WRITING TO A NEW PEN PAL | How to Start and What’s Inside the Letter!

hey guys what's up it's Claudia and

welcome back to my channel so today I'm

gonna be doing another pen pal video I

just recently acquired I guess you could

say three new pen pals so I'm going to

be writing to one of them so it's my

first letter to her so I didn't add a

lot of stuff and I didn't write like a

super long letter because I don't really

know her that well so I don't have much

to say but I did include like the basic

things so yeah I also included a couple

of cute little pieces of artwork that I

did so yeah I'm just gonna show you guys

what I included and basically just take

you along with me as I write her letter

and create all the cute stuff that I put

in her pen pal letter so right now I'm

just writing a little note to her and I

also asked her before I started writing

this letter what her favorite color was

and she said it was blue so I tried to

incorporate some blue throughout the

contents of the letter so yeah




so below the note I wrote down a couple

of questions for her to answer and the

first one was when and how did you get

into bullet journaling so she has a

bullet journal account on Instagram and

that's how we met so I just wanted to

know how she got into bullet journaling

and then the second question is do you

like where you live and if so why I

thought that was a cool question and

then the third question is what's your

favorite genre of music then I asked

what did she study in school and then

does she have any regrets and if so what

are they so I just want on like Google

to find like some cool questions to ask

because I really couldn't think of any

so that's where I got all these from so

next I am writing out a little playlist

for her this is like my favorite part of

writing pen pal letters is making

playlists for people because I'm like

really into music and I love all

different kinds of music and I don't

know I just like sharing my music taste

with other people so yeah I was

basically just like looking on my iPad

to see what I had in my music library

and yeah so I just kind of picked out

some songs that stood out to me yeah I

have a very diverse taste in music so

there's like vast variety of like Jonah

is on this playlist if that makes sense

I put a song by Taemin Paula a song by

Aly & AJ one of their new songs and I

think I have like a Bob Dylan song on

there and

yeah so it's just kind of like all over

the place but all of them are really

good songs



then on the top of the page I drew out

some cute little music note doodles just

to spice it up a bit oh yeah and then I

remembered to add another question I

just asked her when her birthday is

because I'm like obsessed with astrology

and I just need to know everyone's sign

that I'm associated myself with so I

just wanted to know what her zodiac sign

is and also so I can send her some cute

cool things that have to do with her

zodiac sign and stuff like that so now I

am cutting out some black paper to do a

little mountain drawing on I've like

recently been obsessed with drawing

mountains so yeah I wanted to try it out

on some black paper with like a white

gel pen so I'm just gonna go ahead and

draw that out and yeah so at first I was

gonna try to draw the circle like

freehand but then I realized that I had

this little circle stencil thing so I

just used that and I didn't even like

sketch it out I just used my white gel

pen like freehand for the rest of the



so I had some stickers from my August

UFO like sticker pack laying around so I

just decided to cut these out and give

these to her if you guys want some more

info on that sticker pack you can go

down to the description box below and

check out my Etsy shop the link is down

there but yeah so I'm just cutting these

out for her and hopefully she gets some

sort of use out of them so this is my

favorite part of writing letters to

people is addressing the envelope and

just making it look cute and drawing

little doodles on it and stuff putting

stickers on it and yeah so I'm using a

blue marker because blues her favorite

color and then I'm gonna do some cute

little space doodles on the envelope

I've recently been doing this for like

all of my letters because there's just a

lot of fun to draw the planets and stuff

I started out with just drawing little

circles around the envelope and then I

went over it with the fine liner and

drew out the planets and stuff I kind of

wanted it to look like offset if that

makes sense like kind of like an

abstract II vibe


this is everything that I'm gonna

include in this letter like I said since

it's like the first letter it's kind of

hard to know what to send but I think

this is a good start so here's the

playlist up close if you were curious to

what songs were on the list

and then I'm also including these little

smiley face stickers and then I'm giving

her some washi tape as well it's really

just like a couple of washi tape samples

and then my stickers that I cut out and

I'm also giving her some of these little

gold paper clips just because I think

they're cute and then last but not least

this cute little mountain drawing that I

did and then I also forgot to draw the

little lines on the mountains so I'm

gonna go ahead and do that yeah I forgot

that last detail and I'm glad I

remembered that okay so this is what

it's supposed to look like and yeah I'm

pretty much done thank you guys so much

for watching this video I hope you

enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe

for more videos like this and I will see

you guys in my next one