★ How to write a professional Sponsorship letter!! #FreedomFamily

hello freedom today I'd like to talk to

you about writing a proper sponsorship

letter people have been asking me for a

very long time how to do this so here we


the very first thing that I tell anyone

who wants to do this to do is to set up

something on their Gmail called canned

responses canned responses is an awesome

tool that you can use for a lot of

things especially if you receive and

respond to a lot of emails but also if

you're sending out a lot of emails you

can use it as well so very first thing

that we need to do is go need to go up

to the gear here and we need to go into

settings and here you can set up in labs

just search for canned responses right

there you can see I have it enabled now

that we have canned responses enabled we

can use them so when you're writing a

new email you'll notice a little box

here you can go to canned responses and

it will actually give you all of the

different ones that you've set up you

can either insert you can save or delete

here you'll see that I actually have one

setup for a software review so go ahead

and get rid of that all right so this is

actually a very basic template that I

use of course every time I customize it

but as you can see it's very short

it's very succinct it's just very

assembly my name is Anthony Smith I run

a YouTube channel and I link to the

channel that focuses primarily on gaming

gaming related content as well as

software tutorials and reviews where I

have around at the time that this was

written it was 7000 subscribers that

channel is now at about 10,000 and about

two thousand daily views I'm contacting

you because I would love to cover your

program whatever it may be

now that it's come out on Steam or

whatever I would probably change that

too if it were not a steam program I

would love to know if you would be as so

kind as to provide a review copy of


so that I compare and contrast it in

review and also a second paragraph

describing the kinds of things that I do

and the kind of things I would love to

do for them it's very simple the main

thing about writing a letter like this

is that you don't want to tell people

your life story though it may be

tempting to tell someone that you do

videos after school or that your father

just died two weeks ago or that you come

from a bad neighborhood and that YouTube

helps you stay out of trouble

these are things that you definitely you

know you want to talk about to your

friends to your fans but they're not

relevant to what the company wants from

you and what you're offering to them

here you'll actually see an older

version of much the same letter that you

just read except this is actually a

follow-up email that I would tailor to

whatever it is that I would send out so

for instance the very first sentence is

simply I recently attempted to contact

you about reviewing your game I wanted

to try again just in case I mistyped the

address or the message was somehow lost

in spam here's the thing these people

who make these decisions about

sponsoring you with products games

review units whatever it is they get a

lot of these respond of these requests

the key to your success is to stand out

amongst the crowd this is a letter that

you would send about seven to ten days

after your initial request if you send

it say the following day and people do

recognise you and they see that you're

being pushy or overzealous they're going

to dismiss you immediately however if

they do remember you vaguely and maybe

they just didn't get back to you this

will actually bring you a lot of respect

it's also important that I note here

linking things is going to be a huge

success to you so for instance here I

linked the YouTube channel that I'm

talking about and here I actually linked

to social blade so that they can see

that I'm not

laughing about my numbers when you write

a letter like this it's going to be

selling yourself you also want to make

sure that you read over everything

if you customized something between

sends make sure that it's spell checked

for instance here you'll see that the

word let's play it's not necessarily a

word that's recognized by dictionaries

but it is properly spelled you want to

make sure that you have everything set

and set properly otherwise you risk

making a bad first impression

funny story I actually sent one of these

letters to Mojang but didn't customize

it for the game or what I was asking for

and Lydia Winters emailed me back and

basically said yeah next time you might

want to maybe fill in what it is you

want and that was kind of a learning

experience for me in the description

below you'll find a copy of my letter

now this is the same basic letter that

I've been using since around 400

subscribers or so I will leave a copy of

this so you can copy and paste it rework

it into something that fits your channel

and hopefully you can have the same

success that I have had over the years

there's actually a second method that

you can use and it involves trading

services and favors so for instance let

me pull up a very very old email so here

you'll see a support ticket I couldn't

actually find an email for this

particular company so I decided I would

open a ticket with their support and I

simply told them that I was a YouTube

commentator looking to do more tutorials

and looking for a small-scale sponsor to

create some tutorials for their

minecraft servers and and the like and

believe it or not had my very small size

at the time which was about maybe eight

hundred or a thousand subscribers uh

because I was doing tutorials for them

on my channel

they gave me a server that I could play

with play on collaborate on and work

with this is a prime example of how you

if you know your skill set can help

other people help you and as always

don't forget to Like subscribe comments

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