Cute new baby card ...... Stampin' Up! products

hello everybody my name's Amanda from

scrimping I'm a doctor at UK and today

I'm going to make a really easy baby

card and you could adapt it for a boy or

a girl now this is I'm not claiming that

this is my design I've seen it visually

on Pinterest

it's an old design I've just pinched it

to Anna and I'm using it with Stampin Up

products I don't know who came up with

it originally it seems very Muriel the

cat find original sauce but I'm using it

oh right so I'm cutting a piece of

powder pink and I want it at ten and a

half ten and a half by four you can

obviously change the size or you could

make it bigger you could make it smaller

there the card baby shower invitations

christenings loads of reasons for it

right we're going to score it now at

five and a quarter to make the card and

that should just fold in half like so

and we're having it that way up okay so

I can move this out of the way now now

I'm just going to do a little bit of

measuring I just want to find the center

of that which is there okay and I also

want to measure down about an inch on

each side which is a little bit bigger

than an inch and I'll have it about an


battening there and then we're going to

go in by three-quarters of an inch so

I'm going to just draw a quick line

there that goes up to 3/4 of an inch

gently so that you come a little bit out

you know you don't have to scale it

forever okay right so what I'm going to

do now is I'm going to get some punches

so this is super

music out or you can use dyes whatever

up to you and I'm using a two inch and a

one and three-quarter inch and the two

inch I'm going to go in I'm going to

find the center of my punch and I'm

going to go in about a quarter of the

way of my punch not all the way about a

quarter doesn't have to be very deep

find the center so it's more or less in

the center of your card I more or less

the center of your punch should get in a

nice even about there do you reckon oh

wow Nick don't nip around like I just

did I had my hand in that bit do it at

the side okay and then down at the

bottom here we're going to use our one

and three-quarter inch and we're just

going to cut semi circles there and I'm

sure by now you've figured out what I'm

doing you're seeing it before I'm making

like a baby and grow shape now there's

no precise way of doing it

um I'm just going to do it by eye real I

might be bad my wonky eye but I'm going

to try and slide that in about half way

and just nip the corner off there so

it's a little bit rounded try and get it

kind of even what with a look and so

we're going a bit deeper going a bit

more about there up there's a 1mm settle

up bit more oh there's another okay now

what you're going to do is you're going

to get your nice sharp scissors a are

these your beloved ones like I've got oh

you're going to cut along that line

there up and stop where you're marked

and the other side is out okay and at

this point you can use your rubber to

just get rid of that any pencil marks

okay then you're going to cook from this

part here from this pint and you're

going to meet where you finish cuts in

there so just strip if you if you're

worried about it being one kick you know

draw a line again with pencil whatever

don't matter this is just a sample to

show you so so again from the corner of

the leg there and all the way up there

we go right that's that bit done let me

just make sure my phones on silent yeses

one so were they right so what we then

going to use is a couple of Doyle is

you're going to need about two to dial

is okay and this is what we're going to

use as our Lizzie trim needs a stamping

up Doyle is bit a tumble we just move

some of this out of the way

okay so for the neck Pat we're just

going to fold it in half like so we're

going to leave it double thickness I

might even just lift it up a little bit

and I'm folding it just off set up so

that I've got looks like I've got two

rolls of ruffles okay and then I'm going

to cut the semicircle part out

okay but obviously not all of it I need

to just leave a little bit to go on my

card do it as nicely as you can

I've put it in a punch but I know from

experience that dialers are two thing to

punch so just do what you can okay and

then get your tumbler cinnamon a tumbler

there and then stick you doing oh that's

my lamp okay

I've knew it would go off bloody thing

okay lift it up a little bit

don't wanna be able to see your pink

card underneath I'm just going to put a

little bit of extra glue around here and

just double few bits there to keep that

doily stuck down there okay so that's

that bit dull remove these cause the

cars in a shadow right so the second

Euler we're going to fold it in half

we're going to cuts it down the middle

we're going to cut the circle out again

this is real easy and another great use

