Letter to a Veteran

hi my name is Clinton dire I'm a eacott

second grader and today we'll be

supporting veterans day and here you go

dear American soldier hi my name is

Hannah and I want to thank you for being

so brave to serve our country Veterans

Day is on November new Evans we honor

all soldiers on this day it's a day to

thank them for fighting for our country

I like to say thank you to all the

veterans for protecting our country and

people like me you make so many

sacrifices to protect our country I

thought you'd like to know that we could

think about you and appreciate and thank

you grandpa for serving our nation and

perfecting there are many parades on

veterans day we go to these parades to

honor soldier from the past and present

love you daddy and thank you for

fighting in helping me and my mom I

really miss you and

thank you for taking taking the bad guys

and putting them in jail on Veterans Day

we honor all who answer to a service

call soldiers young and soldiers old pot

for freedom brave and bold some have

lived while others died and all of them

deserve our pride we're proud of all the

soldiers who kept thinking of red white

and blue they fought for us and all of

our rights they fought through many days

and nights and though we may not know

each name we thank all veterans jesh the

same thank you thank you thank you thank

you thank you thank you thank you thank

you thank you thank you thank you I'm

going to veteran thanks again for all

you do