Make POLICY ENVELOPES - Wk 4 Mass Making and Using up Stash

hi guys this is Tina welcome back to my

channel so today we are going to do an

episode of the bulk making the you know

mass making or you know making on mass

episodes we are going to make the policy

envelopes so what you're going to need

if you're going to do some policy

envelopes in the bulk style is just

bring along some you know sheets of

paper be that twelve by twelve a four

you know even sort of scraps providing

that their reasonable size so they don't

have to really be a four but they're

going to need to be you know big ish

otherwise you're going to end up with

pretty tiny policy envelopes

but yeah so if you bring along bits of

paper you know that you're going to use

to form your envelopes you will need a

circle punch or you're going to have to

be cutting circles out so you know

personally I'm not great at cutting

circles out so I've just got my one inch

circle punch you're going to need some

glue I like to use a pokey tool to be

honest you could get by using a needle

or you know anything else I like to use

string to close my policy and blade so

you may like to use some string as well

scissors obviously and you know possibly

just some you know some bits of scrap

paper I think that's all that we're

going to need so yeah let's get cracking

so well I think they're called policy

envelopes actually country for so I just

leave some of this stuff out of the way

so what I do

I'll start with some coffee dyed card

and we'll just make you know a plain one

sorry about that um I was just so I'll

run through with you how to do it you

know once or twice and then obviously I

you know not be not be giving

instructions anymore

so I'm just going to take my a4 card now

here's one that I've you know semi put

together you know before the episode so

I don't tend to measure but if you

wanted to you know measure you can see

roughly where that is on that piece of

a4 card so you know let's say for

example we're going to go for this sort

of size again just going to trim it down

here at the side obviously this one's

going to be slightly bigger but you know

we're not really kind of getting to so

I'm just going to trim the height a bit

down with it like that

so more scraps here so how I like to

make mine is I just fold you know one

side in again I'm not measuring I'm just

doing it by eye that's one side now the

other side I just fold it in you know

roughly how I don't want my coin

envelopes be again judge it by eye and

you might want to make a few different

sized ones because you know over the

course of making your journals you're

going to want different size pieces

depending on the space that you've got

you know where you're putting them so

that's my piece obviously my piece

that's got the straight edge where I

haven't cut I will have on the outside

so it's a little bit neater but I can

always trim this down so it's not such a

such a large amount that's glued down

so I'll just trim that down a bit

and then I'm just going to then snip in

roughly where the bottom parts going to

go and again you can use that corner

like you do with the tags so that these

folds are the same same size and then I

like to just cut my flaps in so this is

the bottom that we're making at the

moment so I just cut them in and then

you can fold your bottom flap up and

then for the top piece roughly work out

you know how tall you want your folder

to be and then I tend to snip it in

first so again I do the same as I did

with the bottom but obviously we're

making a much larger flap so I can take

that corner across so she'll get in them

roughly similar and again then I just

trim this down now this one I try and

trim slightly deeper down because you're

going to want to be able to have room to

tuck stuff in so I'm just going to trim

it like that and sometimes obviously you

know it works out better than others

that they they meet in the middle better

but if they don't you know just trim it

up a little bit you know until it kind

of meets meets in the middle you know

more to your liking I hope you can all

see this it's some

then again just like we did with the top

just fold the flap over just check it

straightish on the other side and again

i just press back down and then what you

might want to do is make those you know

the little circles that you guess on

those policy and blades so you can just

take some of your little both cuts this

is just my one inch circle punch and I

also get another circle out of it I'm

really I mean no need to be so stingy

pick whatever scraps coming out of my

ears but it more or less has made the

circle so use it so you're gonna have

your circles kind of like that so what I

like to do is then generally use Brad

now sometimes I have used eyelets in the

past and I have seen other people use

Oilers now the only problem is with

setting my eyelets with my crocodile

that's probably just me so you know if

that works for you then fantastic it's

just often I can't seem to get it to

work brilliantly for me so you know you

must do kind of how you have suits you

but if it's like me you either don't

have a crocodile or you know like me you

don't necessarily find that the setting

of the eyelets is ideal you know I mean

I I love it for random punching my

home's it's fantastic but assessing the

eyelets not not so much then I just take

