hello friends and welcome back once

again to tarot for sobriety

i am the sunlight oracle i'm an artist

and a healer based in los

angeles and i'm also a recovering addict

which is why i made this series

which is educational informational it

combines tarot in the 12-step program

so please just take whatever is relevant

and leave the rest

okay today we're gonna jump into step


if you have not watched the prior six

videos now

steps one through seven please do that

otherwise step eight might not make a

total lot of sense but if you're here a

la carte welcome

let's jump right into step eight so step

eight is

made a list of all persons we had harmed

and became willing to make amends to

them all

again let's pull up step four the

searching in fearless moral inventory

and see what was going on there now

we've looked at resentments fears

we've looked at qualities that we

possessed now

we need to identify the persons that we

harmed i'm sure they came up

whether in the resentments in the fears


there are some things that addicts we've


to others and we've been carrying those

around and stewing in them for way too


it is actually what fuels the addiction

the second part of the step

after you start making the list of

people is that you have to be willing to

make amends to them all

not excluding your ex not excluding your


or your dad or your sister you have to

be willing

to make amends to them all some


are a lot harder and stronger than

others and if you're really struggling

to meet this person where they're at

sometimes in some cases

it's okay to recognize that the other

party the other person is

spiritually sick which is what we are as


before we kind of find our own way in

our own recovery journey

so if you can look at that person

through an empathic lens

wish them the best hope for the best for

them in finding their way and their

journey in their own

recovery whether that's emotional or

from substance abuse

then you've done all that you can do and

we can move on to step nine

but first let's look at the cards and

see what they have to say regarding step


special messages for those of you

working step eight

let's jump in all right folks while

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today regarding step eight

because it's about making a list of


in your past that you might need to

apologize to we're going to do a three

card throw that looks at your past

present and future

go ahead and start that

great and before we jump into this with

the thoth

we're going to go ahead and also pull a


from the sunlight oracle deck i'm the

sunlight oracle

adrenaline perfect

okay i want to start with the adrenaline

the sunlight oracle deck that i designed

oh can you see this so

this step is the first step where we

really have to start

thinking about taking our recovery out


our safe space here if you see the ten

of cups to me this

is community this is where you currently


um you are filling your cup to fill

others other people

have filled their cups to fill yours you

know what i mean especially if you're in

any kind of support group

or perhaps you just have an extremely

understanding group of friends

or perhaps you even just have a few

friends but either way

i'm getting that you are in a group

setting of some kind

feeling supported and then this

adrenaline comes in and it's because

you're thinking about how you have to

leave the walls of this community

and take it outside of the safe space


you have to take it out into the world

and back into your past which is always

sort of not always but often a sort of

haunting place for so many of us

especially addicts right

perhaps you're feeling you know the hair

on the back of your neck stand up or you

get that like rush

or that flush that the blood rushing to

your face when you think about

the things that you've done in the past

and whom you have harmed

it just comes as no surprise to me that

adrenaline is associated with

this step but

in the past i'm proud of you you have

made it to step eight

this card the night of discs here in

your past indicates to me

that you have done tremendous healing

almost to the point where you're opening


yourself to almost like um emit

sort of healing vibes to start you know

maybe you're seeing

or experiencing people who are new to

sobriety who are on step one

who are you know maybe not even in the

program or not even doing the 12 steps

but they start to see what you have and

how you're changing people pick up on


and you become a magnet sort of for

implementing change for others i just i

mean i get this

really self-assured healing

activity that's happening in your very

recent past it's also

perhaps to the point where you're like

i think the idea is you get in this


come step eight you've been emotionally


right but you're getting more

comfortable in your own skin with who

you are and as a result

you um sort of know it's time now to


pushing it's not it is scary again

because we're

involving other folks here or we're

about to in step nine and we're thinking

about it in step eight

making a list of them maybe feeling

embarrassed about it

but you've laid such great foundation by


part in the other steps thus far okay

and again lean into your community now

a lot of folks who are in recovery have

done step 8 before

don't be afraid to ask them about it

don't be afraid to leave me a comment

below if you want to know anything about


and then we're going to move into the

future which is the magus

the magus is an excellent communicator

it's ruled by mercury

and the tagline for the magus is always

you have everything you need so

i don't know who needs to hear this but

given all these new skills that you've


these new communication techniques even

if you haven't used them yet

again in early sobriety it's a whirlwind

and we're just trying to take in all the

information that we can just know you're

getting to the point in your recovery

where it's going to be time to kind of

spin it back to throw it back into the


you've absorbed so much great energy and

information from people and i hope even

from these videos

that now you're really getting ready to

put yourself out there

to really start to reintroduce yourself

and triggers

especially by identifying and making a

list of people in the past whom

you have harmed you know what i mean

even just by making a list of that it's

telling me that again you've done


you have strength you have support and

moving forward despite the adrenaline

despite the the potential embarrassment


you have everything you need this is

great reading i'm so excited

i i feel like i'm on this part of your

recovery journey with you

it's not been easy and i really don't

want to glamorize any aspect of recovery

but know that like at its root the base

the the foundation of your recovery is


and some of those symptoms right and

some of those um

i don't know almost like leaves on a

tree is what i'm getting like

sometimes those aren't so pretty but the

foundation the roots

are great i'm really proud of you thanks

for still being here thanks for checking

this out and

i know it's pretty niche and pretty

weird sometimes but

you're you're right on track and you're

right where you're supposed to be and

i'll see you next time for step nine