Writing Tips : How to Write a Letter of Intent

Hi, this is Laura Turner and today I'm going to talk with you about how to write a letter

of intent. A letter of intent is very important for any kind of application, whether it be

a school application or an application for a job because this is a chance for you to

actually tell people who are going to hire you or who are going to accept you into the

program what you're all about and why you want to work there or to study there. First

of all your letter of intent should be addressed of course to the correct person, make sure

that you put your name and address at the top just like any sort of formal business

letter and actually address it to the person that you're going to be interviewing with

hopefully. In the letter you should also specify that it is a letter of intent by actually

sort of putting that in your title. So you've got here re: letter of intent. Because whenever

you're applying for programs or applying for jobs you may need to give them lots and lots

of materials and you don't want them to be guessing you know, is this the personal statement

or letter of intent, you know, you want it to be looking like a letter of intent rather

than anything else, and you want them to know exactly that you've got everything in your

application. So letter of intent should be in the letter. And then finally in the bio

letter itself you should tell the department or the job why you'd be good for them and

of course if you need to do anything else to tell them you know, how to contact you

and stuff like that you can also put that in your letter of intent. And that's just

some guidelines for writing your letter of intent.