for stamping up dial is watch it up a

book on what to do with Stampin Up dial

is made yeah

I've done our thoughts with them it's

got a bit of glue there on my a little

it dries then I would off let me get me

a raise it cuz I've blob blob some glow

on line it's bugging me

there we go that's why we have our

erasers there we go so I'll open the

card up tulip and you could decorate the

back if you want I'm not going to

because you know I'm just trying to be


and then you put that on upside down and

put it and arrange it so that it meets

round the ship that you've cut out

hopefully that will glow down and then

the same on the other side just tap that

glow okay and just trim it

just gently trim it so that it it lines

up with the shape of the card so easiest

where to do it okay there we go that's

that bit dull and then what I have done

off-camera because I'm not prepared to

do it live is I've made two little tiny

balls from powder pink and I'll have

done is used my cheap ibero-america you

can tie them however you want to tie in

with the farc with your fingers around

your chair legs have a kid at each side

do what you want

oh I've use that I'm gonna get some got

some rhinestones see if I've got any

rhinestone I think off tails I think

pearls will be nicer I'm going to use my

Stampin Up dots not me darts me yeah

glowed up and where is my pokey tool so

I could really be doing with that just

now now it's gone obviously a little

embroidery scissors instead because the

nice and sharp so I'm just going to get

my book I'm going to have one up here

cut me improvising because if cap find

the pokey - well they'll be underneath

this pile of garbage on my desk

m'lila and one there okay and we want it

back I'm gonna open up a cap chilla

oh just move it a bit like so okay and

then get some pearls

let's have a look which size all of

these big ones look they'll look nice

just well it I don't know if or one of

them now I've gotta know we'll stick

them in the middle of the bar this bits

optional of course don't know if I'd

come now put them on don't know if the

big enough oh well still looks nice so

that's that bit and then what I'm going

to do is I'm going to have a look in

this which is my little memories of my

collection and this is the bundle of

love and it coordinates with the bundle

of love sweet in the catalog and you

know you can get the papers and the dyes

and then whatever ever yeah and we've

got these memories and Mar and packs now

the main reason for these is for your

you know your a pocket scrapbooking

we now have memories and Mar and that's

what these cards are designed for but

the alcohol memories are more for a

reason and that's because you can use

these the Mar then just pocket

scrapbooking so I'm going to use them on

my card we've got this lovely yem

sticker sheet here and I think I fancy

one of these little elephants and quite

like this little precious here sir adult

elephants with the trunks up so I'm

going to have that one and I think I'll

have precious and I'm going to stick

this little elephant on this little card

and I'm going to have the word precious

just peeking out there like sir and then

I've got these little journaling cards

and they're really good these especially

far in life books or baby books or

whatever because each one is

double-sided and as you can see one side

pink and one sides blue so if you're

making a berry card you use that side

you know and there's some that are

nonspecific as well you know I think

it's really really clever let's start

out so I think I'm going to use this one

because I think it will go nice against

my pink backgrounds and I'm going to

have that

my insert I'm going to need to cut it

down let me see how wide I need it let

me ever let me ever estimated two and a

quarter will look it right won't go no

higher up than that because of the shape

of the card so I reckon if I cut it to

two inches then that should be okay so

let me just move my card a minute and

I'm going to trim this down to two

inches using my cutter and I can use

that for something else have we got

another let's of a look I'm out of

another little stick Alex have a look I

will have and let's have hello hello

gosh it might be saying hello to a a new

bear bear I like a little piggy on

always have a little piggy

hello and a little pig I swear if that

rabbit I love it here next to the hello

Oh shucks yelled oh it's so good right

I'm going to attach it with my snail and

I'm going to fit it just inside here

there we go

so the person can just write on that and

there is my little baby card I hope you

like that oh like zoom in not Outlander

Vega you'll give it a try and I do hope

that you will take note of the memories

and more card packs costs as well as for

pocket scrapbooking you can use menu

card making thanks for watching bye