Thank You Donor Letters

today is our thank you note writing

session it's an opportunity for our

students who receive scholarship dollars

to write thank you notes and show their

appreciation to their donor who has

provided the scholarship I was fortunate

to receive the omote Agha engineering

scholarship for the 2013 and 2014

academic year and I'm so much excited to

have the scholarship because it really

helps me a lot looking at how expensive

education is these days it's

contributing a lot you know in a small

way in helping me achieve my dream yeah

I review it's really important that our

students understand the generosity of

our donors and our donors are very kind

and generous and year after year we're

able to assist students hi I'm Victoria

Michel and I'm a senior at Robert Morris

University I'm an English major last

year I was awarded the School of

Communications and Information Systems

endowed scholarship I'm very thankful

for this because it helped finance my

education scholarship dollars are

critical to the success of our students

here at Robert Morris and we couldn't be

more grateful for the support of our