Favourite Fonts for scrapbooking || Quick & Easy Handlettering

hello guys and welcome back for another

video so a couple weeks ago I did a

video on how I do my scrapbook and in

that video I showed a clip of me doing

some calligraphy and a lot of you guys

for asking me if I could do a video on

the different types of handwriting I use

for my scrapbook and basically just to

share some of the fonts that I use so

I'm going to leave all the utensils that

I use like the pens and the pencils and

the websites all down below so make sure

you go check them out so basically in

the video where I wrote Lake Como and

Milan I used this pen this is the pen

tool brush pen inside all of my birthday

cards and Christmas cards I tend to

write happy birthday or happy Christmas

with this pen just because it makes it

look just a little bit more special than

normal so for this I'm doing a basic

outline with a pencil or what I might do

just to make sure that it's symmetrical

I can always rub out with the rubber on

the other end if you want to be super

precise then you can always use a ruler

to draw a line down here and a line up

here so that you know that you're

writing straight but to be honest a

little bit of wonkiness just makes it

seem or more natural now the tip with

this pen is basically when you do it you

do thick strokes down and then thin

strokes on the way up if I was to write

font normally it would be like this is

going up this is coming down up up down

so once all the thick stuff is done and

I've done all the hard pressing down I

can then go over and do the light stuff

by pressing really gently and getting a

nice precise neat line so now I've done

that I'm just gonna rub out my pencil

drawing to make it look more sharp for

the super precise stuff I'm actually

going to be using my stapler pigment

liners and I'm going to be using the

thinnest one possible which is the

naught point naught 5 and that is gonna

get rid of any of the wobbles here

something I used to do was to write out

the alphabet in each font so I knew how

an a would lurk and F would look and n

would look at e would look and then I

could just compare and make sure that

everything looks nice and synchronized a

website that I do use quite a lot is des

font so here it would show me how my

caves my Elle's my ends

Oh PQ's should look and I would just

copy them out and then practice them if

necessary before I do something

important and they have it in lower case

as well as upper case you can actually

custom preview the word that you want so

for example if I was to type in fonts

this is how they would suggest I write

it like that

my favorite theme on diff'ent is

definitely the handwritten font that

tends to be the design I'm going for in

my diary so it all starts off in boring

capitals and then what I do is I

basically add an extra line to each long

line like this with fonts that are in

capitals and that do use straight lines

it is probably better to use a ruler out

of this dataset I'm now going to go in

with the naught point 3 pigment liner

now that's done I can just rub out the

pencil like before if you're in a rush

or you want to keep it nice and

minimalistic then sometimes I leave it

like that or I might fill it in with a

fine liner if you add that it just gives

it something a little bit more special a

fault like this I tend to use for my

days of the week so Saturday Sunday

Monday Tuesday I will tend to write it

in that kind of fun when writing about

my day I sometimes use that font just to

highlight any keywords in the paragraphs

that I'm writing to make them stand out

however this phone is one I use for my

titles I'm going to show you how easy it

is to do these banners cuz I thought

that they would take ages but actually I

tend to do them freehand I'm only doing

it with a ruler because I'm trying to

make it super straight and impressive

and I'll go over that with a black pen

using my not point eight from the

stateless there once you've made your

flag go just then gonna go in and do

some lines on it these pens I have had

since I was in year 7 so it's like nine

years or something crazy and therefore

they are running out with that color and

then just gonna basically create a

shadow with it

so in here as you can see the light gray

tends to work the best the dark green

you can't see at all and the dark blue

kind of hides the bold caps look in

between it so that's why I tend to go

with lighter colors then I will go in

with my point one hem so for the finer

font something that I've done is I've

made the midpoint of all of these

letters just above halfway so rather

than the a being crossed in the center

and the P coming down to the center and

the B being the center and the K coming

from the center I've kind of shifted it

up more so now I've done that I'm just

gonna go over it with my thinnest pen

it's a nice form when you don't have

much space left in your book and you're

trying to cram words in but make it look

neat and tidy at the same time a lot of

these fonts just kind of happened by

accident so by making a mistake and then

realizing actually that looks quite nice

so it doesn't matter if you try these

and it doesn't turn out quite like it if

you just kind of keep all the letters

the same and so they have a similar look

or feel and the page will just come

together and the continuity will just

make it look nice I'm now going to go

over the downward strokes with a naught

point 5 now using the naught point

naught 5 I'm just going to go around the

edge of the letter and then do a dot


it gives the word some extra detail and

just makes it look a little bit more

special then if you want to add some

color to it I might just go over the

dots and that's it these are the main

fronts that I like to use when I

scrapbook of course I have about 20-30

more fonts that I use whether if you'd

like another video where I show you more

of my hand lettering fonts then please

give the video a thumbs up and comment

that down below just so I know I hope

you found the video helpful and if you

try out any of the fonts make sure to

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next week have a lovely day

bye bye