How to write the first pen pal letter | itsmeamyge

hey guys what's up it's Amy and welcome

back to you another video in today's

video I wanted to talk all about pen

felling and how to write your first pen

pal letter you're just starting to write

with your new pen pal I usually like to

start with the most scariest part which

is writing the letter I just thought of

asking how the other person is well they

was and I usually talk about how my day

was just you know get the letter started

and to have an easygoing conversation

I'd like to introduce myself if you

haven't learned it over Instagram or

whatever you got to know your pen pal

from it's just something that is kind of

interesting to you you know just in an

overview over the other person I like to

talk about my hobbies about my favorite

color above my favorite music but my

favorite sport maybe you'll find

something that the other person is also

interested in so that you can talk about

that in the next letter I also always

like to talk about your brother

I don't know why but it's kind of

interesting also I love to talk about my

country and the city where I'm living

because it's interesting to get to know

different cultures and then the other

person will automatically tell you

something about their city in their

country and it's poison to know but just

go ahead and write whatever you want to

it doesn't have to be a long letter

because you just want to have topics for

the next one but I just like the first

letter e to be a little bit longer

then I always love to include goodies my

letters always have some kind of goodies

in them it's just a nice way to spice up

your letter and this one I just have

some stickers this is a usual part that

I always include we would have so many

stickers that I want to share that I

have to get out so I'm just collecting

some they are all in the same range you

can also see them using washi tape

please washi tape samples are so

interesting because know what you take

this kind of expensive sometimes you

never Union your whole role so that

should be kind of cool to share so yeah

I'm just assembling all of the stuff and

then putting them in this little

envelope that I created out of old book

page and I just love the overall vibe of

all book pages


and I'm just labeling it so that later

on you can directly see what it is

so yes because our always a fun thing

and they were so easy to make all to

conclude and it's on - Adam I always

love to include some papers because as

you can see have so many of those design

papers and I'm never going to use all of

them so I'd love to share them and I

just like to bundle them up into a

little package they are usually always

great because they are the most easy to

you know package and stuff I always like

to have a little theme of that and then

the next thing that I'm doing is as I

said you washi tape sample I'm just

using one of those little tags I'm

cutting off the cord and just wrapping

the washi tape around it in this case I

used two washi tapes it has I have paper

backing so putting relay washi tape but

it was more like a normal tape and I

prefer those to wrap because they never

get ruined but you can do that washi

tape because what you take those knots

they to itself so you can just easily

peel it off and yeah that's what I do

Jamie package my washi tape I always use

this kind of transparent paper it's

sketching paper actually I glue it

together and then I used some meetings

or some Oh Michael

I don't know I usually use glitter or

them stars

there's sequins it's the sequins I think

and I just put it in because it's always

super fun to shake it around and play

with it and then I just put the washi

tape song in it and then I close it up

so nothing gets mushed I'm fooling

around in the litter in the end of the

love itself and I'm labeling it again no

you didn't do that but I just loved it

so I use it and then I put all of that

into the letter

I actually like to have everything kind

of so that because it just makes the

letter a little bit more flat and then

the last thing that I want to include

our decorative things just like things

that you have created maybe you have a

little design that you want to put in in

my case I always have those little

eyeless cards just have my current

favorite songs on it and I think it's so

fun to mood you can also put your

favorite artists on there your favorite

I don't know every just seen and you

wanted to share and it's just decorative

on the front and I will talk those

little tags they actually no use at all

they're just cute and maybe I like one

of my little envelopes you know just

some things that are kind of decorative

and don't really have a use but of

course you can include whatever you want

to I have seen other people who for

example put some teams I'd heard some

seeds it's always up to you whatever you

put inside you can get creative with

that there are no rules for having the

perfect pen pal letter and basically

that is all that I have to do guys like

this view I'd love to make more for you

that's it