How to Make a QUINCEAÑERA birthday card | fifteen card

hey everyone this is anna welcome back

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it has been a long minute since i made a

video so i'm so happy to be back

today i have this card tutorial of a


celebration card so first i wanted to

tell you what a quinceanera is in case

you never heard of it

so quinceanera is a celebration of that

girl's 15th birthday it's a

huge huge deal in the latin america


and many girls celebrate it so


the color that a quinceanera would wear

was pink

but nowadays girls can get to choose

any color dress and decorations as they


like i said it's a huge deal in the


and many girls throw lavish huge parties

their parents spend thousands of dollars

in these

it's almost like a mini wedding without

a groom

so many girls celebrate it some of the


choose other options like a trip or even

a vehicle

instead of a party but regardless of how

the family and the girls celebrate

it is a huge deal for the girls and for

the families

so i had a customer who

wanted a card for her granddaughter so

this is the card that i made for her


so for this card there's really no


all i did was use this framelits called

dress up by stamping up

which are really old you guys but i have

never used before

so i thought this would be a great

opportunity to use them

so i cut the dress and this pattern

paper that i had it has some pinks and


and i also use this piece of tulle that

i had in my stash

and since i don't know how to sew

i decided to do it in a way that i know

how to do it which is just kind of

put the pleats together and use a

stapler yes you guys it worked

really great for this project so just

because you don't know how to sew

don't let this stop you you can still

figure out different ways to

do your projects so as you can see

i also use this taper to put the little

tool on top of that dress and this will

be eventually covered by

a piece of ribbon so using the stapler

didn't really matter at this point


once the tool is secured on the

cardstock i

go ahead and cut just some of the extra


so it can be the same length as a paper


and for the belt i use this pink ribbon

that i've had in my stash i bought this


when it was on sale and then you someday

will come in handy

and the day is today so i'm glad i had


and i just cut a small piece and just

created a bow and that would be the belt

for the dress

so i just make sure that it covers all


edge of the tool and then you will see

me using

a strip of glue dot

and that will affix it securely on the


and to secure the tool from the back i

decided to use a little bit of scotch


and just kind of um glue the tool to the


and then later i will use some liquid

glue as well

to make sure that the tool stays in

place and also to help it

adhere to the paper and now that the

dress is ready

i go on and work on the next piece which

is the mannequin

i decided to make it look like

dark wood on the bottom so i use vintage

photo distress ink

and i use one of these mini daubers from


i love this is a little dabbage and the

case of the cumin

and i think it looks so cute i think

it's a good contrast

of colors with the dress and then later

with the background

and now you see me adding some sided

tape to the back of the dress

i am ready to adhere the dress to the

mannequin so

i use different types of adhesive

first i apply the double sided tape

and as i mentioned earlier i also used a

liquid adhesive

i am going to use nuvo crystal glaze

which is

one of my favorite um adhesives

i use it all the time for different

purposes and in this case

it worked out really great and what i

like most about it not only it's a

strong bond but it also dries clear


and here i realized that i put a little

bit of glue

by mistake on top of the dress so i just

grabbed my adhesive remover

and it came right off if you don't have

one of these i

highly suggest that you get one for your


it comes very handy when you need it so

i will link all the supplies that i used

in the video description to make sure to

check that out

next i will be working on the card base

i am using nina 110 pound card stock

it's one of my favorites to use i love

it that it's so

sturdy and um very bright white

and it's a regular a2 size card

top fold so um

i also like to use the bone folder just

to make sure that it lays flat

i'm using these dies that i've had for a

long long time

thereby spellbinders and stabilities

and i will be cutting them in pink and


in this ivory color cardstock

and when i was putting the card together

i realized that the background

uh the white needed a little bit

something so

i decided to emboss it with this darice

embossing folder and it has some cute

little flowers so i thought

that was a nice mix of textures and they

look good all together

and since now the inside also has that


texture i cut a little piece of the

neenah cardstock

just so that the person can write their


i adhere it using the double sided tape

and now i'm ready to assemble the card

i use our glitter glue which is another

of my favorite liquid glues

and i adhere the pink die cut straight

to the

card base and then the ivory

die cut on top of the pink one for the

dress i will use some foam squares

that way it can has some dimension and

it can pop from the background



so i do not have a stamp set that says


or quinceanera or anything like that so

i decided to

print the sentiment in my computer

and um i love doing this because it

allows me to

really print whatever i want and also

make it in spanish

since my customers speak spanish so this

one says for my

granddaughter on her 15th birthday

so at first i thought i was going to use


in strips but then i thought it would

look better if i fussy cut around the


and the words so that's what i'm doing

here and then i adhere it to the card

using some of that

our glitter glue

and this was the last step to complete

the card

i hope you like the tutorial and the

project and if you

ever have to do a similar card but you

don't have

the exact stamps or sentiments remember

you can always print them out

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