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hey guys today's video is a journal

share and so if you follow me on

instagram you may already know that I've

created a book for my Nana who just

passed away at the age of 91 so she

lived a very long life I was asked to

make the memory book or guest book for

her service and for after her service so

this is the book that I made I'm trying

to sit over this side because it's

getting dark it's a really dark day

so I'm trying not to put shadows on the

book but I just wanted to get a record

of what I've made and share it with you

guys because I feel like memory keeping

can be so much fun and so joyful but at

the same time it can be a tool that we

use to grieve and it can be a tool used

to remember and to heal as well it could

be a very healing process to keep a

journal or to make a journal and so I

wanted to share the ideas that I had for

this book and how I wanted to make it

special for myself and for my whole

entire family so that it could be

something tangible to hold to remember

her and her life and all the memories

that we had with her so given that I

wanted to make this book in time for the

service I didn't make a hardcover

journal like I usually did this cover is

made out of card and it's got fabric and

it's got some wallpaper and a

hankerchief so I did a softcover journal

which was different for me but I'm

really happy with how this turned out

and it was it took me significantly less

time to make this cover so yeah I'm

quite happy with how how the copper

turned out so I first started creating

the pages and once I had all my pages

ready that's when I worked on the cover

just because I didn't know how much time

it was gonna take me but this is the

cover that I came up with it's got lots

of stitching I've stitched a button here

for the closure so there's some lace

that wraps around it to keep it closed

this is an old photo of my Nana that I

really liked

tear amongst the flowers so well that

was really cool and I just put it in a

window and stitched like did some messy

stitching to keep it in place I put her

name and I also put I put the years that

she was with us on this earth so down

the bottom there and then here on the

spine I stitched a hanky so it's got the

pretty little scalloped edge there and

then it wraps all the way around to the

back so I glued this and I stitched it

so it's got lots of stitching lots of

borders and then on the spine itself

I did some decorative stitching with my

sewing machine and then on my hand

binding I just added some vitamins that

kind of reminded me of her and I thought

they just added a little bit of

something extra just a little bit of

extra decoration and because this book

is a softer cover book they don't really

get in the way too much when it's open

it just makes it a bit loud on my desk

but yeah so that's the cover so it's on

the inside of the book so far I've just

got this paper bag I'll probably put a

towel or a card or something in there or

maybe something from the service in

there and I may put another little

pocket down the bottom here this paper

on the inside is actually a draw liner

but I found in an opportunity shop quite

some time back it smells nice and it

looks pretty so I use that to line the

book and then inside the book what I did

was I tried to choose papers that

reminded me of her for some reason and I

just included a bunch of photos that I

had so there's some photos from when I

was little from when my siblings were

little and there's also a bunch of

really old photos because she had a huge

wooden chest at her house that was full

of photo albums that her husband I think

mostly put together when he was alive so

there was lots and lots of old photos

that my sisters and I spent the day

going through and making copies of them

so it's quite cool to include them in

here because it shows it honors her as

my grandma but also as who she was

before when she was a younger person and

all the things that she used to do and


throughout her life and all the things

that she achieved in her life so here in

the front I just slipped this photo in

of Mona and my little sister when she

was a baby

so that pulls out and also behind

there's there's a pocket there so I

could tuck something in there I did dye

some papers in this book so I dyed them

with fabric tie again I didn't use any

tea or anything like that

I used fabric dye and I made like a

pinky color so I like how the pink paper

turned out so there's just papers about

to kind of remind me of her this is from

a flourish collection the flourish

collection was really good to use in his

book peacocks have always reminded me of

my Nana so all the peacocks and peacocks

sort of being in two papers in that

collection worked really well and here

I've stitched this on for decoration

it's just from a book it says FriendFeed

chickens it just reminds me of her

because she used to have chalks and used

to feed them and we used to get the eggs

so this is an envelope that I haven't

sewn together yet I need to do that so

anything that was kind of farm related

reminds me of her in here I've got a

pocket and I've got a copy of an old

photo all the old photos I just backed

with patterned paper instructions

because I didn't want to say like can

all over it from my Canon Selphy so I

just backed them horse because she used

to have horses and there's a photo of

the horses that they used to have so

there's also lots of writing space so at

the service people can go through and

write things right memories if they want

to or later on people can add things in

there so there's an envelope here was a

photo of the family tucks into the

pocket and then there's also a pocket

here and I've got a journaling card

tucked in there

this is some vellum and I printed a

letter that she'd written me on the Bell

to make a pocket I just thought it was

kind of cool to have some of her

handwriting in the book and I just

tucked you in an a photo of her family

so so this is my grandpa and my dad and

two brothers and it's from an old photo

album from her house and it's really


that's my grandpa written sweet things

like my favorite family I love them


so I liked this hankie and my Nana's

favorite flowers or one of her favorite

flowers with daisies so I included this

thing and I made it into a pocket so I

just stitched the pattern paper to it to

give it a bit more structure and then I

just talked to him some more photos and

I included this paper because it has an

end so in for Norma so people can write

