How to write a CV profile [or personal statement] and get noticed

hello and welcome to the standout CV

YouTube channel in this video I'm going

to teach you how to write an effective

profile for your CV so the profile is

the introductory paragraph that sits at

the very top of the CV and its aim is to

hook recruiters attention when they

first open up the CV and make sure they

stick around to read the rest of it

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to kick this video off I just wanted to

demonstrate to you why the profile of

the top of your CV is so important to

the success of your job applications and

I'm going to do this by putting you in

the shoes of a recruiter so you can see

things from their perspective so this is

a typical recruiters inbox as you can

see it's full of applications from

candidates just like you and this is

typically where your CV will end up when

you apply for a job for a job website so

imagine this is your application here at

the top once the recruiter has opened

that if you've written a good enough

cover letter they'll then go on to open

up the CV and this is what they were

seeing they'll see this part of the CV

here which are that's called the top

quarter so it's basically the part of

the document that is visible without the

reader having to scroll down like this

so unless the recruiter actively decides

to scroll down the page then all of this

is not seen this this is the only bit

that you can see now from my experience

of working in recruitment I can tell you

that if a recruiter opens up your CV and

they don't see some of the key things

that they've been briefed to look for so

things like specific skills knowledge

qualifications etc in this top quarter

here then they might just close the CV

straight down without even scrolling

down to this part and then they'll just

close down the CV and go back to their

inbox it's full of lots of other

applicants so they can choose from and

if this better if they're pushed for

time and their inbox looks like this

which is pretty normal for most

recruiters and if that happens you're

just going to waste lots of applications

and you're not going to get many calls

so for this reason it's so so important

that you get this CV profile right and

you grab people's attention with it so

they stick around to read the rest of it

now that you know why it's so important

how do you actually go about writing a

CV profile that's gonna hold people's

attention get them a bit excited about

you and commit to reading the rest of

your CV well here are a few simple


stick to firstly keep it brief it's just

meant to be an introduction so only

needs to be a few lines long if you

drone on forever here you're gonna lose

people straight away secondly keep it

high level you just want to give an

overall summary of your experience and

knowledge here so save these specific

details of job duties and achievements

for later on in your actual work

experience section number three is to

tailor it to the job you're applying for

this is the most important things to

remember you need to fill this profile

with the things that your target

employers want to see or you're not

going to get noticed so spend some time

researching the jobs you plan to apply

for make a list of the skills they're

looking for and make sure you get them

all into this profile then before is

don't use cliche terms don't fill the CV

with meaningless phrases like

hard-working team player or strong

communicator these terms are overused

and they don't actually tell people

anything factual about you if you take a

look at this cliche base-2 profile for

an example and you know a high achieving

professional of a strong work ethic bla

bla bla now that's really great but it

doesn't tell us at all what this person

does you know is he a doctor is he an

accountant a graduate there's no way of

knowing so avoid that at all costs and

keep those terms to a minimum or out of

your profile all together the fifth

point is to sell yourself don't be

afraid to brag a bit you know talk about

your highest level of accomplishments

and pick yourself up with some big

positive terms you know it's no time to

be modest here when you're trying to

sell yourself to employers so what type

of information should you put into your

profile to make sure that you're getting

people interested in you when they open

up the CV well the contents of your

profile will obviously differ depending

on your profession and the types of jobs

you're applying for but generally

speaking you should be giving people a

high-level overview of your skills

knowledge and experience so this is a

good generic CV profile example that I'm

going to use to explain how this works

in practice if you want to see some

different examples of CV profiles after

I've run through this I've put together

a big list of 17 CV profiles from lots

of different industries into one of my

blog posts and I've put a link to it in

the description below this video so

anyway here are some of the ideal things

that you need to include in your profile

the types of companies you've worked for

so have you worked for investment banks

retail stores local governments you know

let people know where you've had the

exposure people you support so who do

you work for who does your work benefit

this could be internal people like your

line managers or external people like

customers important role specific skills

so these are skills are really crucial

to the jobs you're applying for so for

example if you're going for sales jobs

you need to be talking about lead

generation upselling cross-selling but

if you work in IT support then you're

gonna need to be talking about

troubleshooting diagnosis performing

upgrades and things like that relevant

qualifications if their qualifications

are important the job you're applying

for then make sure you include them here

now our qualifications aren't important

in some jobs but certainly if you're

applying to any regulated professions

like law or finance or anything medical

that you need to mention them in your

profile system knowledge if you know how

to use popular IT systems software

packages databases or planning tools etc

and you know that your target employers

value them then get them into the

profile and make them seen the benefits

you deliver so what does your work

actually achieve for employers how do

you help them you know do you save them

time do you increase their profits this

is really important to get across

because you need to show people what

they're gonna get in return if they hire

you now that's my an exhaustive list of

everything that will ever go into

everyone's CV profile by it's certainly

a good base to work from and you just

need to adapt and tailor it to your

situation and the requirements of your

target employers so I feel that's giving

you a good steer on how to write your

own CV profile and don't forget to visit

the standard CV website if you want to

see some more good examples of CV

profiles I put a link to that page in

the description so that brings me to the

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