my poke hole pokey tool and just kind of

work out roughly where I want my thingy

vertically you know this this circle

piece like that now it may be that it

will go through the piece beneath or it

might not

so again just check whether it's going

to go

doubly ie through the other piece of

cord so mine is I've just popped a tiny

hole in there and now I just punch you

know prop

through there we can do that I just take

my now I've tried this different ways

and I haven't quite decided what way

actually suits me best I have excuse me

I have tried poking the string through

the hole so I'll just demonstrate that

get it poked through the hole this is

all a bit fiddly for me in fact through

that hole

it's just through these because

obviously my circle is going to go you

know on the top so thread through my

string is them unraveling as we speak so

I'm gonna have to pull it through quite

a bit and then trim it off this is so

typical because I've not actually had

this particular thing happen before with

my string but you know just to

demonstrate so what you could do is

place it there and what you could do is

you know you could either knot it but

that might add a bit much bulk so what

you could do trim it off and then just

glue it down so you know you could use

your wet glue you could use your hot

glue so I might just use my hot glue

going to be a disaster so I don't have

to wait now for that to heat up which is

a bit of a shame but in the meantime

what I'm going to do is just get a

little bit of card or paper that I would

just pop over so I'm just getting a


just from aside here and cover it up

like that so you know once my hot glue

has dried I will do this or I could just

do it now with my wet glue to be honest

rather than last week today they'd gone

to heat up so annoying because I

actually could have sworn that I turned

that on before coming on to video but

obviously I didn't and then you know

this is just a scrap of paper and it

really doesn't matter but you want to

get it kind of glued right to the edges

so that anything you put in the pocket

is not really getting caught up on the

paper so

okay to close it again and that's where

we will obviously put our hole with our

bread and things so take your circle

piece you know poke it through both of

the holes like that so again now this is

quite fiddly for me and I'm probably not

doing it in the best way but at this

point you want to glue down on your

piece make one of these for a while can

you tell this is the type thing I'm not

keen on making I find very quickly so

this is the type of thing that actually

I will be so thrilled to have some made

in bulk on this because it would be you

know I love using these I think they

look awesome but I don't overly like

making them so to actually have a bunch

of these ready-made is going to be

pretty cool

so there we go and just glue that down

and then you obviously want to pop your

pop hole roughly in alignment with the

one further down and obviously on this

one you just pop in your bread through

like that fix it like that you may or

may not want to kind of stick something

underneath your Brad and then you can

wind your your string around this is all

very fiddly for me so you know we do

these and they don't cost a fiddly but

for me this is this is quite a fiddly

thing so that sure little policy

envelope so I mean as I say I do find

these quite a faff to make and quite

fiddly but I do love them so you know to

have some of these ready-made is going

to just be you know awesome for me so

that's our first one so we'll get

cracking on some more you know this is

thickish card this is I think this is

200 GSM card so you know it's because

you're not than your average card the

top I will throw that scrap away because

obviously it's tiny but so again we're

just gonna fold this in you know it's

like that

so as you can see this one is kind of

narrower you know that's what you want

is a few to choose from when you're then

going to your stash because you know

different projects are going to require

different sized pieces punching that on

my hole punches I've often taken this

plastic piece off and actually bend it

you know for the moment because they

tend to have these lines down the bottom

and then I can't really see where the

bottom of the punches so I've just taken

that out now and now I've got a much

better view as to where the piece of

cord is so for me that works much better

so you know just in case you've got any

punches that have that plastic thing on

and you find also it kind of blurs your

view a little bit you can just take

those off you know I mean over to all it

means is your piece is going to kind of

fly out so it's not all going to be

contained in the punch but you know that

doesn't bother me

so you may so again just cut my corners

yeah I mean these are quite lengthy to

make as well so you know they're quite a

good thing to do on bulk because they

are quite time-consuming to make these


and just trim these down again kind of

making them much lower than the fold so

you've got rim for tucking things in and

out of them and these are just things

that I've kind of picked up over time

that sometimes you know in the past I've

maybe not typed them in enough you know

enough down

so again just take your piece pop it

roughly where you want it and then

you're just going to punch through you

know roughly where you want that so this

