How to write a personal profile - Workindenmark

your personal profile it's one part of

your CV that most Danish employers will

pay close attention to that's why you

should to the personal profile is

usually about five to six sentences at

the top of the CV and consists of a

short paragraph summarizing your

professional skills and personal and

social qualities your professional

skills are the most important part of

your profile when writing about them

think in terms of keywords when

searching for candidates employers will

often use these keywords to find you to

get an idea of which keywords to use

read through the job ads in work in

Denmark's job database note the key

terms employers use for the kind of job

you want and be sure to include them in

your CV if your professional skills

match what an employer is looking for

telling a little about yourself in the

last couple sentences can help your

profile really stand out most Danish

workplaces offer employees wide autonomy

and stress working in teams so tell a

little about your social qualities for

example your communication networking or

negotiation skills including your most

important personal characteristics like

being ambitious patient or creative can

also help set you apart you might for

example write as an extroverted person I

truly enjoy working in a team I'm

friendly direct and good at motivating

people think of the personal profile as

a short summary that employers often use

as a first filter it's a first

impression so spend some time to get it

just right