How to write a letter from Santa

so every year the post office has this

program called letters from Santa and if

you're unfamiliar with the details

basically your child will write a letter

to Santa Claus and then you as the

parent will write a letter back to your

child in Santa's voice now we all want

to make sure that we have the best

possible letter for our children so I've

teamed up with the UNLV Writing Center

and they're offering a few tips on how

you can make this Christmas tradition

even better we're all really used to

getting letters that are computer

printouts and typed by how special a

handwritten letter would make the child

feel use a high-quality paper that has a

really good rich feel to it with a high

fiber content include personal details

specific details about the child's

activities over the last year do they

stand out in an athletic event or an

academic event or did they do something

that was just really super kind you want

to call attention to those details

include some mention of specific

traditions that the family engages every

year you can include specific details

about life at the North Pole one of the

sample letters that I've provided

includes mention of Santa's list keeper

elf and how helpful she is ask the child

for a favor at the end of the letter in

my family every Christmas we make puja

daddy which are Sicilian fake cookie so

Santa could ask for a similar family

treat from your family

what treat do you make every year for

the holidays have Sam to ask for a piece

of fat for me smell is a really

evocative sense right it brings back

memories that really kind of connects us

to our path once the letters written and

put in an envelope spritz the back with

the little ha

if you're looking for more information

on how the letters from Santa program

works we've included that information at

ktnv comm and we've also included sample

letters in case you're looking for

inspiration I'm Bryce Riley 13 Action