Cat Lovers Release Overview | Pet Sympathy Card ft. Watercoloring Technique | Taylored Expressions

we have a new illustrator at tailored

expressions she is debuting this release

with her super cute max and milli set so

max is the cat and Millie is the mouse

if you haven't seen it yet I'll show you

here in just a second but with orders of

$35 or more you guys will receive these

super cute vinyl stickers there's two

sheets together makes up one whole

eight-and-a-half by 11 piece

see if I can get them all in there so

they say things like handmade with love

happy mail and then they feature the

different illustrations from the set

just in a cute vinyl sticker form so if

you think what am I supposed to do with

vinyl stickers well they are kind of

gaining popularity these days we've been

doing them a lot as envelope seals and

also you can use them to decorate your

envelopes like you see here I put the

happy mail in the cute little mouse on

this one you can also stick them on

water bottles laptops they are

weatherproof vinyls so they're not going

to kind of chip away like the paper

stickers do they're nice and sturdy and

they have a lot more uses so they're

super cute featuring these illustrations

and that's with 35 dollars or more and

then if you get to $75 you'll get the

stickers as well as this cute set it's

called cattitude and it features what is

that nine different cat images and

several sentiments so it's cats doing

different things we've got a cat

celebrating a birthday we've got another

birthday cat rolling on a ball of yarn

dancing picking flowers with a little

heart so super cute oh and there's one

with a martini so that's my kind of cat

right there this is free with 75 or more

in addition to the stickers and then if

you guys haven't seen our free with $100

purchase so every month we come up with

a new set that's free with $100 or more

that is hold please okay here it is so

this is called handmade humor and it has

cute and funny sentiments that are

appropriate for stamping on the back of

your card one of them says

is let's see I only make cards for

really awesome people don't disappoint

me nothing says I love you like a piece

of paper folded in half why buy it for

seven dollars when you can make it

yourself with only 96 dollars worth of

supplies isn't that our motto as card

makers so this is some really cute

sentiments that you can use either on a

card front or on the back of your card

and that's free over $100 so with your

purchase of $100 or more you get all of

these things this month or this week I

guess because next week will be

something new

actually before next week we've got

something new coming so you'll want to

tune in this weekend for a little

something special okay

now I am going to turn this around

alright it looks like okay I pushed my

button so now you guys should see the

side of my head down at the bottom of

your screen as I'm working here I'm

gonna push this this is gonna be my

demonstration today but I'm gonna push

it out of the way just slightly so that

I can show you the products before we

get to the project part of things

alright somebody asked will we ever have

dyes to go with the clearly cat set so

that would be the cattitude set that I

showed you

hope is asking if we will have dyes to

go with those right now we do not would

you like dyes hope I'm assuming that's

why you're asking so it's a possibility

I will look into that we didn't do dyes

originally when we release that and now

we're giving it away as a freebie so

possibly we'll do those dice in the

future okay so I mentioned before that

we have Max and Millie is our debut of

our new illustrator

her name is Gaia and she goes by much

sketch if you can see at the bottom of

our stamp sets we put who illustrated

that set down there so if you're looking

to follow her on Instagram you can just

search at much sketch and see her

adorable creations and she does custom

work for us so whatever I dream up hey

Gaea I would like a cat and a mouse

holding a heart and kind of standing

close to each other and she draws that

or I'd like a cat in a flower pot with

the flower sticking out of his head

so you won't often find these

illustrations on her Instagram but she's

got tons of other cute stuff if you just

want to check her out and then also with

the Max and Millie stamp set comes the

coordinating dies to cut out all of

those different images so not the

sentiments just the one two three four

five six seven images in that set with

the seven coordinating guys if you

caught my video on our blog yesterday

then you probably saw this sorry I've

got my just realizing I have my cord in

the way here let me try to get that out

of the way for you guys okay so if you

caught the video or on the blog

yesterday then you probably already saw

this I created this interactive card the

interactive element is hidden under this

grassy area here you can see it's popped

up to fit that interactive element

behind there maybe you can even kind of

see it if I peel that back a little bit

so we've got our little mouse and cheese

cart when you pull this it just travels

across the front of the card and reveals

that hidden sentiment that says I'm here

for you so it kind of goes with the keep

pushing on you got this and I'm here for

you so I thought that was super cute I

just love this little mouse with the

cheese cart and if you want to know

exactly how to build this and what you

need to do it yourself you can check out

yesterday's blog posts with the link to

the video and all the supplies are

listed there as well okay Carol says

dies with all sets I totally get that I

hear you okay then I have some other cat

Max and Millie inspiration from the

design team this one was created by Jill