time I'm going to try and be a bit more

sensible I think so well I say that I'm

probably not going to be actually it's

going to say I was going to type my

string in but then I'm not going to be

able to glue it back so I'm going to

have to do it in the same method after

all so again just pick your string

through and then in a moment I will

actually show you another way that I've

done it occasionally that actually I

think works pretty well and for me it

kind of works better than these because

it's not got this fiddly process

involved so you know I find this very

tricky to do pulling this through this

is this is where am I

you know not being overly delicate kind

of comes in I do struggle I was in

friendly I do struggle so I will show

you an alternative

you know way that I do sometimes she's

so obviously I'm filming some of these

episodes ahead so you know I don't

honestly know at the moment how these

videos are being received you know I

mean obviously when you do videos you

kind of hope that they will be well

received generally but you know I don't

know these might not really be of

interest to anybody because it's quite

boring making things on masters neck if

you are you know finding it handy and

kind of making things alongside with me

you know obviously time will tell once I

upload the videos so but I'm just trying

to get ahead of the game so as I've got

you know Leo's ready to be uploading

because um you know I do want to try and

stick with that little schedule of

uploading them you know on a weekly

basis through these so I'm trying my

best to do that so this one I'm trying

to be a bit neater and I'm gluing this

down and I've opened it right up now to

glue it down which hopefully is going to

prove the bit easier press that down


take my one with the hole this is a

slightly smaller Brad but you know sure

it will be fine so I'm in there and

again just pop it through the hole to

the upside pieces out glue my end up and

then again we're just going to fold the

flap down straight ish and then again

just going to pop our other circle just

use a smaller Brad just says it's you

know matching they just happen to be a

couple of smaller Brad's that might in

and say okay again just wind your string

you know between the two B okay so

that's two that we've done now up the

next one I'll just show you kind of what

I've done some times in the past now

again I haven't really made these for a

little while no particular reason twelve

paper just to take my cardigan off so

I'm just going to take my twelve by

twelve paper and just cut it down so

again you know cause this is no

different to my a4 sheet I'm just going

to use this as a little bit of a guide

just as I you know don't go completely

off and just turn it over this is this

is the last one I'm going to show you

and then you know would be a bit more

chatty and a bit less demonstrating in

and again we just trim the you know

there's some in a bit and obviously this

is the bottom you know like that now for

this one I can glue this together at the

top past

so again just you know what's

effectively going to be your flap and

then again just you know asking your

innards for the top section 5 which way

round that we want it now for this one

it probably not really going to matter

too much and I'll show you kind of why

in a moment

so in those pieces so I'm going to just

glue this together


like that and then we're going to take

the bottom flap up fold it up got that

very straight and then take your top

flap fold it down so that's your basic

kind of envelope which so then pop your

um you know flap at the bottom just

going to cut or you know punch off their

class so as I say I have made these in

the past but I haven't made these in a

little while but I know that when I you

know have made them in the past they

work pretty well and for me this is a

much better way of doing it because it's

really not you know not so fast as the

other method so what you can do is now I

might just ink up the edge slightly but

this is very Brown so I still don't have

a new ink pad so just applying this

directly and then hopefully kind of

smudge it in a bit now just I was aware

that might not have colored very much

okay so then pop your Brad you know

where you want it so roughly place it in

the middle

like that and then with your string I

have sometimes just glued it to the back

so then I just demonstrate so you can

glue your string to the back and then

for kind of extra reinforcement you

could you know put some paper over there

or you know cord or whatever I say just

do that over the top it's like that you

just hold that into place so just a

little bit of extra fixing reading so

then obviously your string comes from

underneath and then winds around here

obviously you know just singularly you

don't have a second one for it twined

round now the main reason why I quite

like doing these as opposed to the

others well there's two reasons a this

is much simpler for me you know I do

struggle with that whole two whole thing

I'm you know getting it into place I

find that quite tricky but the other

reason why I quite like it is because

you can then place something over here

oh I just

whereas on the other ones you've

obviously got the you know that big

circle with the Brad and things right in

the middle so you couldn't really kind

of put anything on there you could

