How To Write A Resume Summary - Sample Resume Template

are you wondering how to write a resume

summary that quickly grabs the attention

of a hiring official do you want a

resume summary that stands out from all

the other candidates

if so tune in because in this video

you'll learn three simple tips to help

you write a powerful resume summary that

shows your greatest accomplishments and

properly sells yourself and as always if

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every week the summary section on your

resume is one of the most important

parts on your resume it's the section

that appears right below your name and

contact information and if you don't get

this section right chances are you'll

never be invited to an interview now if

you haven't written a resume in a really

long time you might be thinking is the

summary section the same as an objective

statement and I'm here to tell you my

friend the objective statement is old

news it's a thing of the past

so rather than telling the employer what

you want out of a position you're going

to tell them how you can help them solve

their biggest problems you might have

heard a resume summary called a

professional profile a career summary or

even a professional summary either way

follow these three tips to help you

write a stand out summary tip number one

begin your summary with a professional

title the main goal of a resume summary

is to quickly grab the attention of a

hiring manager after all they're sifting

through hundreds of resumes a day so to

make their job easier

start your summary with a professional

title this could be a title that you

currently hold or a title that you're

eager to hold an example of this would

be proactive sales and marketing manager

or proactive client focused

temir relationship manager you'll notice

in these examples we've added action

verbs in front of the title for added

impact some other common action verbs

could be reliable resourceful energetic

just to name a few

tip number two is to explain your

greatest accomplishments with your title

and place you now want to explain in two

to three sentences what you can do for a

company this is your chance to explain

your key skills and your key outcomes

and demonstrate how your background and

your experience will help the company

solve a particular problem mention the

number of years you've worked in a

specific position or industry and what

your greatest accomplishment has been in

that area for example you could say

something like over five years of

experience resolving customer complaints

and promoting conflict resolution if you

need help creating the other sections of

your resume I have you covered I created

a video where you'll learn five steps to

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next job tip number three conclude with

your expertise in the final sentence of

your resume summary you want to discuss

your specialty and what makes you an

expert so out of all the other resumes

that the hiring official is looking at

what makes you unique and special what

key skills can you bring to the table

that perhaps someone else can't here's

an example expertise in client services

account management and relationship

building and as a bonus tip you want to

make sure you're using key words and

keyword phrases in your resume summary

for example if the job posting lists

multiple times that they need someone

with presentation skills or someone that

can handle slide decks you want to make

sure you mention that in your summary

and to help you with the formatting of

your resume take a look at the video

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