How Real Estate Agents Are Using Greeting Cards

hi this is Chuck Chapman with short sale

genius and last week I sent out an

informal survey to you guys to kind of

find out how many of you guys have heard

of send out cards we were using it and

the reason I did this is because I've

always asked myself what's working my

business and what can I do better and

identified that in my business I'm not

too good at lead conversion and

follow-up and so I've been looking at

systems to do that better honestly I've

actually had a setting up cards account

for five years but I've rarely used it

I'm kind of like the third of you the

city part of it but only used it

occasionally I've not been very good of

inconsistent and so I'm term located

systems to improve my business and we

got a lot good feedback a lot of emails

from people that were sharing what's

working for them and some suggestions on

a sheriff you today a couple of the

emails and the suggestions we got from

other real estate agents and how they're

using cards and mailers to follow up

with the clients and to convert more

clients but first off there's kind of a

battle there's two agents that responded

both had said they had 40 years in their

business so there's a long time agents

very experienced and one will send a

complete opposite and then the other one

so the first one said that I only use

handwritten cards those robo cards will

never work I got a new personal touches

with my clients now that's true personal

was better than a the card that's

printed out and sent out however there

is a benefit of having a robo card as

you call it this is from book she said

if set out cards had been available when

I started in business 42 years ago I

feel that that I would have doubled or

even triple by my income during the last

42 years so he's claiming that if he

would had this service back then he

would have double or triple the income

over his lifetime of being in real

estate that's a pretty bold statement so

I want to share with you a couple of

their concerns that people had a lot of

emails and the first one said that

mailing by hand is hard for them because

they have to have good handwriting and

I'm personally him kind of like this

person my handwriting's not too good and

so I wouldn't do it very often because

of my bad handwriting another person

said that they can go to party city & 4

49 cents each they can print up with

your cards and then they can Hannah

dressed and how to write the cards and

have cost of only a dollar apiece that's

great the handwriting it definitely is

better than

the printed cards it's only about a

sixth sense difference and that the

problem that I have with that is that

I'm not very consistent with handwriting

cards and with the automated system it

goes a lot quicker a lot more often and

I don't the drive to the store to buy

that spend my time to hand write stuff

now granted i'm not going to try and

compete with some of that sending out

cards there have written with a printed

card but there's some there's some

trade-off there as far as time and also

the money that costs as far as the time

you spend another one said that that the

send out cards as well meaning but it

lacks that personal touch they prefer

handwritten again a very good point but

if you like me and that's really

consistent in doing things then good is

good enough so here's my argument if you

can do handwritten cards and you're

consistent do that that's the best way

to do it I'm not going to argue with

that but if you're not consistent like

me and you know the time or you don't

feel like you'll be consistent if you

did do it or you had an assistant do it

they might stop or forget to do it then

an automated system is better now here's

some here's some ideas that some agents

gave us of how they're using cards in

their business to generate more business

and also to cultivate relationships this

is from Melanie and walnut creek she

uses it for just less than just sold for

let's see home previews for lead

generation 2 n.o d-list referral thank

you gifts you send up cards and gifts

through send out cards for anniversaries

and birthdays so those are quite a few

different areas in which we could all

use in our business now you can do send

out cards or a different service i'm

personally i'm looking for any other

service that just works as good as that

out cards i'm not i'm not committed to

one service like that a lot of people

have any give me emails about how it's a

multi-level marketing company and how

dare i send out an email about

multi-level marketing company now I was

not trying to get people to start using

send out cards I was asking who is used

it and if you read my PS in the email i

was asking what other services you use I

mean I'm still interested in finding out

is there a better service out there

that's automated and just as inexpensive

to keep my business going because I'm

again I'm not consistent with the follow

up there we got another one from Donna


California she says up cards for thank

yous for when they just list their home

Thanksgiving and Christmas the holidays

as well then we have time in California

he uses the keller williams 8 by 8

program 8 by a test program and he also

is it for four Flyers that are converted

to a card to send up to the client they

also used it for short sales for new

listings just listed like me gets a new

listing yelled at the area no I have a

new listing it's another postcard are

the cards within a radius of that new

listing all right there pieten in

California also he sends out an e-card

when he has an upscale home for open

houses in the neighborhood and then he

also when he has a new buyer that gets

our offer accepted he'll send a picture

of the buyer in the home saying your

offers been accepted kind of a key

congratulations Valerie in California

she uses it for when she gets referral

she thinks the referrer for that

referral also thank you card just to

general thank you for her clients doing

business with her and also she has a

congratulation card she sends out when

his life events a child king is

graduating from high school or they have

in a play or or any kind of an

anniversary or birthday so she uses it

for relationship building as well now

like I mentioned before I'm always

looking for ways to improve my business

and for me lead generation is okay and

do good of that but lead conversion and

follow up is where I'm kind of weak so I

have a system basically where I'm using

set out cards where I basically go on my

phone here I can go in here and have an

appoint with the client I click on the

appointment and it sends out a card

automatically to remind them of the

appointment what to bring and let's say

I meet with a client and they don't list

right away either because they're

looking at doing the low modification

still or they're not quite ready to

short sale but maybe in a couple months

once the Nov is filed then I put them

one of these campaigns here and I

automatically start to follow up with

them and send them out cards so that

they get a card that's kind of pushing

them along to making a decision to come

work with me so since I'm not good at it

myself I know my staff's not perfect and

they may forget to stay out the cards

when they're supposed to this is an

automated system that i use now through

send out cards to make sure that the

cards go out consistently and i have a

campaign already pre written and i just

do a couple clicks on

phone and it's done along with that I

also have it connected to an email

system so I'm sending out emails and

cards to the client to convert them to a

listing later on down the road if

they're not ready right now now for us

and real estate that's probably where

most of our money can be found is in our

current leads that were not converting

now if you're not converting them but

they need to sell then someone else is

going to convert that leave so if we're

not following up with people who are not

ready today we're losing money and we

kind of relate this to a tree if you

have a tree new yard has fruit on it

some of the fruit is right now and some

will be ripe in a month or so but if you

just check once and you never come back

to that tree a lot of fruits going to

follow the ground and rock you're not

going to make money off your clients by

helping them providing a good service if

you're not consistently in front of them

because they'll find someone else

because you just talked to him once and

then you didn't follow up with them

again so for me and for you in this

business a real estate lead conversion

and falls is very important so that's

why I want to get this conversation

started about what do you do in your

business how do you use cards to follow

up or convert your business your clients

to do listings so down below you go

ahead and comment and share with us what

you're doing to convert more of your

listings by following up with your

clients what other systems are using if

there's something better than send out

cards I'd like to hear about I'm always

looking for better ways to interact with

my customers and convert my prospects

into clients so go ahead and comment

down below share any any ways of using

cards anyways you have a follow up

system that works better or if you're

using some other service that's like

send out cards and preferably not

attached to a multi-level marketing

company please share with us I love to

find out what else is out there that can

provide a better service for me to

better follow up with my clients thanks

again for watching the video and also

remember to comment below and share any

ideas you have to help us out as fellow

agents to work with our clients to

convert more of our list leads into