CELEBRATE PASSOVER! How to Host a Seder - Ideas Tips & Trick!

hey everyone Happy Passover, Chag Sameach welcome back to my channel

if you guys follow me on Instagram then you know the truth that I hate Passover

really do it's just really hard for me to give up bread for a week I just eat a

lot of toast and like pizza and stuff and it just struggle but although I do

hate the whole holiday Passover I love love love hosting Seder I really do I've

done it for years I've hosted family friends all sorts and I always really

enjoy it it's the best part of the holiday for me and I've learned a lot of tips and

tricks along the way after hosting all these years so I thought it'd be fun to

share it with you guys I'm prepping right now to host next week

for family so I've got everything laid out on my dining room table so I thought

I'd walk you through what I do how I plan and prep and give you some tips um

these are especially helpful if it's your first time hosting Seder or you're

just looking for some new ideas to change up what you got going on so yeah

I hope you like it if you find it helpful please make sure to give it a thumbs up

and definitely subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this okay let's

get started so I'll give you guys a brief overview of everything I have laid

out here these are sort of my Passover essentials and I'll walk you guys

through what I've got okay so the first thing I want to share with you guys is

our haggadahs, I really really recommend making your own haggadahs it's really

really easy and fun and I found that the haggadahs that you can buy that are

printed are generally pretty boring and if you do invest in this set then you

end up having like the same Seder repeated year after year because it's

always the same haggadahs that you're reading from although one day I might

like to invest in a beautiful set and I do get the appeal of that for now I think it's

really fun to make my own haggadahs so these are mine from last year and

they're from a website called Haggadot dot com which I'll link below basically

they have all these templates so you can choose what you want to incorporate what

