Student reflection samples based on standards

so I'm gonna be talking about today

teaching students to reflect on personal

learning imagine students can articulate

their own needs based on their knowledge

of how they learn think about the level

of differentiating instruction we would

be able to provide if students could

tell us exactly how they're meeting

standards based on evidence that they're

learning or things that they could use

help with so in an effort to show you

how I use reflections in my class and

how really useful they can be I wanted

to show you a few examples of student

reflections and point out specifically

areas that show what I'm talking about

so I always teach students that the

first thing they should do is kind of

talk about what the project was about

they should talk about exactly how they

approached it they should talk about

challenges they faced and then they

should talk about specifically what they

learned based on the the process and the

standards so in this particular

reflection which was based on a group

project that was done as a skit the

student writes upon receiving this

assignment I internally groans I hate

writing scripts and I do not enjoy

acting for class related purposes she

goes on to talk about how the group

works together to kind of come up with

their idea in this middle section and

they talk about developing the script as

a group and then even though she was

sick which I thought was particularly

awesome she Skyped in to be a part of

what was going on in the group

assignment the the real meat of what's

going on though isn't just the process

it's when we get to this end part here

where it says I fulfilled several

standards throughout the process of

doing the project one of them was the

Common Core standard used technology

including the Internet to produce and

publish writing to interact and

collaborate with others and we talked

about using Google Docs and you know

really using it to discuss and

strengthen writing as she suggests

slower here and in addition to that

analyze how am i individual events and I

develop and interact over the course of

attacks so for this particular

assignment she was able to definitely

meet or exceed some standards that we

had discussed in class and so you might

be asking yourself now is how does she

know about the standards we actually do

spend quite a lot of time in class

having students break them down go go

over what they actually are and how they

function another reflection that you can

see here is just how this one particular

student talks about the challenges they

faced and how facing those challenges

specifically helped him through the

assignment or through helped her through

the assignment it was very challenging

and attested several of her abilities

she talks about having challenges with

starting essays she says I believe I

achieved this standard for allocating

research because we went to the Queen's

College Library and she was able to

learn specifically how to develop the

information that she needed for textual

evidence her biggest accomplishment she

said was to consider who was being

written about because of the thesis she

developed and over here one of the most

useful ones she says is the peer editing

which works with the constructive

criticism I think that this is another

really good example of a student

discussing the learning over the course

of a written assignment lastly we have a

student here reflecting about a poetry

analysis of paper and specifically in

the beginning here he talks about what

the assignments asked him to do and this

is where I like most students to start

so he said I approached this paper as

something fun I was allowed to choose

the poet that I was working with in

which poem I was going to use and and

then begin to do the analysis and then

he talks about analyzing the poem

rereading taking notes so we get a

really good step-by-step process of how

he's able to be

successful and then he talked about the

challenges of the writing process

drafting and editing one standard he

also talked about is purpose goals and

audience which we talked about a lot

with the complexity of diction because

of the audience that's something he

specifically met I'm sure something

you've noticed in all three of these

examples is they make specific

references to the standards and I kind

of liken it to the idea that students

should be writing these papers like

argument papers not only are they

reflecting but they're using evidence

from their own work to show that they've

met these standards it's not enough to

say I met this standard because I was

able to do it we want to see actual

evidence from the text and over the

years I've actually been able to get

students to write even more specifically

citing evidence from their own texts

anyway I hope you found this useful and

you were able to maybe see what student

reflections could bring to the classroom

honestly I see these I read them first

before I look at the student assignments

because I'm really eager to see the

challenges they had what what they felt

they did well what they felt they could

use help on and then I have the

opportunity to adjust how I teach them

based on that if you have questions let

me know