How to Start a Prayer Journal - Tips, Ideas and Examples

hey everyone for those of you that don't know me my name is Samantha I'm Jason's

wife and we are from DrawForGod.com and I really wanted to talk to you guys

today about having a prayer journal I became interested in having a prayer

journal after I was watching Joyce Meyer I would watch her every morning and she

always talked about her prayer journals I kind of tossed it around but I just

was like do I really want to do all that writing and just I don't it just wasn't

in that season of my life to start one as of yet so years a few years later I

just was on my heart very strong to start writing down my prayers to write

down the names of the people that I was praying for and what I was praying for I

thought was very important so you don't have to have a specific fancy book or

anything I started off in just a plain old notebook and I would write down my

prayers for the people I was praying for I would write down my scripture that God

put on my heart for the day and I would meditate on that for a while and I just

loved having everything at my fingertips from taking it from my head down to the

book was a release for me and not only that but I just kept I could read it

over and over again and you know whether I'm telling the Lord how much I love him

and praising his name I would read it sometimes like 10 20 times or whatever I

was feeling for the day or when I'm really praying for someone with like just

fervently just really wanting to pray for someone it's right there right in

front of me and I could just put all my heart and soul into the prayer so that's

helped me tremendously having it written out in front of me so my best friend for

Christmas got me this cute little prayer journal and I absolutely loved it

it just has these little buttons that you

undo with the paper in here and it's has gold which is pretty so yeah I really

like my prayer journal so another thing I love about having a prayer journal is

that I started prophesizing scripture into our lives and what that means is

for example I take a scripture and I kind of rewrite it to where I'm speaking

God's Word into my life into our life because I'm praying for my husband my

family and everything so an example that I wrote was proverbs 12 for I said a

virtuous and worthy wife I am earnest and strong in character and I am a

crowning joy to Jason so it's just stuff like that if you want to prophesize good

health prosperity godly wisdom just whatever your heart is desiring and when

you read God's Word if it's speaking to you these are God's promises prophecies

it in your life and write it in your book and read it over and over and over

every day and believe in it and what you're writing and God will answer you

he will hear you and he will answer you I just feel like my life has been

amazing since I started journaling and to be able to go back you know

especially when I'm having a bad day to be able to go back three weeks before

and say wow look at all these prayers God has answered look at everything that

he has blessed me with and that changes you know I'm just like I am very blessed

I don't need to be having a bad day and the most amazing thing is to go back and

write fulfilled praise the Lord and then I go on like writing a page and a half

of telling God how awesome he is so it's just been fun it's been heart felt it's

just been a really really awesome journey having a prayer journal and I

feel in Jason's last video he did of on having a prayer room so I feel like

the prayer room and the prayer journal go hand in hand we you know we as humans

and God's children we really need to find a solitary place and to be alone

and to just rest in God's peace and to rest in his love and in his presence and

there is nothing like that I'm in this world that could bring you there

besides being by yourself one-on-one with the father and to write down

everything that he puts on your heart and I know that when my time comes and

the Lord takes me home I want my children to have these prayer journals

of mine so they could see how much their mama prayed for them and I'm just in awe

of the Lord it's just very exciting it's a very exciting journey and I pray that

I got you excited to start a prayer journal and to go in your prayer room

and to start writing to the Lord your love letters and your your desires and

most of all your praises so keep me updated on how you're doing if you have

an amazing story to tell about your prayer journal share it in the comments

below I would love to hear them I just want to thank you for watching and I

hope you have a very blessed day