on there and then there's a book she

again I just use papers that reminded me

of her house there's a picture of me and

my sister I'm a little running our backs

around the house an envelope in another

photo in there another photo in the

other side of the hankie so this is just

a pretend postcard from some paper and

then this is another copy of a letter

that she wrote me so I just touch it in

there there's the other side of the bell

and so on this side I made the pocket at

the top and so there's just a tack

stitch and this side has two pockets so

those again a photo of us one with a

little I'm in Anna at her house and then

there's a picture of the horses began in

just some note paper I put this note

paper through a die

so I like holds

this is a picture of my Nana and my

grandpa and it's tucked into a little

acetate pocket and then behind that

there's another pocket with some writing

paper this is another letter from my

Nonna which I just stitches paper I just

have some of her handwriting here and

then over here this is just for


this is from one of the envelopes that

her letters came in to me and it just

got like her name and address in her

handwriting and just stitch it on for

decoration on this page so it just opens

up you could write under there and then

there's a product here with a photo and

a little tag for riding on and on the

back of that it's a pocket so there's

another picture of mine under there and

there's the middle of the signature so

this is where I stitched on the beads

and there's just a big envelope there in

the middle this page has two pockets so

you're down here I put another photo and

some writing paper and journal card I'm

sorry they just talked in there

and another photo op here of F and

herself and her family and generally I

don't just a letter again Barbie he does

it hook it with a photo of her house and

then just a little carrot seed a family

piece another acetate photo book it was

a picture of my Nana when she was

younger and then there's some writing

paper tucked behind up

so another property with some writing

paper just another little image that

kind of reminded me of her and her house

and then I included this illustration

this is some paper that beautiful

Kaylee's that means so nice and I

included it because on the other side of

it there's a picture one boy and I think

all little girls so I included that

because in my in amongst me and my

siblings there's one boy and the rest of

the girls so I included that and that's

just a pocket on both sides here's some

of that peacock paper reminds me a man

know that because she had peacocks

around her place and she had she always

had peacock feathers in her house too so

there's more photos and other tags and

pocket would be an envelope with some

writing paper I don't think that's a

pocket just a write in place another

envelope that I haven't sealed up

another double pocket so there's a photo

again in there and some places to write

and then there's another photo here at

the top just of my sister's so there's

some real journaling paper talk to me to

that pocket another double pocket so

this is another old photo and my dad and

his brothers and a picture of my Nana

top there and I just included this

Sunday dinner piece just because we used

to go and have lunch usually on a Sunday

at my Nana's house so yeah and envelope

with the tag in it just in case no one

wants to write in there and I look like

he was a picture myself in my my sister

my brother at the park near my Nan's

house so here I just stitched on some

wrapping paper I'd say this a couple of

years ago so every you might not use to

wrap our presents up in this paper so I

just took some of this paper out from my

Christmas memory book and I just I just

stitched a SAN

in heating because everybody everybody

remembers it because she always used it

another spot another ending paper

another envelope here the photo and it

was brain journaling piece another

envelope filled with another photo of

her cat when we were little she had this

cat and it used to hide in the shed

every time we came over it was probably

a smart choice because there was six of

us little kids that would have chased it

around it just used to hide in the shed

so here's a small copy of one of the

letters she brought me and I just made

it a pocket and put some extra paper in

there here I made a couple of copies of

some awards that she got when she was

younger so she used to be really good at

tennis and also golf so these are her a

couple of her golf awards she has a lot

more of them so I printed these on my

Canon Selphy as well and I just batch

them the same way to the photos so they

turned out quite good there they glossy

but they turned out well

I didn't want to put originals in here

because I just felt like at all the

original all the original copies of

photos and awards and everything needed

to just stay together where it was and

there's also a pocket up key with a

frame you can hear the ice cream truck

so there's more of that peacock paper

there and more writing paper on that

page and an envelope here which has a

general card and a photo of one of my

Nana's silence who actually has also

passed away so

I put those together in his pocket and

then in the back the way that I did this

was I glued the hankie on and stitched

it on and then there was excess hankie

so I left it on and then I folded it

over and folded it over again and that

makes a pocket here so this was quite

delicate and it did it did have a little

tear in it so it had to be quite careful

that I did it but it worked out well and

so there's a pocket there in the back

for something to go in there and maybe

maybe again something from the service

yeah so I also stitched on some of this

lace it's just for the closure and that

is the book so like I said I just wanted

to share what what I made get a record

of it and maybe give you some ideas for

things you could include if you ever

have to make a book for this purpose

it's a sad task and it's also a company

task when it's a healing process I think

to be able to make something while

you're grieving to get all your memories

into one place

it's yeah kind of a healing process I

think so anyway I hope you enjoyed this

flip through if you have any questions

just ask in the comments below and thank

you in advance to everybody who has and

will offer their condolences to myself

and my family it's very much appreciated

and yeah so I'll be back with another

video soon I hope you're all doing

really well and I'll see you in Mexico