obviously stamp around it you could you

know stick things here and things but

you couldn't actually put it on the back

over the whole thing whereas when you do

it this way you can actually decorate

the whole of the front of your piece so

you know I mean I'm not saying I'm going

to use this this was just something that

was laying around on my desk and I just

grabbed but you've got flexibility then

to be able to actually decorate the

front of it where if you obviously had

the thing rigged you stuck there you

obviously you have lost that flexibility

so I mean for instance here and just

raggedy in this up a little bit those

it's you know really nice and kind of

grungy and then I'm just going to take a

piece of fabric

again really not worrying how I cut that

just popping that on there like that so

I just glue that on and you see now this

is exactly what I didn't really want to

happen is I'm now decorating one up and

you know getting involved in one which

is obviously not productive because I'm

now not making on mass I'm just making

one when I kind of do a video but I

think what happens is like I get talking

and then you know I want to show you

something so it's not just making no

sense what I'm doing and then obviously

before I know it you know from what the

agenda was really so I'm just going to

do this very quickly it just shows that

I'm not getting sidetracked completely

so I think Topsy my piece so it's really

nice and grungy now and I'm going to

glue that down

you just pop that on there like that and

then what I could do is obviously ink

around the entire piece says it all

becomes very very grown-up very you know

auntie silicon so I mean in some ways I

actually think the ones you know that

are made with the string tucked

underneath are in some ways better you

know because you have got the ability to

kind of pop something on the front

completely which you know I think it

looks lovely so I mean they're different

types of appearance aren't they

different different things going on

again just something laying around on my

desk but here in that frame I'm going to

try and finish this in a second and then

actually crack on with making a few more

because I know that on the other videos

I think I made 14 on one of these you

know last week it might have been and I

mean 12 the week before so this week

would be shameful if I actually and only

managed three Wow doesn't that look look

down this her there white even put her

on a bit of lace at least over

right let me just white lace because

this is some you know I'm just really

nice and useful off a just grab that in

you know she might not even look any

better for being on the lace anyway

right so again let me just ink up the

lace now because we've gone for quite a

grungy look on this piece so okay again

I'm just going to use the fabric glue to

come put in it the image side up on the

other side piece there absolutely stuck

her upside down right there we go I've

got my white still a little bit wet and

I'm going to write that's her so you

know hopefully you can kind of see that

actually although this hasn't got the

the two which is kind of nice you know

in some ways this is more versatile

because the ability to decorate these is

but you know far better so I'm going to

make a bunch of these I think you know

for the two reasons a that it you know

simplicity of it and baby you know

versatility of it so I'm just going to

pop that to one side I will leave it

wave down I think because obviously I

have glued several things now on there

so I'm trying to keep these videos to

about half an hour to 45 minutes and I'm

not sure right 34 minutes so

I'm not doing well today let's see let's

see if we can actually achieve anything

else in this time scale probably not a

lot safer but we achieved a few B so now

you see some people have just got this

brilliant ability to be so efficient

they would probably now at this point

just cut all their shapes together and

then you know once all the shapes were

cut they do all the folding then they

would do all the gluing do you see what

I mean so it would be really methodical

in how they are doing it so I might

actually have a go at that so just tell

me the locus of what other papers I've

built along today

for my lovely Linux and trying to be

very efficient here so I'm going to cut

down a few pieces then we'll do the

folding then we'll do the gluing you

know kind of see if act more efficient

stills and what we have been doing see

what other papers that have thought you

know that would be ideal to use

you see some papers are different on one

side to the other if that makes sense so

they're not going to necessarily lend

themselves to this process so well so I

might just make another one or two in me

you know just coffee dyed paper I mean

to be honest you name it it's on my desk

so I must have other pieces that would

lend itself really well to this so flick

through you see it also needs to be kind

of thicker paper because obviously you

know that's going to be like an envelope

so you don't want anything too too

flimsy so just having a bit of a rummage

around so you're not making it with

really flimsy paper so again just

just bear with me I'm just visiting

around am i right so that's another few

so let's let's just get unfolding I mean

really what you want to sit to be

straightish you know on the sides so it

