How to Write Killer Instagram Shoutout Captions (Live Example)

today I'm gonna tell you how to write

absolutely killer Instagram influencer

Post captions let's get into it yeah hey

guys this is Zach from e-commerce

success secrets and today I'm gonna do

exactly as I just said ten seconds ago

tell you how to write absolutely killer

high converting best descriptions you

can possibly write for intz influencer

posts captions ever right so yeah I

don't think I could hype it up anymore

than that

but there's a very simple formula that

you kind of have to follow few certain

points you want to check off and a few

things you want to take into

consideration so this is a very

important video if you want to get into

influencer posts and I highly recommend

you stick all the way through because

it's gonna be filled with information

and I'm gonna write out a sample that I

feel is very high converting and how I

might even run it in the future so let's

get into it

so I'm gonna try and keep myself in

frame this is always so awkward because

I like want to lean down and kind of

look at my computer I guess it keeps the

posture good but here we are I'm gonna

go ahead and up here I'm going to link

to a previous video that I did about

actually creating influencer posts not

the captions themselves but the actual

post because right here I have a picture

of the posts that I made and in this

video I go through the entire thought

process behind it and everything I feel

like it's a really good video so

definitely go check that out if you're

interested but what I'm gonna be doing

is I'm gonna be using this post as an

example and I'm also going to be showing

it on the page that I talked about in

that video

for instance this page is dog dimension

right so I'm just saying I'm a dog

jewelry store I so customizable dog

jewelry I found this page it has a very

good amount of followers the engagement

is actually pretty good it's around like

5% sometimes more than that and

additionally something I found really

interesting that I just wanted to point

out really quick is they have some ads

running on their page and I'm going this

is actually it drives home the point

that I talked about in my previous video

about why you need to structure your

posts this certain way okay so we go

here you can see on their posts they get

two thousand three thousand two thousand

three thousand sometimes up to five

thousand likes per picture but on these

influencer posts look at this this was

posted a day ago it got a hundred and

thirty two likes okay this is an

absolutely terrible post I'm gonna

explain why

additionally here this was uploaded

thirty seven minutes ago but only is

eighty five views oh my god oh this is


oh this is terrible Wow don't do that

and then here look at this this is also

an ad but it has eight hundred and

seventy four likes and the reason why

they did so well compared to the other

two is because they actually put effort

into the post they have a adorable oh my

God look at the picture of this pug

adorable picture of a dog and posted it

on the page so look I actually would

have thought just kind of scrolling

through that this it wasn't an ad I

would have think this is an actual post

that they posted but it's not it's an

advertisement and you can see the

benefits of doing that compared to just

posting something absolutely terrible

like this but yeah what I'm gonna be

talking about is not so much the post

design but the actual description right

here and this actually is a pretty

terrible description it's kind of

engagement baiting which is totally fine

on Instagram but yeah it's really not

that good really we look through all of

these perfecting your canines wardrobe

checkout blah blah blah now that's I

mean it's got the general structure it's

really not laid out that well and this

one just absolutely looks terrible so

really there's a few things that you

really want to focus on when you're

creating an ad right the biggest thing

that I notice is that people structure

ads like ads and I talked about this

might just go watch the other video

honestly I'm going to keep referencing

it in that video I said you want to make

your advertisement look as little like

an ad as possible so you want to fit it

to the format of the

that you're putting it on you don't want

it to look spammy you want it to just

blend in look kind of seamless so people

aren't like oh and add like oh that's

kind of eye catching like this post

right here they're like oh that's an

adorable pug the brand that goes along

with it my salsa like dogs blah blah

blah whatever right so you also want to

have this with the descriptions when you

post on a influencer page you want your

post to as I just said blend in and what

also that means is you want to have

captions this page just says captionists

on every single thing you want the

captions to be pretty similar you want

to have that same style of voice right

and this works really really well for

like personal instagrams like if there's

a model and you do an influencer post

through her this works even better

because it's like her talking and you

could even sometimes say hey just write

the description in the way that you know

converts best and it sounds like you but

what we're going to be doing today is

I'm going to be writing out a caption

for this product this ad right here for

the customizable dog necklace on this

page okay obviously I wouldn't post it

now because three ads in a row that's

actually a horrible business practice

for everyone involved but here we go so

we're gonna go ahead and go back to this

right so this is an Instagram obviously

this is word but it's just so you can

see you know what's going on so like I

said this is a customizable dog necklace

what they do

customers can do is take a picture of

their dog and boom put it in the

necklace hypothetical doesn't actually

exist I just made this for the ad right

but this is the ad that we'll be showing

on the page and I want a good caption to

go along with it now I already have a

good description of the product right

here where your dog's face wherever you

go right and then it shows says what the

product does it gives a very good

description so I don't have to say too

much about it because you don't want a

very long description you want three

four sentences max because people aren't

gonna sit there and read an entire

paragraph so what we're gonna do is like

I said you need to think about the tone

of voice that the account uses so I