Hawkins you can probably tell by her

expert stitching that she includes on

all of her projects this one says

again keep pushing on you got this with

the cute Mouse and the cheese cart Oh

Laura says she's bad at coloring animals

but she had to have the cats would love

any tips and upcoming videos I can give

you some tips for sure on coloring these

I love that they're small so there's not

a lot of room to to mess up actually

sometimes I find larger images easier to

shade and practice shading but the

smaller ones are easier if you just

don't even want to bother with the

shading and you can just color it nicely

in one layer so this one was from Jill

Hawkins Jenn Schultz a featured the cat

with the kind of side I glance he's

super cute and was designed to go with

the sentiment that says me and I think

he's perfect

she used the striped stencil heater that

she masked off on each end so she only

got that one chunk of stripe instead of

a stripe across the whole card I thought

that was really cool too and then

Heather Nichols created this super cute

shaker card

she used the sparkly stars shaker bits

in there I think they're we call them

bits and pieces and then if I just there

now you can see the image a little bit

better but she colored up the cute cat

and mouse at the birthday party and used

the confetti toss stencil in a couple of

different colors of course her signature

toffee and sugar cube made it onto this

card so lots of inspiration using Max

and Millie now let's move on to few

other things Pierce for the next three

products I don't think I mentioned this

yet but this curated release for cat

lovers is a total of six products two

totally manageable everything works well

together so not a lot of guesswork you

can mix and match to your heart's

content and there's not a ton of

products that you have to worry about is

that gonna go with that or do I really

need that we gave you just everything

that works perfectly together so this

here this one is called whiskers and it

has cat sentiments in it some that could

work for dogs as well this one is one of

my favorites it says angels don't always

have wings

sometimes they have whiskers then cats

are my favorite people when all else

fails hug the cat

Kathleen paw prints on our hearts and

there's a 100% chance I'd rather be home

with my cat so that features then the

trail of the paw prints that can go up

the card in whatever direction you want

and then we also have our silhouette

cats so with the dogs we actually had

three separate sets we had the large

breeds the small breeds and the puppies

but with cats we just stuck with one set

of silhouettes in three different kind

of typical cat poses sitting and walking

and then cleaning so that is the

silhouette cats die and then we have so

far today everybody's favorite these

simple strips meows so this coordinates

with all of our previous simple strips

products so that'll be the regular

simple strips guy with the flag ends and

the well rounded die that we released

with the dogs dog items will also fit

that so it features our innovative

alignment system so you can easily line

those up and cut them all with one pass

through the die cut machine so there's a

lot of cute sentiments in here I'll read

you just a few of them cats welcome

people tolerated you've had me up meow

there's a with heartfelt sympathy I do

whatever I want which I think describes

a lot of cats

congratz heard the good news if you have

somebody who got a new cat that would be

cute for them life is better with a cat

and from one cat mom to another so lots

of cute options there I'll show you a

couple of samples that the design team

made so if you caught today on the blog

Heather is up creating this card on a

video so she created her own stencil to

stencil these silhouette cats into the

background and then you can see she

stamped the paw prints from the whisker

set two times in the background with the


q Inc so if you're wondering how to

create that one you can check out the

video on the blog and then Jen Schultz

created this cute party card you can see

here a couple of sentiments she did a

slimline card so thin and long and she

get her blending dark to light and gave

each of the cats a little party hat

which I thought was a super cute idea

there so then the sentiments she chose

have to do with happy birthday and it's

your day let's potty so I love that card

- and that long layout is really popular

right now so very cute from Jen and

Heather and then lastly we've got one

more set okay here we go

so this one is called loyal friend and

it was designed to work for both cats

and dogs the idea is that it features

this feather with the trailing paw

prints you can see that's all one image

here and there are several different

things you can make with this but the

idea behind the two sentiments is that

one goes one was designed to go on the

outside of the project and the other on

the inside so this one says your wings

were ready our hearts were not and

that's the outside of the card and then

this one says tender thoughts and sweet

memories so sorry for the loss of your

loyal friend so I have a couple of

samples that I made and this is actually

going to be my demo for today so we're

gonna get into that but I know rainbows

are a popular theme for doing pet

sympathy cards just because you know

talk about crossing the Rainbow Bridge

that's a common sentiment when someone

loses a pet so the rainbow color combo I

decided to try it in several different

ways this top one is what I did on

watercolor cardstock with our liquid

watercolor and that's what I'm going to

show you here in just a couple of

minutes and then I did a couple of other

ones that were maybe a little bit more