doesn't really matter if it's not

straight ish down this middle line but

you want it to be straightish here you

know that's probably the main so yeah I

hope that everybody's you know finding

this process useful and really enjoying

having some bulk items you know ready

made ready to go how's everyone finds me

are you have you got any brilliant

storage ideas of how to store these

things I've got some of those I think

they would probably like photo boxes

originally you get them in like TK Maxx

TJ Maxx that's in America I don't know

what it is in other places but um I've

got a few of those which I'm intending

on story and my pieces in so far I

haven't put the pieces in there because

I'm still waiting with my new ink pad so

I'm going to kind of leave my stuff up

before I actually start putting it away

I think so

but that's the plan is to store things

in those types of boxes

you know in sections so I would have all

of the these coin templates in a section

I'd have all of the little flip out

fold-out things in a section all of

those matchbox books in a section so you

know that's kind of where I'm going and

where I'm thinking but you guys might

have some other really fantastic storage

ideas so I would love to I would love

taking at your ideas because always an


frost crafters because we have so much

stuff so that's another one now I'm not

going to do the bluing until I've folded

in all of my pieces so I'm just going to

get cracking straight on we're folding

in my next piece yeah you know because

you need to have the things accessible

because otherwise you know there's no

point having the made look that's my

experience you know if they're not there

on the side where I can kind of see them

or get to them easily I'm not going to

to use them so you know sorry I'm

running out of space here on my little

area um yeah that's my my experience so

you know that's why I'm thinking have a

couple of those kind of photo box type

things have them just stored in there

where then you know as I continue things

I can just grab them out so yeah they're

mass makes

so again doesn't matter which way round

you have it really but I mean for me you

know this is brilliant because you know

you can see how long these take to kind

of make I mean we made those three in 34

minutes 35 minutes you know so to make

these per journal is quite a faff quite

time-consuming so you know if I've

actually got these made and you know

hopefully you guys feel the same if

you've got these things made they're

going to save you quite a bit of time

you know purr purr making her journal so

oh I love this one I love all these news

prints and you know I didn't teach

prints type pages I just looked so cool

okay I might have to actually print a

few more of these sheets and make a few

more of these because that's how it

looks and for me I didn't really want

this kind of the lilac flowers showing

on it because then it you know I feel

wouldn't really match those things in a

predominantly lilac journal but the

great thing is that covered up

completely so this is just now plain

plain text piece so you know when I come

to use this I could take this in any

direction you know it could be well you

could even make quite a masculine one

from this to be honest but you could

make it quite flowery you could make it

you know quite grungy you could make it

very pretty and feminine you know you

could really do a lot of things with

this one now they're doing it with bass

player was showing right

so that's another one and now this one

here is my last sheet so obviously you

know I haven't managed to create as many

as I'd hoped in this video or as many as

we've made of the other pieces that

we've done but you know these as we say

there are a lot more time-consuming to

make so it's probably you know a bit

unrealistic to think that I was going to

make 12 or 13 during this so we'll have

a count up in a minute and see how many

we have made I think we've done Barbie 7

and 1 obviously we have actually

completely decorated so you know I don't

think that's too bad you know and this

really is brilliant for getting rid of

scraps and for using up some of those 12

or 12 papers you know and obviously

doing them these ones with that string

you know wound from the back rather than

at the two circles you know the great

thing is you could technically cover

pretty much the entire piece so the

background colour of this would really

become almost irrelevant because you'd

hardly see it so you know I I really

like the versatility of doing them that

way plus to me as I say they are much

simpler to use you know to make so

they're kind of a win-win for me

down okay

so we've made them all I you know cut

them out folded them down and all the

rest of it so now we're just going to

glue them all and then do the these

circles and the breads and as I say I

mean obviously if you want to actually

decorate your pieces in bulk as well you

know on masks then you you know you can

do that I mean for me I just think this

is quite a time-consuming part of it and

the decorating actually is the fun part

and you know not time-consuming so hence

I'm not going to probably decorate mine

but you might decide to decorate yours

so I'm gonna do all the glue in first

trying to be efficient and do it in you

know methodical stages so yeah I'm

definitely going to print off more of

