish I would wish if I had

anyway I think I would want to fly you

wouldn't want to fly yeah so I could

just you know save money on gas Patrick

I can fly I don't have to pay for gas

then the other wish would be for maybe a

sweater or an immunity to move pneumonia

I think I don't remember what happened

the day I left by doing room what

happened the day I came back okay what

happened the day you came back from well

did you know that the school has a has a

psychiatrist we do yeah oh okay I've

never known that inkblots stuff inkblots

yeah yeah well I changed you change I

changed okay

so when the psychiatrist's held up those

ink blots what what did you see I saw a


and in that rhinoceros I saw a single

tear and in that tear another face I saw

your face wasn't my face nose was

Christ's face see the beauty of life

it's not found just stumbled upon see so

what's the beauty of life

beauty of life is living Patrick like it


the last day

live the last day live the last day

thank you Michael