Letters of Support and Affidavits of Support for Immigration

in this episode of emigrate I am going

to show you everything you need to know

about getting letters of support from

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welcome to emigrate my name is dimon de

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immigration journey today I'm going to

be covering something that should help

you with your applications this channel

is all about helping you di wires out

there with your immigration applications

DIY is kind of this blasphemous term and

immigration lawyer circles because so

many things can go wrong and they do but

I also understand that people DIY for a

number of reasons including costs it's

really hard to afford a lawyer on top of

the application fees so in those limited

areas where I can't help where a legal

opinion is not necessary I try to and

this is what this video is equipping you

to do letters support affidavits of

support number one what's the difference

both are sworn documents both are

documents were the person writing them

swears that what they're saying is true

an affidavit of support is going to be

signed in front of a notary who's going

to be a sort of like third person right

a third party that also certifies that's

what's being said is actually what was

said by that person okay so in terms of

importance like evidentiary importance

an affidavit of support is higher than a

letter of support okay in terms of

content they're basically the same

except for the fact that the affidavit

of support is going to be notarized and

a letter of support should have a few

other kind of language differences that

are very just formal okay they're

they're essentially formal and in the

affidavit support letter support guides

that you can find links to in the

description this will be obvious the way

to get your friends and family to

actually write these for you is to be

very precise with what you want them to

write in there and sometimes it's

helpful to just provide like a

ready-to-go guide okay and that's what

these sort of attachments that you can

find below and then we're going to work

with are going to help you do if this is

the guide okay and we're going to

have it now in the sort of like side

panel here so that you can follow along

okay so the first thing that you notice

is that the title okay so the title

should have both the name of the person

that's writing the letter of support and

in the subtitle should have the name

that the letter or affidavit of support

is supporting so in this example it says

letter of support by John Doe John Doe

is the person writing the letter of

support and support of let's say bill

for his u visa application for his

naturalization application for his i-130

for his adjustment of status okay the

letter of support there's going to be an

introductory line saying I the

undersigned hereby swear or oh that pose

or state the following okay

the swear is kind of the key part there

and then you have kind of three lines

okay or three things you really want to

cover you want your letter writer to

cover in their letter support or

affidavit of support these three lines

are very important you want them to

state their full name their birthday

okay their place of birth the country in

town they don't need to put like I was

born in a hospital in like a room 42 B

they don't need to put like you know I

was conceived in Disneyworld and that my

parents had me in Michigan they don't

need to go that far you just need to put

town and country you can always tell

your letter writers because sometimes

they get flustered with the immigration

process they don't know what they're on

the hook for just say right which you're

comfortable with city and town is fine

okay and then they should write whether

they are a US citizen a u.s. permanent

resident or a foreign national and this

isn't to single them out in any way is

just that in terms of wait US citizen

letters of support NAFA days of support

carry a little more weight than lawful

permanent residents carry a little more

weight than foreign nationals that's not

something I'm telling you that's just

the way our system is designed because

the letters of support are essentially

saying hey this person is is worthy of

immigration benefits and coming from US

citizens just presume that that US

citizen knows what good you a good

potential US citizen or permanent

resident when they see what I'm not

saying that's true actually

think it's a complete fantasy in some

ways but that's just the way that system

is designed and fine okay that's that's

what we go with and it's cool all right

the next thing we want to say is how

we've known the person so in the second

or third paragraphs we want to state how

you know the person you're writing in

support of right so if you're asking for

a letter support from your friend you'd

say I want you to write about how you

know me so how you met me how long

you've known them right are possible

since when when they've known you right

so oh i'm known i've known a bill from

book club and we've known each other

since 2006 when we read Infinite Jest by

David Foster Wallace and we got to

talking about that we're still talking

about it because that book is crazy and

David Foster Wallace was kind of a

monster in real life something like that

right or you might say we went to school

together you might say we work together

you might say hey this person worked for

me this person worked with me yada yada

yada and then they should say why

they're writing this and this should

reference the petition or the form the

application of the person is applying

with so I'm writing this in support of

Bill's petition for permanent residency

Bill's petition for Au visa Bill's

petition for adjustment of status from

here it becomes very kind of dependent

on your relationship right if it's but

it should focus on your good moral

character it might focus on a point of

contention and your application which I

don't want to get too much into right

because it gets into a lot of legal

points but good moral character so I

want to write about why Bill is a good

person and this is the key what comes

out next right what comes out in the

next sort of paragraph should be


okay so bill is good with his kids is

general bill takes his daughter to dance

class three times a week and he's been

doing this for four years even though he

works a full-time job and he's an

incredible father

my kids stay with Bill and his children

regularly and I'm comfortable with that

that's specific and that's something

that's really like a strong

recommendation okay another general

effect bill is a hard worker he is just

a hard worker and I like hard workers to

be in the United States that's pretty

general more specifically would be like

hey I contracted bill for a job that was

going to take three weeks but guess what

bill worked overtime at one point he

pulled a 24-hour shift and that work was

done in a week and a half and I have

lots of friends and lots of colleagues

who hired bill for the same job that's

like a really specific right set of

facts okay you want whatever you write

to be true to the best of your

recollection so you don't want to add

details that you're not sure about right

so you don't want to create a tall tale

in other words right so bill might have

worked a 24 hour shift but I mean like I

know bill pretty much worked in 96 hours

shift without stop that one time and he

didn't eat and he picked up a truck with

his bare hands that will be exaggeration

right so you don't want to go that far

you don't want to be overzealous in

representing you know whoever you're

trying to support all right and then the

final thing you kind of add right after

you kind of tell that story you want to

tell about this person why they're

important why you respect them why you

like them maybe you love them whatever

it is you end with some contact

information this is optional right and I

know come to be sensitive is somebody

writing a letter of support maybe is not

documented but adding an email or a

number where you can be reached at is

great okay and then of course you need

your ID which we talked about because

your ID is just adding further proof of

your letter of support affidavit of

support being real okay they're more

important for letters of support because

the notary seal is going to act as kind

of it it confirms the identity okay

because you have to present an ID with

the notary all right if you're a letter

of support you kind of end with I swear

under pen under your penalty of perjury

that all the following is true and you

date it and you sign it okay you can

date and sign your letter of support

whenever and send it in to the lawyer or

to the to the person right it's DIY to


to the person that needs the letter of

support and they put in the packet yada

yada the affidavit of support you're

gonna sign with the notary okay the key

things with these the ones that are most

effective right now that you've seen the

format is that they come from the heart

it's good if spelling and grammar

you know if somebody does is spilling a

grammar check for you you want it to be

understandable but actually the most

important thing is the content and a lot

of times when somebody just lists

themselves right the passion will come

through if you know somebody very well

if you're you know writing this for a

spouse or a parent or child and it's an

application that is being written under

like very difficult circumstances maybe

somebody's in a detention center maybe

somebody's been a victim of a crime just

let yourself go Ryan give yourself some

time to write it maybe you know have a

shot a whiskey or something or if you

know if you don't drink which is great

you know have a chocolate right just

relax and then write it if it's

something a little less from the heart

maybe it's a colleague or somebody you

know pretty well right in your ear just

like an acquaintance then just try to be

as specific as possible for every fact

you're gonna kind of separate them out

and again you'll see that in the letter

of support guide and just be timely it's

the only other thing I would say write

like these letters are really important

for people if you're the one trying to

corral them up right try to send them

out early don't set them like the day

you think you want to you know sending

the application don't send out your

letter of support request then send them

out as early as possible so that they're

ready to go when you're ready to go the

rest of the application I hope that was


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