How to write Christmas cards with the kids!

everyone today we're writing your

Christmas cards and we just wanted to

share with you how we do our Christmas

my writing so that it's nice and easy

here's what we do step one we have a

list of who we're writing our cards to

and I'm going like two thousand and

you're already knows - Sally that's very

nice are you gonna write one two -

jingle bells you're just riding boots -

jingle yeah so what we do is we wrote a

list but then we keep the same list

every year so that we know who we said

business cards - last year and then it's

just easier every year to know who were

male in part one we already making yours

step two to make it easier on the back

of our envelopes let's hold it up to the

camera we'll use a little regiment that

return address stickers except on the

back so that we don't have to write our

address on the back of the envelope

number three to keep the girls busy we

have stickers to put inside each

Christmas card as you can see this is

one Georgia has prepared earlier now so

who's in charge of putting stance on

envelopes so what we do is we put a

cross at the top of the envelope here

and then Sophie sticks the stamp on top

of the cross and that way we know that

all of the postage stamps are going in

the right section do you want to pin the

other thing I do is make sure I get few

more cards and envelopes than we need

because that way there's no panicking if

anybody does too many stamps or writes

over the top of an address where it's a

February the top something important

we've got plenty extras to use so it's

almost like Christmas crafts this one

girls this is that Sophie helps me write

the card she writes the name

person we're sending the car to and then

she writes her name down the bottom I

don't know if you can see it very

clearly and then I write the rest of the

message in the middle and that way

everybody shows and you can put yours in

the amber light your watch well Georgia

ditched us for Mickey Mouse don't forget

if you want more make life easy tips for

xmas and any other time of you got a

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over there so Merry Christmas