Homeschool Yearbook {Kindergarten}

hey guys Jess me and I know it's been a

while since I uploaded a video that

wasn't my intention at all actually I

have so much planned what I want to

share with you but time is limited an

hour in a really slow when it comes to

uploading videos because if you have a

few videos on my laptop that are waiting

to be shared with you plus we were gone

for most of the time and the last few

weeks are almost month so our life

wasn't our usual routine which was great

because we had a wonderful time but I am

ready to get the channel going again and

we are ready to start school on Monday

we already started first right before we

took another on a few weeks of summer

vacation um but we are ready to get in

full gear when it comes to fourth grade

not just review staff actually learn new

things and we are ready to start our

nice crater which is crazy because 9th

grade is freshman year which is high

school which is insane I can't believe

we have a high schooler anyway um but

before I share any new things on what

we're actually doing for fourth grade

what we're going to do for ninth grade

and all other things i want to share

with you i want to share with you one

more thing from last year in that our

little portfolio or your book we created

we are not um with it we're not required

to keep records overseas so that's a

good thing but i saw all those your book

you propose our emails from our local

school and

my oldest one she got the yearbook from

her eighth-grade year in school and have

a psycho what's so nice and I was like I

could look through that too for how

school and so it was a last minute thing

I did like I think one or two days Tina

graduation so a team it might not be as

perfect or as great as I wanted to be

but I love the way it turned out and so

I want to share with you and for that

I'm going to flip the camera around and

it to give you a better view and show

you what you've done so for our yearbook

/ portfolio I just use the regular

binder that we had at home and I just

remembered I wanted to create something

for the back here where it says the name

great and the year but it's not

necessary for the video so i can do that

later for the front i just used a

picture that i took offer on her

kindergarten graduation day i ordered

her graduation gown in Amazon because as

the other kids Island Facebook wearing

them and their pictures of substance so

cute and then again I was like well we

can do that for homeschool to we do not

need to feel left out after I took the

picture uploaded it with are uploaded my

computer and it opened it up with

picmonkey to create this image I

basically just wrote her name the great

she was paying in astro few questions

and then she answered them to me so her

favorite subject was masked the hardest

thing she did was practicing her to

write next year she hopes to learn more

about number she's pretty good at

reading the best thing in kindergarten

was learning about numbers she's most

part of going to first grade and she

wants to become a zookeeper her first

answer was vets and the new sigma3 paper

if you ask who knows but again so i

guess she's drawn two numbers and

animals which is not a bad thing so and

if you open it up here in the left side

is the picture she created for a

negatron we started in kindergarten but

we didn't fill it up with lots of things

so i just decided to put

everything we may for the mega chela in

here but this turned out so cute that I

didn't want to throw it out like spill

it grass and the flowers to drew a mouse

and two snails with some some slime

trail so I just I just wanted to keep it

so we're going to put it in here and

then for the front page I use the

picture that I took of her when we did

for the lake one day and the coach here

says children love them here to them

teach them well and believe in them for

they are our future Express necessarily

a homeschool quote but it really speaks

to me so that's why I decided to use it

and here is the crystal we made for Jill

week she gave all the others away to

friends and family we kept one that's

just I just put it right here here to

just a picture that created for our art

during our hump crop so I just put it in

here and then for the first place page I

decided to go with pictures of the first

day of kindergarten and in Germany you

get school cones that are filled with

lots of goodies and I just really like

the tradition so I decided to give for

one or make her one for the first day of

kindergarten so those are these and then

here are just pictures from our school

year I didn't put them in chronological

order I just decided to kind of put

bundle them together like was I guess

you could say theme so here all just

pictures from hands-on science project

so here's apple week and what's man week

when we talked about the moon and we

made moon cake and just different kinds

of crap um here's the pair of the

pictures were made the tools and then

when we had butterflies or caterpillars

and then here just kind of like random

pictures math and crafting for Easter

PE library Spanish and of course you

have plenty of playtime in time to go to

parks when other kids are in school

smooth named teeth field trip slim fans

it's been gutted work and another park

in here just pictures from our story

times at the library and then now here

are pictures from when we got together

with our homeschool co-op was going to

meet up with other house cool families

and then here's a picture from a tea

party where she got that good manners

award and this is my message I home

school but we did recite her memory

verses from Alana during our home school

day and I just wanted to put pictures of

activities to did during her school here

in here as well so here are pictures of

awana she was in Girl Scout she was a

daisy and she was in track as well and

since we started with some pictures from

our first day of kindergarten I decided

to end it with pictures of her last day

of kindergarten and then now here are

just things we are actually she created

like I said before we are not required

to keep any kinds of records but the

sorts of things I just didn't want to

throw out and like I said yeah you need

something for a yearbook so those are

the things I just wanted to keep so this

is a picture she drove herself on her

first day of kindergarten senshi you

filled out this little seed her name's

family favorite food what she wants to

be when she grows up color hand prints

and here's the string where we measured

how tall she wasn't her first day of

kindergarten and he or she wrote her

name numbers in her ABC's on the first

day and then I did let her revise it on


last thing to see how much the in person

I guess you really did this year's

pictures he drew of scary night from

then go and during flower week like a

little slap you can open up and it's a

slab plants need to grow here to some

gel pages she made then again from when

we talk about the Sun and in the moon

and this year was supposed to be a

little insect magazine goodness trend in

the magazines that I just put it in here

and we talked about insects and this is

from our nature journal when during fall

she you just made that in four hand

print and then little dust which is

supposed to be the least i think that's

supposed to be a flower talks about

trees and leave and that's from our

science lessons and this is the creation

book she that you create over the kids

make on their first week of my father's

rural king of gardens so i put it in

here as well and then there's this

during my father's world you have a

memory verse each week that goes with

the whole theme in the letters the kids

are working on and you're supposed to

make those badges but i found those

feats and i like them much more so

that's what we did for the rest of the

year but just wanted to keep this and i

kept every single one we had because if

you remember on in her interview she

said the hardest thing she did was lying

how to write say I really met remember

how much effort you put into these that

sometimes took a lot of time and

patience so I just really didn't want to

throw them away and

spend lots of time creating a pictures

that are according to the memory worth

so they are all in here and that is

pretty much it like I said it's simple

it was a last minute decision but I

really love the way to turn out and I'm

definitely going to create one for this

school year as well so i hope this just

gives you some inspiration for your next

one or if you want to start one as well

so but if you already doing some or if

you do that as well for your kids just

um share with me in the comments below

how you create our design Lydia book

just you know for inspiration for me I

like to be inspired by their parents and

I hope this will be an inspiration for

you as well so comment below if it if

you're doing them as well how do you do

them and if it's quickly subscribe

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videos and thanks for watching and have

a wonderful and last week talk to you

later bye