in my wheelhouse I'm not a huge water

colorist but I had fun doing that one

and I

to show you guys the option but these

are simply ink blended on this one so I

ink blended using the rectangle masking

stencil and then white emboss to the

trail and the feather over the top with

the sentiment just in regular black ink

and then this one I used my mini ink

cubes to ink the feather in a rainbow of

colors and then added the paw prints in

the toffee ink coming up out of that

feather so several different ways you

can incorporate rainbow into this stamp

set the loyal friend

alright so how many how do you okay I've

got some questions here I've got an

answer how do you get envelopes for

these slimline cards they are a

number-10 business envelope so you can

usually find those at an office supply

store like staples or something like

that um let's see what other questions

did I miss some of you have said you

ordered this morning and it's already

shipped that is true our shipping team

is back working as hard as possible they

are amazing and tell you what okay I

think the only other question I missed

was someone asks about the simple strips

holder I have good news on that it's

coming so I got a ship notice which

means that it is currently on the water

and on its way to us and we will just

cross our fingers that everything goes

as expected so that we can have those

simple strips storage solution for you

guys very soon okay so I have here my

this time I brought in the mini media

map from Waffle flower the I guess I

think it was on last video we did gels

and pastes and I featured the large one

just for a little bit of extra space to

work in this is the smaller guy and I do

really like working with it as well and

I pre embossed on to watercolor card

stock this image so hopefully you can

see that when I put it towards the light

you can see that white embossing powder

on white card stock is often hard to see

if you missed my video all about heat

embossing you can check that out I think

it was a Facebook live as well so it

all of my tips and tricks for getting a

perfectly embossed image so what we're

going to do to achieve something like

this is we are going to take our

paintbrush so I'm using a flat ended

paintbrush actually I think when I did

this one I used this paintbrush which is

not a flat end so you can kind of pick

and choose it doesn't really make a huge

difference what kind of paintbrush for

this particular technique and then I

have up here two jars of water they're

both clean right now but one of them is

going to end up being my clean water and

one will be my dirty water and then I

have four different colors of liquid

watercolor so I have guava lemon

meringue blue raspberry and jelly donut

now you'll notice in my sample here that

I got lots of other colors in there I

got some beautiful green and I got some

lovely orange here so just start to

think back to when we learned color

theory and which colors are going to

mesh together so yellow and red makes

orange yellow and blue makes green so

you don't necessarily need all of the

water colors to create a look like this

you just need to know how to make them

work together and that's what I'm going

to show you here

okay will there be a layering stencil

for the cats like there was for the dogs

well it was my thought that you could

use the puppy love stencil for either

cats or dogs so it's hard to

differentiate between the two types of

pop prints I know there's slight

differences but even though it's called

puppy love I think you could definitely

still use it for cats and that was my

intention when we designed that product

okay now I'm gonna dip into my clean

water now the important part is when

you're first starting we're only going

to paint water where we want the water

color to go so it's the water color is

not gonna travel outside of the area

where we've painted water so I'm not

gonna paint water across my whole area

here I'm just gonna give it a nice back

and forth down here at the bottom and

let those edges

to determine themselves so have a little

bit of water here and just about kind of

at the bottom third of that I'm gonna

paint some clean water and it's looking

like my brush might have just a little

bit of leftover color in it because it's

not quite clear but maybe that's good

because then you guys can see it better

so I have a little bit of pooling of

water in there I'm gonna take just one

drop then of the liquid watercolor it's

pretty intense and then I'm going to

take my brush dip it in there get a

little bit of that color on and you can

see when I place it down into that water

that I painted on it's just gonna travel

nicely across with a little bit of tap

tap tapping I can make it move kind of

where I want it and let it find those

edges that I painted now there are some

pools of watercolor here and that's okay

I don't want this to dry out completely

but I do want it to

oh jeez I almost dropped my paintbrush

right on my project I do want it to dry

a little bit as I'm adding my next layer

so my tip for actually I'm gonna okay

there's my dirty water and now I'm going

to dip back into my clean water and

paint the next stripe but now my tip for

this is you don't want to paint right up

next to what you just painted because

then that color is just gonna keep

seeping up that direction so I'm gonna

start adding the yellow above where I

added the red just like this and I might

I'm kind of taking into account that I'm

also going to combine the yellow with

the blue in order to make green so I'm

painting up a little bit higher than I

did with the last stripe because part of

this stripe is going to end up turning

green so once I have that with the

