Memorial and Funeral Prayer Cards

prayer cards are often admired at a

funeral service and then taken home in

remembrance of a loved one the prayer

card template creates eight cards per

sheet with room for a picture and

personal information on the front and a

scripture or tribute on the back you'll

see one-inch margins on the front and

the back necessary for printing to

change the title click in the text box

and type your desired text to add a

picture click on highlight and delete

the text in the photo box select the box

by clicking its border then right-click

or command click on a Mac and choose

format auto shape then colors and lines

go to fill effects and find the picture

tab click picture and then choose the

select picture option choose your

desired picture from your computer hit

insert then ok and ok again to place the

same photo on other prayer cards either

follow these same steps or select the

already placed picture by clicking on

its border then hit control C or command

C on a Mac to copy it select and delete

the photo box placeholder on the next

prayer card hit control V or command V

on a Mac to paste a copy of your picture

then drag that picture to where you want

on the next card to replace the prayer

on the back simply highlight the text

and replace it with your chosen words

you will print your prayer cards front

and back if you will be printing your

cards on perforated paper make sure you

place your paper in the printer

so the tab is at the bottom of the paper

tray the right blank margin will then

become that tab if you are using a

single sided printer make sure you put

your paper back into the printer blank

side down still leading with the margin


if you are using plain paper it's easy

to cut your prayer cards apart simply

staying in the middle of the white space

remember laminating can turn them into

an even more durable keepsake