How To Write a Paragraph for Your GF/BF

what's up guys welcome back to another

video and welcome back to my channel so

I leave time for the title will be

teaching you how to write a paragraph

for your girlfriend or boyfriend so I

have to stay

jitinder troll in this whole video

because I don't know who this for um but

that is coming up in two weeks I believe

my linings getting messed up because of

the Sun okay whenever we're gonna do a

video like this but um maybe teach you

guys how to light every bathroom a high

school student who is not in a

relationship but why are you making this

video and I see I was in a relationship

from June 28th 2017 to was this

September 29 18 I think would know maybe

November but it was like oh but I was

really bad at paragraphs and then I kind

of found my own to writing them so I'm

gonna teach you how to write them like

coming from the person who was really

bad they make it like I would be stuck

and it looks like hours like say your

anniversary was coming up and you had

the right paragraph I would write it two

weeks before because I would take so to

show you that a system that I just went


I don't know what I was just saying I

don't know what I'm saying

yeah I wanna show you guys how to write

a paragraph and I want to show you my

system I won't say that it's the

quickest way but it's better than this

they're just being stuck there and then

seeing like a text bubble for the next

two hours or you're thinking your stuff

I'm not even kidding that's what

happened to me so now I wanna show you

like so the first thing

first thing you want to do so listen

it's kind of hard to explain so when you

text like like you see how I'm talking

right now if I wrote down what I was

gonna say I would be stuck so we really

go to your voice memos it's my first

time I got on my iPad and just record

yourself it's saying like what you're

gonna say so I'm going to say something

and I'm just gonna make I will give you

some ideas especially somebody listening

to me through this process it's just

kind of weird so first thing if you love

the person you love the person you have

to put that in there like if you write a

paragraph and don't say I love you then

that's not a paragraph sweetheart it's a

special but okay so I'll give you four

ideas and I'll say it but tell them how

much you appreciate them where they have

done for you which have learned from

them how much you love them how far

you've come your ups and downs mistakes

that you have made in the relationship

but how you'll always be there for them

stuff like that um like stuff like that

I was trying to give you ideas but I

can't really think of it anyway guys

this is me editing but I just found like

a really good clutch thing to say like I

guess I kind of thought in to be able I

don't know like the meaning my sister's

playing for tonight but reminisce like

be like remember the time we went to

some movies and he was just so cute and

just remember just grabbing this on the

good times and the bad times but yeah I

just wanted to say that cuz

that's good that's good advice for me

too so yeah just total those things I

just gave you a whole bunch of ideas but

it's kind of just like if you speak it

like think about the person and like

just pour your heart out and the thing

is it don't have to be perfect like you

can stutter like it does not have to be

perfect because you're just speaking it

and you're gonna listen back on and

you're gonna write down the key points

and then we'll get to that but the first

thing we want to do is just record it so

so I'm gonna record myself and you guys

can hear it and only put in fast motion

because this is kind of awkward I'm

trying to show you guys that it's not

perfect I really appreciate you you tell

me so much tell me how to be a good

girlfriend slash boys spice boyfriend

I've never loved someone like you before

I really appreciate you I think I said

that already but yeah we've been through

so much and we've got it two arguments

west's and stuff but that doesn't matter

because how are you here for you by the

way this is just a real fast they were

laughing I don't love you anymore when

that has a but but so you don't have any

perfect but I'm trying to say something

just because it's about time today it

doesn't matter living it more but I kind

of do a little more each and every day

but I will still love you the same every

day not because it's just Valentine's

Day so I'll write you a paragraph and if

I feel like if long as you want one

they're liking material heavy material I

don't know what I'm saying this doesn't

have to be perfect just ramble um talk

about past arguments at how you got

through it

the idea is the best like really an

example I don't want to like go through

it with you and like I kind of want to

go through it with you so you can't see

the finished product but I'm just trying

to give you ideas I talked about past

our unit talk about so we met blah blah

blah blah and I saw you and you were