yellow I'm going to grab a one drop of

the liquid watercolor stick my brush in

there and again start to see that color

moving through the water that I painted

and I'm just kind of tap-tap-tapping

and you can see how that moves now I

want that to get kind of close to each

other down here now we're gonna take

again some of our clean water and I'm

going to tap clean water between the two

areas so you can you can see those two

colors are now running together and

that's how we're gonna get our orange

color so if I can kind of mix those

together we can start seeing that orange

come out there it is that pretty kind of

coral orange color hopefully you guys

can see that on the I'll lift it up just

a little bit higher but right there

where we meshed those two colors we have

the orange kind of show it up there all

right now let's make sure I got this in

my dirty water before I move on to the

next strip I want to kind of dry this

bottom color so that it doesn't move too

much farther on it so hold please while

I do that I'm not gonna dry up here

because I do want my blue and my yellow

to make some green so I'm only gonna dry

down here kind of reduce my chances of

messing that part up

okay so it's not completely dry but it's

dry enough that it's not pooling anymore

I left some pooling up here at the top

so we can continue with the next color

will the color intensity lighten as it

dries yes it will so if you do end up

wanting a darker color all you need to

do is come back wet it again and add

more of the liquid water color to it and

that is how you will darken it you don't

just keep adding color to wet paper if

your papers wet you're not gonna get a

more intense color until it's dry and

then you can add more color from there

okay so now I'm on with the blue and

again I'm leaving a space between the

two until I'm ready for them to come

together okay so that area here that

we've created is going to mesh together

to give me some green and then we're

gonna keep it blue towards the top so

I'm gonna take my blue raspberry liquid

water color one drop of that you can see

this liquid water color goes really far

okay then just a little bit of a tap

into the color and then we can spread

that across the water that we've pulled

on to the page you can see the areas

that I embossed are resisting the color

want a little bit darker blue here a

little bit more okay and then I'll bring

start bringing that down kind of towards

the yellow and then we're gonna take our

clean water and we're gonna start

bringing those two areas together

there's where that yellow comes up and

you can start to see that beautiful

green that we're gonna get so we're

doing this whole rainbow with just four

colors of liquid watercolor now if I do

end up wanting a more intense green I

can come back with let's just say some

just a teensy bit of that yellow up here

and I can add that up here with the blue

and then you can see I get a little bit

intense green there okay and then with

liquid watercolor one of the things you

want or with watercolor in general one

of the things you want to try to avoid

is what's called or what I call found

edges so you can see on this project

that's dry now I have some nice melding

of color here in these areas up here at

the top I allowed it to get a little bit

too dry before I added my purple and so

you can really see that line of where I

stopped you can fix that I didn't want

to mess it up and I didn't think it was

horrible so I left it but if you have a

found edge like that you can fix it by

putting some clear water over the top

and hopefully drawing those two areas

together a little bit better so I'm

trying to avoid that with this

particular project so we're gonna take

our clean water then and I am going to

paint my last strip across the top now

this is the strip that we're going to

color with purple and I will caution you

that purple does not play well with

others so a lot of times you're gonna

get kind of a mud color if purple gets

mixed with too money too many other

colors here if we do this right I'm

gonna get a nice kind of darker blueish

purple color but I do want to dry some

of this up so that I can avoid getting

these pools of color here that are kind

of forming so actually now that I've

painted my water across the top I'm

actually gonna go ahead and heat just a

little bit and I'm gonna move try to

move this over just a little bit so it

doesn't look quite so intense they're

down by the red all right hold please

while I do a little bit of drying

all right I left some of that pooled

water at the top again

so that we don't have too much of a

found edge there and we can combine it

with the purple here so I've got my

purple already out on my media mat and

just take a little drip of that and we

will tap that down

purple is super intense this color so

one little tap into the color and we've

got pretty much all we need to get all

the way across I might want a little bit

of extra water in here to get some of

that dark purple out of there it's all

just about playing with it and no two

are ever gonna look the same which is a

wonderful part of watercolor it's kind

of freeing in that way all right so then

I'm gonna take like we talked about and

take some clean water and now we're

gonna move these too I got a lot there

we're gonna move these two colors

together there you can see how they're

kind of meshing we're gonna get a little

bit of a darker kind of a navy ish blue

and if I want to add just a little more

touch of purple I can do that in with

the blue you do want to avoid that water

escaping the areas so I'm trying not to

put too much water on my paper or it's

just gonna run off and create you know

I'm not very nice looking blob on the

