WHAT IS A NEWSLETTER? 💌 5 Tips For Writing The Best Email Newsletters

so I've been doing this digital

marketing thing for a little while now

and if I had to give one piece of advice

it'd be to focus your energy time and

money on email marketing with 59% of

people saying that email marketing

actually helps influence their purchases

it seems like a total no-brainer

but what exactly is an email newsletter

and how can you even get started well

keep watching to find out well my five

tips are for writing better emails hello

and welcome to my channel I'm Kate Emily

and I'm a branding content strategist

and love helping small business owners

just like you build their brands online

so you're running a small business and

you're playing on social media but

you're not quite getting the traction

you're after you feel like the algorithm

is stopping your post from actually

getting out to your followers and you're

just not getting their engagement you

were expecting well you're not alone

while social media is still considered

the sexy space to play a lot of small

businesses just aren't seeing the return

on investment and that is where email

marketing comes in email marketing is

effective it's cheap and most

importantly you own your list

unlike Instagram or Facebook where

Facebook actually owns the access to

your followers so this means that you

can send out emails to whoever you want

when you want without any pesky

algorithms getting in the way if you're

just starting out with email marketing

or you've been playing with it for a

little while go and download my freebie

how to write better emails which shares

10 strategies to get your subscribers to

actually want to read your emails so

these are strategies that are proven to

work so make sure you go and download

that one now but getting back to the

point what is an email newsletter well

it's a consistent

piece of content that you send out to

your audience regularly a lot of small

businesses opt for a monthly newsletter

or maybe every now and then but that

simply isn't enough 49 percent of

consumers said that they want to receive

promotional emails from their favorite

brands on a weekly basis but the key

thing to note is that these emails need

to be packed full of value and they

can't just be a sales pitch every single

time if you do that then you'll just get

more unsubscribes which brings me to my

first tip provide value

you can't give too much away symbols if

you're in a service based industry like

I am you may be feeling like you're

giving away too much for free that why

would anyone actually pay for your

service but the crazy thing is if you

give away a lot of nuggets of gold that

people can actually implement in their

business or in their life or whatever

industry you're working then they will

be more inclined to actually jump at any

offers that you present to them in the

future alternatively if you have a

product based business then you are

likely to be the expert within your

industry so you've likely got a whole

bunch of information tips strategies

even tutorials about how to use your

product that will convince people as to

why they should choose you over your

competitors but if you're really really

stuck for ideas I'm happy to help you

out so drop your industry in the

comments below and I'll provide you some

ideas for free

number two is make it easy to read one

thing to remember when you're sending an

email you're interrupting someone's day

so you have to create content in a way

that actually lends itself to this

behavior instead of a blog article where

someone's actually search for a

particular query or a question and

they've landed on your blog when

someone's receiving an email it's an

interruption they're not they may not be

in the headspace that they want to be

actually learning about something so you

want to provide lots of clear headers

and break up your information into

really digestible chunks so they can

skim through and then if it's something

that really interests them

they can go back and actually read that

information in a lot more detail to get

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are there

number three is create curiosity you

want to give your subscribers a little

nudge to actually open your emails just

spark that curiosity in them but too

often I see business owners as well as

even market is doing a really crappy job

at creating that curiosity element in a

subject line they'll just blatantly

state what's in the newsletter and while

sale and discount can be appealing to

certain people we get a lot of these

emails every single day so how are you

going to be breaking away from the noise

of email mailbox I created a video that

shed five examples of businesses that

are doing this really well which you

should go and check out now

number four is one call to action put

simply you don't want to confuse your

readers if you get really clear on what

the purpose of your email is and what

you're trying to get them to do you can

create content that's super specific to

that call to action so whether it's

providing a valuable tip or a strategy

or a tutorial it's focused on that one

call to action you want them to make if

you give them too much to click on and

they're not going to click on anything

so this comes back to creating a

strategy around your emails rather than

just creating something random each week

you want to set goals in place not only

about how many opens you get or click

throughs you get but so yeah it would

actually measure what your results are

in your business itself so say for


you're approaching company and you send

out an email with a recipe of how to use

a specific protein powder not only can

you see how many people have open the

email but also click through to your

website you can also see if there's been

a spike in sales of that specific

product since sending out that email and

if there is then you know those sorts of

emails do really well for your audience

and you can start creating these bespoke

tutorials or bespoke recipes for

different products in your store if

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much more useful information like this

one and tutorials on all things brand

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right for your radar once you nail this

and understand how to send a specific

message out to a specific person at the

right time they're going to be way more

inclined to buy from you trust you and

build that relationship with you that

makes them want to keep coming back for

more and more more if you get too

generic here your content is just not

going to land with anyone so you want to

ensure that any additional content you

create whether that be a blog or a video

is super relevant to that main reader

that you're trying to target you also

want to make sure your emails feel

personal and not as though they're being

sent out to hundreds or thousands of

people at the same time I recommend that

you use the word you or your as much as

you can

rather than using more generic terms so

say for example you might say this

product helps with your skin problems

rather than this product helps with

people with skin problems see how much

more personal that feels so those five

tips again

provide value make it easy to read

create curiosity 1co to action and write

for your reader if you keep these simple

tips in mind read your writing

email newsletter then you're likely to

get much higher open rates click

throughs and people actually buying from

me so make sure you download my free how

to write better emails guide which goes

through 10 strategies that are proven to

work and will actually help you to get

more people to read your emails if you

want more go and watch my video 10 do's

and don'ts of email newsletters which

shares some quick simple tips on things

you should and shouldn't be doing when

you're sending email newsletters so this

will help you take your email strategy

from zero to hero instantly but that's

it from me for today so I'll be back

here next Tuesday with another video I

know you're gonna love so until next

time bye for now