Nursing School Pinning Ceremony | Nursing School Vlog

hey everyone is cereth registered nurse

ari and.com and in this video i want to

talk about the nursing school pinning

ceremony as the semester is winding down

many nursing schools are having pinning

ceremony for their graduating nursing

class and in this video what I want to

do is I want to talk about my personal

experience with my opinon ceremony and

just let you know how they tend to

operate so what is a nursing school

pinning ceremony a pinning ceremony is

typically a small little intimate

ceremony just for your graduating

nursing class that is given by your

nursing school and it's to celebrate

your achievement and success of getting

through the program because if you're

going through nursing school right now

or if you've ever been through it you

know how rigorous that curriculum is so

it's really just this pinning ceremony

that's at the end that will help just

wrap all that hard work and celebrate

the hard work into one little gathering

now my opinion ceremony was different

than my University's graduation ceremony

so it may vary depending on where you go

to nursing school out on how they do

things but we had our pinning ceremony a

week before graduation and I really

really liked my pinning ceremony better

than graduation if I had to pick a

favorite between the two because the

graduation ceremony by the university

was about three to four hours long and

that is a long time to set there and

hear people's name called and I really

feel sorry for your friends and your

family because you walk across the stage

within 30 seconds and here they are

studying there that whole time so it's

really a long time compared to the

pinning ceremony which might last about

an hour an hour and a half and to the

pinning ceremony we just wore

professional dress we didn't wear scrubs

or anything like that and and of course

to your graduation ceremony you wear the

cap and the gown now during the pinning

ceremony and what we done was that we

all lined up and we walked across the

stage and they would call your name and

they would pin you with either like this

nursing pin

had to purchase our University didn't

provide them or a ribbon so they call

your name and you get pinned and we

actually got to pick our favorite

professor that we wanted to pin us so

everyone voted on that and they pinned

us and then we walked offstage and shook

hands with their professors and gave

hugs and here is a picture of me

actually walking off the stage after I

got pinned with a ribbon then after we

got pinned

we came back to our seats and we had

some speakers get up we actually had

some students that we voted on to give

speeches during the ceremony and that

was one of my favorite parts was because

they got up and they talked about some

funny memories that we shared during a

nursing school and made some

light-hearted jokes and helped some

professors or on things we encountered

and I always remember those because they

were funny and I'm just helping you

recall all that nursing school wasn't

that bad it had its moments but it did

have some fun times and then we also had

some professors get up who we really

respected and they gave us some advice

on entering the profession which I will

always take the heart because as a

soon-to-be new nurse you can never get

too much advice on how to be a great

nurse then we sit up and recited the

Nightingale pledge which is similar to

the Hippocratic oath that physicians

take and it's just a pledge where we

will bring honesty and integrity to the

nursing profession and we pledge not to

knowingly harm our patients and that was

just really awesome being able to take

that pledge because here you are II went

through this whole program it's taking

you years and it's it's the end and

you're ready to go and you're ready to

be a nurse and it all just wrapped it up

and after getting pinned and saying that

pledge you feel like you've just

transitioned into I'm finally almost

nurse and you're entering into this

profession you're being welcomed into it

because you're being pinned by other

nurses and so if I like I said if I had

to pick my favorite between the two the

graduation ceremony

or the pinning ceremony the pinning

ceremony was definitely my favorite

because I got to experience this and

awesome little ceremony with all these

people I went through the program with

and it was just really exciting because

on one hand you're so excited that

nursing school is over you accomplished

something that you've always wanted to

accomplish it was really hard and you're

glad it's over so you don't ever have to

go through it again and then take

another exam but on the other hand it's

sort of sad because you know that all

these people are going to scatter out

you're going to lose contact and you

know you're going to go on with your

lives but another thing is that you

don't know where your life's going to go

you know that hey I always want to be a

nurse so here you are but where am I

going to go from here you're taught

about the possibilities but you're also

nervous about the possibilities so

really enjoy my painting ceremony and if

you are fixing to go to your painting

ceremony or if you've been through

pinning ceremony I would love to hear

your thoughts in the comments below and

thank you so much for watching