you don't include your own sort of blessings prayers poems whatever you

want design and customize it yourself and

then you just print it I definitely would print like nice

color copies and I had I think I was in a rush last year and I had to put things

at work or something but you know if you want to make it look nice of course you

can print it in color and all that stuff and you can put in like more pictures

and designs and all that stuff or you can go with a really basic template and

it's not a lot of work at all and it's also free the other tip I have about the

Hagaddah is to assign parts so there's really a few different ways to go about

actually going through your Seder and generally people either have like a

leader who just does the whole thing or they just go around the table and read

I've always grown up in a home where we've assigned parts and I just like it

a lot better usually because it just kind of gets boring like when the other

side of the table is reading and you know you're not up for a while you know

just kind of zone out what's fun about the parts is like it's just fun to see

like who's gonna read what part like who got the wicked Sun part and to just you

know have fun with like not knowing who's coming up next and sneaky sneak

peeks ahead etcetera so when I printed these out I just added people's names

right above their parts so that they know who where to read and it was really

easy to do so yeah those are my two best tips for a goddess and the reason I

wanted to start with that is because if you have a good hagatha

generally you're probably gonna have a really good cedar that's what it's all

based on so I think it's worth it to just invest a little time and make a

nice one okay the next tip I have for

personalizing your seder and making your own place cards on the table

I make mine out of matzo I've been doing this for years I think I found it on

Pinterest a long time ago but basically you just break a sheet of matzo in half

and you just write and Sharpie the person's name this is where I'm gonna be

sitting cuz it says at my Jewish mom a life of course but yeah there's really

easy to do they're fun it's really cheap if you mess up to just start on a new

one and it just is a nice like festive way to also decorate the table because

then you have these on each place setting and even if you don't want to go

with matzo I still just think it's nice hub place cards on the table because

it's a sign to say to people like this is a

special event this is a really nice meal like this is something special going on

and if you have a big group it really really helps to not have people trying

to like to figure out where they're supposed to say okay let's move on to

the meals so I really recommend of course doing as much as you can a head

of time like making the core components of the meal I like to serve brisket and

chicken it's a nice variety for people its traditional food so the week or two

before Passover before I do my food shopping I'll take out my cookbook and I

do have a fun little Jewish cookbook collection that I'll show you really

quick the first is Jewish holiday cooking the next one is deliciously

kosher I of course have kosher by design a classic and celebrating with the

kosher butcher's wife I have them all so yeah I go through my cookbooks I pick

the recipes and I tried to choose a main course that I can make out of time and

then I'll usually have just like potatoes or something simple with it

that I can just have an oven ready to go nothing has to be done to it

traditionally for a seder there's no appetizers the first things that you eat

are during the Seder meal you'll have the rosette the bitter herbs the parsley

and then once those components of the state are finished the meal usually

starts off with fish course or as my mom used to call it but basically like some

gefilte fish and then people either have matzo ball soup

or they move on to the main part of the meal so what I do is I put a hard-boiled

egg on everyone's play setting and a little bit of salt water and I found

these last year I honestly don't remember where I think actually on

Amazon so I just thought these be cute again just to set the table with so I

put the hard-boiled I can here with a little bit of salt water for dipping the

parsley in and I put that on everyone's plate and then yeah for the main meal I

had brisket chicken and potatoes and that was basically it I kept it simple

because obviously it was a lot going on for the seder and I asked people to

bring dessert the other tip I have in terms of prepping the meal is I set out

all of my serving dishes beforehand just to make

sure I have enough I really only have white serving dishes and I had that is

on purpose because it just makes it easier for everything to look nice and

go together when I do it that way and then what I do is I put out the serving

spoons and stuff I put out one dish for each course or each part of the meal or

in house like the brisket the chicken the potatoes and then what I do is I

take sticky notes and I write on them what's going to be in each dish so for

example I'll write potatoes on this one stick it in this dish and that way I

just make sure I have everything lined out I don't forget you know something

that I'm cooking in the oven and it's just all ready to go and it just eases

my mind to know I have everything ready for the meal okay then the next thing I

want to show you guys in terms of what I have on the table ready to go is our

seder plate this is a beautiful one we got for our wedding and it's got trees

like glass pieces that you put the different things on I'll link some

helpful websites if you've never made a seder plate and don't know what to put

on it but basically these are Hebrew words for each of the things that go on

it and that's how you know what goes in each spot so for example that says Beit

saw which means egg so I would put an egg right there and then I also have

this matching matzah holder that we also got for a wedding that's really

beautiful so those will be the two main things on the table and then of course I

got out my China because what else am I gonna use it so I have the serving

dishes from the China and then this is one place setting and our crystal

glasses as well this is probably the last Seder where it's just going to be

babies and not little kids running around so it'll be my last chance for a

while to use this place I think but yeah so again I just like having the

white just to make it simple and I'll probably have the little egg container

I'll put a kippah next to the plate if a male person is going to be sitting there

and then I'll just have the nametag set up ready to go and then I also just put

out a nice water jug a vase for flowers on the table and yeah

that's so that's my like basic setup of what will be on the table to make it

look nice and then in terms of more ritual objects we have candles and

candles too in the candlesticks a kiddush cup you also need a cup for

Elijah as well and then the other thing that you need is a matzah holder so this

is one we got for a wedding I'll show it to guys so this is the matzah cover /

matzah holder there's three different pockets inside and you put three pieces

of matzah and one in each pocket and in the middle one is where the afikomen

matzah will go so you're gonna break that apart during the Seder and hide a

piece of it and it becomes afikomen so I'm you obviously don't need a fancy one

like this and I think you could actually make one of these on your own pretty

easily but yeah it's basically just a holder for the matzah ours also comes

with a separate off you komen holder to put in it that way when you hide Rafi

komen you won't get crumbs all around your house and then I just got some like

fun paper Passover napkins I found these at the supermarket for like a dollar

last year these are the ones we had from the year before

so I just picked something fun and easy and four napkins decorate the table and

then the last thing to think about is if their kids come into your Seder you

definitely want to have some kid-friendly stuff you there I've got

all my son's Passover books these are mostly from the PJ library and baby book

basket I'll link both of those down below but we have Passover is coming my

first Passover and Kayla and kögel's almost perfect Passover so yeah I'll

have some books for him and then I'll just have some like quiet toys that he

can play with and just different little things to entertain him because yeah I'd

sure feel a little bit long and boring to him but hopefully not too bad

okay guys so that is everything that's how I prepare for my Seder

I think I think that I don't have on the table right now is a white tablecloth so

that I will add before when I actually assess a table and I think I'm gonna try

and make a video of that next week if it's not too hectic I will show you guys

actually how the table setup for Passover and what I got going on maybe

I'll do like a mini blog or something but yeah thank you guys so much for

watching this video I hope you have a happy Happy Passover if you love the

holiday of Pesach let me know maybe I'm missing out on something and yeah thank

you guys so much for watching see you next time bye