EASY St Patricks Day Cards Part 1 Watercolor cards for beginners

welcome to another watercolor Wednesday

everybody today we're getting in the st.

Patrick's Day spirit and we are painting

two different st. Patrick's Day cards

that you can give to your friends and

family if you celebrate the holiday so

for this first card you're gonna start

off by just taping the center of the

card because that's where we're going to

write our st. Patrick's Day greeting and

you're just going to create a bunch of

these clovers using various shades of

green so here you can see a close-up

real-time version of exactly what I'm

doing you're applying three or four

pigmented dots to wherever you want the

center of your clover to be and then

you're clearing your brush so that

there's just a little bit of water on

the brush and dragging the dot out to

create basically the leaves of your

clovers or flowers however you want to

interpret this design

here you can see me just doing or

showing you another example using a

slightly different color of green and

you want to paint these flowers so that

they are sort of on on different levels

or heights and you want to paint them in

a circular shape so that when you do

peel the tape off it sort of looks like

a perfect round circle of these clovers

and it just adds symmetry to the card I

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me grow my channel and create even more

tutorials and videos for you all you can

add even more detail by flicking some

green dots onto your card and later on I

even added some black details in the

center of the clovers little petals and

lines just to add complexity to the card

and once you've peeled the tape off you

can also add your holiday greeting so I

chose the the classic happy st.

Patrick's Day

and I first used pencil to make sure

that I had enough room on the card for

all the letters to fit

and that's all for the first card so for

the second card we're going for a bit of

a simple look and if you've seen any of

my Christmas cards or my valentine

Valentine's Day cards we created a very

similar look and I just think it's

classic it's pretty and it's really

really easy so again you're going to use

different shades or colors of green and

create nine identical rectangles across

your piece of paper you can even pencil

the shapes in beforehand like I did to

make sure that they're all centered and

once they have completely dried you're

going to take a black permanent marker

or fine tip pen and just draw on

whatever designs you would like in the

rectangles so on three of the squares

diagonally I wrote Saint Patrick's Day

and then on the others I just did some

random doodles and that's it for that

card so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

today everybody if you did don't forget

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you have a wonderful day