side of my paper I want to keep it

contained within this area so I think

I'm liking how that's how that's turned

out what do you guys think okay I am

gonna stop now because sometimes you

just have to tell yourself okay be done

right okay hope said you finally found

dr. pepper with cream soda

awesome you drank it on my birthday so

nice okay I am going to heat one more

time see if we can get rid of the rest

of these pools of water

and then I'll be right back

all right so that is mostly dry I'm not

sure I would stamp on it yet I'm gonna

let it dry a little bit more but that's

good enough for our purposes for this

video I will after I forgot my paper

towels today but after this video I will

take a paper towel slightly damp on one

corner and just wipe over the top of

those embossed images to get off some of

that excess color that stained at the

top and then you can see it's gonna pop

out quite a bit better on the second

round now my first try you can see I got

a little bit darker color down here

starting with the red so I could always

go back and add more this one ended up

with a more pastel rainbow look than

this one which I then die-cut with our

stitched rectangle stack lit and then

just stamped the sentiment over the top

with the Oreo ink all right what do you


good could you dab water off with a

towel Oh Louise says you can however

when you whenever you touch your paper

like with a towel it's gonna suck up all

the color that you've put down so you'll

find if you want to get rid of color a

really good way to do that is to Pat it

with a paper towel and that's gonna pull

the color out of the that you've laid

down so that's why I didn't tap on there

or Pat this with the paper towel because

it would have taken a lot of that color

that I added out I wanted to keep the

color on the paper which is why I just

took my heat gun and and heated it to

dry in okay I make it look so easy oh

thank you Beth I was a I had to do a

practice run because like I said

watercolor isn't something that I work

with a ton I do love it and I'm sure

it's as with anything you get better

with practice but I am certainly more

comfortable with my copics and my gamsol

and my blending and inking than I am

with watercolor but I think I wanted to

show several different looks that you

can get with this one idea

using rainbow with the feather and the

pause alrighty I'm gonna turn you guys

around one more time here

ok everybody seeing me now I think a

couple things that I didn't get

mentioned at the beginning so it was my

birthday last week and I just wanted to

say a huge thank you my birthday was on

Friday and so many of you showered me

with wonderful messages on our Facebook

fan page and I got lots of nice emails

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thank you I felt very loved and I did

have a great birthday so I actually took

the afternoon off and I did a little bit

of what I wanted to do which is very

rare that I don't have a child tagging

along with me or other things to

accomplish so I went to my favorite

cupcake shop and I bought a new pair of

shoes at DSW which I am wearing today so

it was a good day

and also I have been wanting to show you

guys I'm gonna post this on our fanpage

but because I think everybody in the

world needs to see this my husband and

kids surprise me with rainbow roses so

these are like I'm talking one rose with

all the colors of the rainbow in that

one rose not like he bought me red roses

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all in one rose so I got a dozen rainbow

roses and they have been brightening my

days since since last week so anyway I

think everybody needs to have rainbow

roses in their life so if you want to

see them check out the fan page I will

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have not yet announced the winners of

the cars so last week I did glimmer

pastes and gels on Thursday and I drew

three winners I have already messaged

you so if you have an inbox message for

me in Facebook then you can respond with

your address and I will get those sent

out so I have Audrey Evers Judy brekkie

I'm sorry Judy that I don't know

I know you but I don't know how to say

your last name I don't know if it's

Breck or brekkie so Judy and Beth Smith

so those are my three winners of the

glitter paste cards and if you would

like to receive one of my pet cards

perhaps you've lost a pet recently which

I would love to send a card to you if

that's the case if not I would also love

to send a card and you can pass it on to

someone else because you know like I

said the pets are like our kids and I

know it's a sad time when you lose one

so I'd love to send a card if you have

lost a pet leave a comment that you

would love to receive one or if you

haven't that's fine too I will send you

a card and you can share the joy by

passing it along so all right let's see

one more time if I've got any more

comments since since I stopped scrolling

swirling Oh hope says she's good at

making mud with the water color well you

know we all have to be good at something

so I think that's perfect

hopefully with a little practice you can

get better and not make so much mud so I

don't think I had any more questions so

just leave your comment and if your

replay watching this feel free to leave

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today and I will see you back here on

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be talking about something else

I have a few ideas in mind so I'm not

gonna say exactly what it is until I

make the decision probably you know

Thursday morning as any good

procrastinator should so anyway thank

you guys

glad you joined me today and we'll see

you next time bye bye