actually have one written out right here

that I'm gonna go

through point-by-point so I don't have

to like think of one off the top of my

head I want just a really good

description for you so first of all you

kind of want something that makes the ad

very relatable right so what I'm doing

here is the page is a dog page the

people that follow and follow it our

fans of dogs write very very simple

you're gonna get that simplicity through

a majority of pages and niches that you

do right there's a very simple

connection so what I'm gonna say first

is kind of bringing them down to the

customers level and having them see

eye-to-eye so what I'm gonna say is

looking at our page it's obvious that we

love dogs and if you're following us you

probably love them too right so it's

like hey we are dog lovers it humanizes

the account we are dog lovers we love

dogs and if you're following I can tell

that you love dogs too so as I said gets

very personal with the followers okay so

we're gonna go to a new line and that's

why I'll explain as I go along we're

excited to tell you about our friends

over at dog jewelry Co and that's just

the fake company that I made up now this

is very important that's why we're

excited so it's not like hey they paid

us to say this obviously that's gonna

come across no matter what because

advertisements but this makes it seem as

little as an advertisement as possible

that's why we are excited we're excited

like hey look at this this is awesome

to tell you about our friends so it's

like you're on a very personal level

over at dog jewelry Co okay so there's

that camaraderie there between brands

it's kind of that personal level that

you get with the Wendy's Twitter right

like you can tell that there's a person

behind it obviously it's a marketing

firm but it feels like there's a person

behind it and it reads a lot better than

go check out dog jewelry Co great items

low prices

right it's that's terrible it reads like

an ad nobody wants to hear that

so this humanizes it gets very personal

next line

let me just scroll down a little bit

today and then we're going to talk about

the product here because we don't want

to wait too long to get into it

so they have oops let me type English

they have these adorable customizable

necklaces where they put your doggy

friend right inside inside so that you

can show them off all day okay very

simple description of the product

obviously the picture describes the

product in itself but that these

customizable necklaces adorable talk it

up a little bit make it feel more

personable where they put your doggy

friend your doggy friend it's like

you're talking directly to the customer

right inside so that you can show them

off all day so if a cup of a follower

has a dog and they love it and they can

relate to this because of the fact that

it's like hey your doggy friend they're

like oh that's right I do have a doggy

friend all the photos right here how did

you know you can show them off all day I

love him I yeah I'd want to wear him

around my neck awesome

all right what's the next step and then

here's where we get into the killer the

closer it's not really that killer but

it ends things out so check out the link

in our bio always make sure you get a

bio link in your shout outs it's a lot

easier or there and then we're just

gonna go ahead and tag the account bio

and get 30% off your necklace order with

the special code and then the account is

dog dimension so we're gonna go ahead

and give the code the name dog dimension

and the reason why this line works so

well is check out the link in our bio or

their bio okay so we give them few

choices to check it out you know we want

to make it very easy and it's just a

link so they don't actually have to type


URL they just click and get right to the

page and get 30% off your necklace order

okay this is the killer you always want

to have some type of incentive you

always want the customer to feel

important and kind of exclusive

especially when you make the special

code dog dimension or the name of the

page or something related to the page

they're like oh wow this is an exclusive

code only for this page I'm get not

getting 30% off any other way I need to

get in on this I like the idea of this

I'm getting a once-in-a-lifetime

discount opportunity I need to take that

and then a lot of the time people will

and this is the way that you're gonna

get the most conversions and the highest

conversion rate and the biggest bang for

your buck so once again we're just gonna

go through so we'd post this boom right

on the page of dog dimension fits right

in the picture first of all nice little

description shows what the product is we

say looking at our page it's obvious

that we love dogs and if you're

following us you probably love them too

once again humanizes the page gets on

that personal level with customers

that's why we're excited to tell you

about our friends over at dog jewelry Co

doesn't seem too much like companies

promoting each other it seems more just

like friends kind of like there's people

behind the brands that are talking about

one another this and I mean this takes

it to the whole other level if you're

not doing this you are absolutely

failing at shoutouts they have these

adorable customizable necklaces where

they put your doggy friend right inside

so that you can show them off all day

you want to show the value of the

product you want to make it seem like

you're not trying to sell it to them but

you also want to like I said show the

value and additionally just tell a

little bit more about the product but

you want to make it very succinct and

just kind of pique their interest so

they can be like oh that's very

interesting I might like that let me

check out the link in the bio and then

obviously that's we're gonna do most of

your selling is in the product

descriptions and then check out the link

in our bio or their bio and get 30% off

your necklace order with the special

code dog dimension special code just

really incentivizes people to go because

they feel special like oh wow I'm

getting this discount code nobody else

is getting great I'm gonna go redeem

that so guys this was a really long

video if you stuck through

awesome good for you because this is

probably one of the most valuable videos

I can possibly make for you if you do

want to do Instagram shoutouts I really

hope you enjoyed and I really hope you

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