How To Send a Letter to Someone in Jail

hi my name is Colima and i'm going to

show you how i use the prison press comm

to stay connected with my dad while he

was incarcerated the prison press was

created with the vision of helping

families stay in contact by using their

favorite social network to make writing

letters as easy as posting a Facebook

newsletters can be sent weekly or

monthly and are generated with content

posted by the inmates family and friends

the newsletters are then mailed directly

to the inmate at their Correctional

Facility imagine your loved ones

reaction when they receive a

personalized letter from you with satis

updates post pictures and light feeds

from all their friends and family with

words of encouragement and a constant

connection to everyone your inmate will

feel closer to home while having

something to look forward to during

their time away show your inmate how

much you care by closing the gap that

the prison system has sentence you both

to and sign them up for prison press