just so cute and I just need that to be

mine like we've had sleeping together it

has been the best

how long do ever you've been dating

years of my life and I'm so happy to

call you my girlfriend my boyfriend so

happy that you can I could have the

honor I don't know it's kind of hard

like it doesn't even matter how long the

recording is like just no nice things

maybe we get paper or notes but I

usually go on like my notes just listen

back to you what she said don't try to

be perfect in this because you're just

gonna be a rambling and you can take as

long as you wants to think the recording

could be 30 minutes longer than you

going like oh and should I say this like

just write it down and black how we met

if I some way to incorporate it okay so

you're done you're done put it all

together like

and make sure just make sure it's longer

than like like if you wanted to scratch

on it you have like two screenshots make

sure okay

like don't send something like this bowl

like half half a screenshot because

Valentine's Day is your winner

anniversary it's six months I think of

things my wife Oh

or if this their birthday yeah the last

paragraph I wrote was 29 so yeah I think

yeah so incorporating that and I'm

actually gonna read you guys a paragraph


cuz this this way really works I really

gave you some idea because I didn't want

to just tell you what you're doing and

still stuck I still get ideas like I


don't want to read those would ask above

some price I would think are a little

bit too personal but happy when

University and I did it and I was there

earlier because it was like it was like

I wanted a warning it was like every

anniversary I didn't and I was there

earlier everybody is like you in here

write a paragraph in five minutes

Danny was you telling jokes okay for

that bad make jokes be funny you don't

be serious I love you like oh yeah I

don't know just like you should probably

have inside jokes by now make some

inside jokes be cute you know be a

dual-sim to me

which means one year ago for the tape

dating I got again another joke not

again but I say that again because we

dated that like seventh grade as well

there is no one else


this is kind of embarrassing to me but

this is there was no one else was better

to me than you and I'm so lucky to have


it comes that I love you say I love you

wait at least once

I love you so much I'm so happy and

Eastern is just expired they said in the

best days of my life even though we're

always having something that

disagreement talk about pass arguments

talk about how much you hated arguing

with that person and how it was just


every mistake sex argument manner and we

shouldn't even more stronger no one can

ever replace you and I holiday hesitant

how better because I could say that you

were why and even though we have the

most complicated facts relationships

hammered and then we believe I'm gonna

say that too and even though you guys

I'm back I had to go look at sweet 16

invitations but I'm back so I don't know

where I left off but I think so

they'll hold for many more years of do

did not happen even though you probably

already cited me Batman hey that's

another joke

okay joke you small the first time makes

my whole game and when I'm stressed mad

or sad you never feel better every

single time so thanks for them I love

you again last year as I said I gave you

a whole bunch ideas so don't say this

video wasn't that worth watching and

this this like way like a hundred

percent works it just maybe take some

time and by the time like you keep doing

it you might have to skip a few steps

they need to just write it right but as

I said the reason for the recording

which is probably the main part for me

it's because I you have time to think

and just blow it out like you don't have

to make it like perfect it just

automatically put in a paragraph but you

could say and then like hear it out loud

and like no that sounds stupid not put

it in a paragraph wow that sounds really

cute like I will love if somebody said

that to me put it in the paragraph and

now the way you put it all together make

sure it couldn't make snow say I love

seeing you smile and then go to like we

was arguing no no I mean that would work

but trying to like kind of find some

like transition to it I guess really

kind of madness but it's like teenage

girl like you all have to do this and

boys you have to do this watching so I

kind of tried to make it like gender

neutral wasn't for girls always but if I

did say something that was for girls and


yeah for boys say how you like their

eyes in this might be physical too not

just emotional even though more

emotionally because that's purposeful

basically like I love when I hold your

hand like that be like the best feeling

in the world

y'all as you can see I just love romance

but I just wanted to make this video

because Valentine's Day is near and it's

how to do videos that no one has done

before and I didn't see any videos like

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