How to Make Your Own Bridesmaid Proposal Cards in 5 Minutes!!

hi everybody

today I am going to be showing you a

super easy way to make personalized

cards for your bridal party these make

really cute cards to go either by

themselves or with a bottle of wine or a

gift box or whatever you have in mind

for your bridesmaid proposal or asking

your wedding party to be in your wedding

anyways I want to just say right up

front before I get started this is gonna

be so easy so don't be intimidated by

the DIY aspect of it it saves a ton of

money and you don't need any special

skills to do this you don't need any

software you don't need any special

fonts you don't need anything but the

template and I leave a link below so

that you can download the template if

you want to use this template if you

have another template that's fine you

can use that or you can use whatever you

want just simply showing you how easy it

is to make your own card as a present a

proposal and these are super cute and

the fact that you're able to put their

name on the card makes it so much more

personal and people really love these so

let's go ahead and get started the first

thing I'm going to do is pull up

PicMonkey see I already have it up here

and all you're going to do is go to the

internet and go to WWE COO comm and then

you're going to click on edit because at

this point you will have already

downloaded the template and it'll be

saved on your computer somewhere so

you're going to hover over edit and a

menu will pop up and you're going to

click on computer and then you're going

to find the file so I'll just pull up

the bridesmaid one when you download the

template it's gonna come to to a sheet

to make it there's a few things a it's

cheaper to print because you can print

more than one Pro sheet and you can also

edit it really quickly so it's comes on

8 to 1/2 by 11 inch size and all you do

is print it out on white cardstock

after you put the name on and that's it

you just print it so you can see here it

comes like this on an eight-and-a-half

by eleven inch sheet and it has two

cards so what you what you get is these

two templates side by side and all you

have to do is add the name right here

above the little flower image the will

you be my bridesmaid is already in place

as I graphic along with the flowers and

when you download the templates not only

do you get the will you be my bridesmaid

but you get the will you be my matron of

honor you get the will you be my maid of

honor and you get the will you be my

flower girl so you get the entire set

when you download it

not just the bridesmaid so I'm just

showing you this as a sample for example

purposes and so you can see how it's

done but when you download the templates

you get everything so here you have an

eight-and-a-half by eleven inch sheet

and you can see right up at the top this

little grey notch that's your cutting

line so when you you're done and you

print this off you're just gonna cut it

straight down the middle starting on

this notch here all the way down the

middle here use a paper cutter I would

recommend a paper cutter because it's

easier but if not you can use scissors

and you just cut straight down and then

each card you just fold it in half and

it becomes a folded card and it's blank

in sight so you can write a special note

if you want to or put a picture or

whatever you want in there so I'm just

gonna show you quickly how to edit these

you're gonna go over here to the left

side and you're going to click on this T

icon for text and what it's going to do

is it's going to bring up a few things

it's going to bring up all of the fonts

that you have available to use within

PicMonkey um

most of them are free some of them are

premium bonds but really you don't it's

not necessary to be a premium member

because they have so many cool ones for

free or alternatively if you have a font

already downloaded on your computer that

you want to use a really cool font that

you really like you would click right

here where it says yours and it will

pull up all the fun so you already have

downloaded on your computer so that you

can use those but just for the tutorial

purpose I'm going to use their version

and I'm going to use all the free fonts

so you can see how easy it is and

doesn't cost any money to do so I'm

going to go ahead and I'm just going to

use this pretty one right here

free Parisien I think it's pronounced

I'm probably saying it wrong but this

really pretty font here is free and you

gotta click on it and you're gonna just

click add text and it'll bring up a box

for you to type a name into and all

you're gonna do is type in the name of

your bridesmaids or your wedding party

and then you're gonna save and you're

gonna print so here's the text box I'm

gonna drag it over here right above the

floral image about here and I'm gonna

double click inside and I'm just gonna

type the names of one of my prospective

bridesmaids so let's just say Lauren and

then I'm gonna highlight it I'm gonna

come over here to the right and I'm

going to Center it and this button right

here you can slide it left or right to

make your text bigger or smaller so I'm

going to make it bigger I'm going to

slide it to the right till it's about

there see I like how that looks so there

you go

Lauren will you be my bridesmaid and

then I'm gonna simply click on that text

and then I'm gonna right-click and I'm

gonna choose duplicate text and I'm

going to slide it over here on the

second card about there okay and that's

it you're done now you have two

bridesmaids cards ready to go now

they're both not going to be Lauren

obviously but I'm just showing you what

they look like side-by-side this would

be a different name where and if you

have two Laurens great but you get the


and then all you're gonna do is you're

gonna save it to your computer click

export' it's gonna bring up a place

where you can name your file and then

you're just gonna save it right onto

your computer desktop or whatever area

you want to save it so I'm just gonna

bridesmaid cards I leave the quality

right here it's just fine the way it is

and I click export to your computer I'm

gonna put it on my desktop

and that's it you're done it's ready to

print so now all you have to do is print

it on white cardstock which you can get

at any craft store Walmart anywhere

online or if you don't want to print it

on at home you can print it using a

print vendor like Vista Print we also

will leave a link below to the vendor

that we like to use or you can use a

local coffee shop like FedEx Kinkos

office max those type of places you can

also print it there really easily again

you're just gonna print on white

cardstock you're gonna cut right here

all the way down the middle and then

you're just gonna fold each card in half

and you'll end up with two cards blank

on the inside or if you don't want a

folded card that's blank on the inside

you can just cut it in half here and

then you just can cut it across here and

you can just have two little like post

cards that you can include in an

envelope where you can put it in a gift

bag or however you want to do it you can

even print this on label paper and make

them into stickers it's awesome and let

me tell you it took what a few minutes

to do this very easy to do beginners can

do it anybody can do it you don't have

to have special skills or software you

don't have to have Photoshop or anything

like that it's really easy to do and you

guys it's really affordable so if you

have any questions please feel free to

leave me a comment below if you want to

use these templates I will leave the

link to the templates below if you have

anything that you want me to create any

ideas something that you have in mind

and you want to know how to do it leave

me a comment or suggestion and I would

love to make a tutorial for it I am all

about making tutorials for free and all

about showing people how they can save

money so I hope you guys really enjoyed

this video and if you have any questions

like I said leave me a comment below

thanks everybody have a great day bye