this paper and do some more in this and

actually maybe some of the other pieces

that were going to do in other weeks

because I can just see this working

really brilliantly for all sorts of

things so again this is my lovely lilacs

kit and again I haven't actually had

time to play with it or use it at all so

this is kind of my first my first play

with it so um you know in case you're

wondering why I'm so enamored by that

newsprint page it's because I haven't

really used it before you know other

than when I obviously put it together I

haven't actually used it myself at all

either I say um you know I just love how

that looks right this is obviously this

is coffee dyed cardstock which is quite

thick and so it's not really you know

sticking down instantly which is why I'm

pressing it obviously a little bit more

so we'll just do this one now

like that yeah I guess it's kind of

working in this methodical way and going

right I'm going to do all the cutting

first I'm going to do all the sticking

now you know that's probably the way to

do it isn't it so hopefully you're going

to get better at this each week and then

we'll just have it down to down to a

final you know by the end so right

that's those pieces but I'm going to

move this to here to just kind of squash

it down for a minute I'm going to punch

my circles so and obviously this as well

doesn't use up so many Brad's so you

know again it's quite frugal on pieces

needed because you know whereas the

other ones you needed two Bad's per

purpose that you were making so you know

it's got lots of advantages I think it's

making them this way right so where did

I put my poke - all right don't put my

first one in

and as I say I mean if you wanted to pop

something on the back of here some paper

or something then you know you can

always do that sometimes I do sometimes

I don't

I mean sometimes it depends on the

thickness of paper that I'm going to be

using you know or that I am using to

have made the the piece itself you know

sometimes it depends if the Brad seems a

little bit on the smaller side you know

those those legs of the Brad if they're

quite small then sometimes you might

want to kind of reinforce it by popping

some paper down but you know the choice

is yours really how how you want to do

that so get your string like that and

again you know you may want to nail

stick down some paper either way I'm

just going to use the scrap here again

just laying around

I mean endless endless scraps I've got

laying around on my desk so

you know it's all good not that these

tiny scraps are obviously going to clear

my desk or make any sort of dent in the

mess that is my desk but I know and I

say that all the time you must all be

bit but up with here and how I see my

desk is but I probably started out doing

videos hanging my head in shame and you

know saying how embarrassing it was my

desk was like that and don't get me

wrong still fast you know I should be I

should be embarrassed but now there's

clearly no shame because I'm now

actually you know voicing how much I

love my desk being so messy just do find

it very inspirational you don't kind of

um have you know about miss everywhere

so yeah and actually it's just

fascinating how many people say the same

thing so um you know clearly I'm not

alone in that so that's nice to know at

least just cutting down bits of paper

now to pop over that string you know and

again I mean this is not an essential

part but just you know to kind of

reinforce that string especially if you

were then going to have this on a page

as a tuck you know you'd be maybe

hitting into that string all the time so

you know to have it like reinforced is

quite a good thing

so I mean again when you come to grab

these now you know you're just going to

grab them and then decorate them up

which is you know yeah hopefully you all

benefit him from this you know I mean

obviously as I say I haven't started

uploading these yet you know I'm trying

to film a few ahead

those I'm not them feeling pressured

each week to do one every Tuesday and it

may be either actually when I start

uploading this you know they might only

have kind of a couple of these and it

might just be really not worth pursuing

and doing anymore but by then I might be

quite into the videos and I've done

quite a few so then I'll just have to

carry on with them really regardless but

I mean if nothing else I'm finding this

useful so you know it's making me make

things on almost where if I was just

making things on mass on my own I

wouldn't probably bother because I find

it too boring and then final one today

it doesn't really matter how many times

she wind it round you know again that's

you know entirely up to you but you know

right so as I say I mean I'm fortunately

we didn't get as many done as I you know

would have really loved but it you know

that's the nature of this because these

are quite a time-consuming piece to put

together I find but you know nonetheless

we did manage to make seven and one of

them we did actually decorate as well so

you know I don't think it was all lost

or all kind of a waste of time I think

it was all good so um hope that you will

manage to get something out of that as

well and that you've managed to make a

few as well and yeah hopefully see you

next time for a bit more mass making so

thanks very much and see you all again

soon thanks Ann bye