how to write cute letters to your friends ✍🏻 love on your pals

hello there beautiful my name is Emma

and welcome to another video today we're

gonna do something sleep for my friends

if you're curious what this is I tripped

on a break during a trail run

skinned up my hand and then ripped a

hole in the knee of my favorite leggings

I'm not at all salty about that if

you've seen my digital minimalism video

then you know that I've been taking a

break from my phone or I guess not a

break but just an extended I just

thought I just not on my phone very much

anymore which means I have less

opportunities to send memes to my best

friends because I just don't get on

Instagram and it's heartbreaking and I

can feel the loss of connection it's

just a little bit so to make up for the

lack of means that I've been able to

send them I have an idea today I'm going

to send letters to my best friends I

know in that process we'll be talking

about cute things that you can do if you

want to send some snail mail to your

friends I don't know if your house like

this and my family has this really weird

collection of like random cards from

stores everything from happy birthday to

thinking of you to sympathy to miss you

we have a mole so I went through this

collection and I picked out cards for

seven different people that I want to

send a letter to because I feel like I

could just write it on plain paper but

sending someone a polar bear it's so

much clearer I'm gonna write them cute

letters do drawings put stickers on the

cards and stop the wood keep things so

if you want to know this good things out

in you guys stick to the video I need

that watch time cause I'm gonna show you

the cards that I have picked out for the

people and who they're going to this

card is going to my best friend hope

it's his friend like you don't come

along every day

thanks for being you I feel like this is

very hope it's got a cute cat on the

front the second card is for my friend

Bailey I thought this one was so funny

and for some reason I immediately

thought this is a Bailey card it says

having you for a friend blesses my socks

off and then it does have a terrific

birthday but I'm gonna cross off the

birth part so it just does have a

terrific day the third card is for my

friend Chris it has some cute polar

bears on it and I just thought it was

really adorable actually the next two

cards are also Polar Bear cards because

I had a set of three Polar Bear cards

and I was like I love all of these this

one is for my cousin Kylie it has polar

bears on it and you open it up like that

so cute doesn't say anything but it has

a few polar bears

and the last Polar Bear card is for Mike

caleb and it also doesn't have stuff but

look at the bear button the bear but

sticks out the top it's so squishy is

that weird that I just squeeze the bear

but like scars are my nephew Riley it

has a bunny on it and this is just very

much like a Riley card he had a a hot

moment where he like talked about big

chunk this all the time so I'm thinking

I'm gonna have to write something about

big chunk of being on this card on the

inside even though I know this isn't

books money and then the last card is

for actually two people it's for my

cousins kay and Sarah they live a

substantial distance away from me so

this princess if I could show you just

one thing about you it would be your

location I miss you so those are the

cards I'm sending to people I am going

to write stuff in them and it's gonna be


okay have to take a quick smoothie break

because I got hungry show now we got to

talk a sticker game I mentioned is the

floor but I have a substantial sticker

collection like these are all of the

stickers that I've collected in my 19

years of life I have used a very very

small amount of it like this is a thick

stack of stickers so I feel like I gotta

utilize these on these cards because I'm

trying to get more in the mine space of

not hoarding things and letting them

share their joy and like be used for the

purpose that they were created for and

stickers were not meant to sit in a bag

forever they were meant to be stuck on

things so I'm going to stick some of

these to the cards and now finally the

moment I know you've all been waiting

for what the heck am i putting into

these things because as cool as the card

would be to receive in the mail I feel

like I can bring this up a notch like

make it that much cooler a few honorable

mention ideas include pressed flowers

which I would have loved to do but I

didn't feel like finding flowers around

me that it's a whole ordeal to go get

flowers and then you have to wait for

them to press and dry I wanted to do

this quickly I considered putting in

confetti and glitter but I didn't want

to glitter bomb my friends so I decided

not to do that because I figured they

would be like pulling glitter out from

their armpits like weeks later and they

would text me like Emma I freaking hate

the card you gave me we're no longer


so I decided to do is because I am a

passionate tea drinker I decided to add

some of my favorite tea bags to the

I'll switch up the tea depending on the

person but I got my three favorite teas

right here we have kava tea one of my

favs honey lavender tea another fave and

the good old staple chai this is decaf

chai for those of us who enjoy our chai

lattes before bed occurs to me that

sending these teabags to people may make

them think that I think they're too

stressed so I may have to include a note

in the letter bleh

I'm not trying to say you need to chill

out but just like chill out but then you

might be saying oh not all of your

friends are going to like tea especially

not like you're a little nephew you're

true you're true that's true you right

listen I got a back-up plan for those

people and the people who do not like

tea I'm going to include a stick of gum

this is my favorite type of gum it's so

freaking good at through our favorite

for years and years and years I don't

have it very often because I can like

blow through a pack and an obscenely

more amount of time so I have to pace

myself but it's extras mint chocolate

chip gum I'm like a few minutes into my

second letter and I just realized


I have a stamp in a wax seal melter that

I got in England and this is like the

perfect opportunity to use it cuz I've

never used it before and I've had it for

several years so we're gonna we're gonna

try it out real quick I'm gonna take the

stickers off that I was using to seal

these and we're gonna try this I'm

actually kind of excited so I watched a

video and according to the video you

just got a light this on fire

that's right hand okay

blowtorch crap to those lights on fire

and then the wax will begin dripping

over to the spot I think the fire went

out and again

yes yes all right and the dude went like

this please don't catch the paper on

fire please don't catch the paper on

fire now carefully

ah there's wax on the thing it's fine

it's fine


dad okay now that all of my cards have

been successfully filled out I just

gotta you know write the address on the

back and put the stamps on it whatever

but I'm not going to show those

obviously because I mean reasons I don't

need to explain right mail has not run

yet today which means all I have left to

do is put these in the mailbox you're

gonna go do right now oh yeah there you

have it I am sending letters to my

friends and I would suggest that you do

this to your friends as well or for your

friends I guess it's not really

something you do to them making time to

do cute little things for your friends

it's not only good for them but it's

also good for you because doing nice

things for others makes you feel good

like genuinely the mood boost you get

from this sort of thing is high quality

high tier and if you don't like writing

letters you're not like a words person

you could also send people drawings or

poems or anything else if it's legal to

send in the mail you could send it

there's probably still exclusions to

that like you probably shouldn't send

some things to people all right I

sincerely hope you enjoyed this video if

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though I'm gonna go okay so this is so

much stay beautiful I'm out