Mrs. Cog's DT Project: Teddy Bears Journal

hello everyone this is Diane and I have

completed the teddy bear journals this

one is mrs. cogs design team project so

I'm going to go through this one first

now I pretty much overstuffed them I

just couldn't stop decorating and adding

to them so they have a 3 inch spine and

three signatures and I used buttons as

you can see on the spine it's a golden

book the three bears and it was pretty

frayed up at the top so I just put some

vintage fabrics and they fold over onto

the inside also there's some trim

along both front and back and so let's

just go inside the illustrations of this

book I believe are from the 1940s

although this copy isn't that old so

like I said there are three signatures

and each signature is covered with a

piece of Kraft cardstock in a pattern

and I used a mrs. cogs image on the

front of each signature I ain't around

it and then sewed it on to this book

page vintage book page and then vintage

lace and I took the title from her

digital and cut it out and inked around

it and glued it on and there's some

little lace there some eyelet on the


here is the title page and this is a

copy died shipping tagged with a piece

of vellum sewn on as a pocket and

there's some woodsy looking fiber there

and a craft circle with some more book

page some handmade paper and vintage

Dennison gummed seal of a black bear

there's a mrs. cogs image which is stuck

on to a guest check with some scrap

paper and some lace lots of room to

write although I did do a lot of

decorating there's still a lot of room

to write in here and on this I just

added some washi tape let me see the

okay so the illustrations are

copyrighted 1948 this copy of this book

is 1976 so it is still vintage there's

some coffee dyed lined paper here I did

coffee dye some pretty patterned paper

to use in the book and I put a little

label up there printable label and this

is an image that I stamped on to some

file folder that I had colored with

distress inks and I backed it to brown

cardstock and there's a little flower


these are mrs. Coggs images see the

little bear fishing

and this page has some stenciling in

brown and green and some stamped

speckles and then a collage with some

mulberry paper German book page and a

little bit of green trim and this is

stamped onto handmade paper this is some

stationery with some little bears having

tea and I had typed up some words myself

and then cut them out and just when is

tea time there's some washi tape here

this was cut from one of the craft

cardstock pieces so it's sturdy and it's

just a gorgeous looking lace piece and

there's some trees on this scrapbook

paper and I type the word teddy it was a

cute little girl this is I just found on

Pinterest and this is a cute little tag

that becky sent me she sent me a happy

mail and it included some teddy bear

things so I used them in these books she

colored that bear in and I added some

fabric and lace and a little button so

this bear this book is oh dear I sewed

the wrong pages in okay so the three

bears has the story of by Alaska but

that's not that's the three bears

well I all right so I messed up and I

put some Bielawski pages in with the

three bears pages or at least one

hopefully I just did one oh dear okay so

there's a mistake but it's all good

there's some teddy bear stamp there and

some inked up lined papers a sheet of

paper here with a little curlicue and a

piece of vintage or not vintage index

card and a vintage sticker

so I guess by alaskey at least doesn't

have the whole story this is from a

children's teddy bear book about trains


there's a fabric flip and this is a

piece of Mota fabric that was part of a

charm pack and it had fabrics

illustrating the three bears so there's

little houses and there's a bear there

and I stamp a little bear down there

this is a again a stamped image of some

Boyd's bears making pies selling pies

maybe and a missus cogs image this

little bear is looking at herself in the

mirror and this has the word fuzzy and a

vintage doily a little collage there

with some normal mulberry paper and book

page and lace this is handmade paper

it's a sturdier paper so I could use

that as a tuck spot I stamped that onto

handmade paper and there's mulberry

paper and Roxy creations label this is

copy dyed lined paper tucked in here and

a mrs. cogs image cute little bear

holding a blackboard I stamped some

little bear paw prints up that page

there's a bear reading a book and now

we're back to Goldilocks this one I

think they're playing hide and seek

she's covering her eyes while they hide

there's a little piece of fabric strip

that I got from une Lala craps I looked

in I don't see this in her shop anymore

there's some vintage lace but I'll still

try to remember to link her shop so you

can go see what else she has this is a

vintage library date do sheet and it

started out 72 and ended in 84 it's got

a little glue booger there and these are

some little punch-out teddy bears that

Becky sent me also this is an image from

Pinterest a teddy bear paper dolls I did

a vintage library pocket that actually

came out of a library book and I covered

it with some pattern paper there's

another image of that bear with the

black board a little piece of vintage

lace and then on the I have a colored

library card and I added these two bears

mrs. Cox image second signature has some

gorgeous vintage lace on the front and

this piece of it vintage lace and a

little sheer ribbon some vintage book

page and another mrs. cogs image of

adorable bear sitting on a chair and I

type the word fluffy so we'll have

pretty much the same elements another

tag this is a grid index card with two

bears on a teeter-totter some handmade

paper there's a little girl feeding her

toys and pets of tea and there's a

little teddy bear right there

there's a little circle with a stamp

flower on handmade paper collage there

some bears having a birthday party and

then no little bears but there Tisa

again now this is from a children's book

with fuzzy bears so it's the it's the

three bears but it was called the three

fuzzy bears and so these are actually

fuzzy there's two lady bears having tea

I didn't know Bears were so fond of tea

I bet they put honey in it this is a

patent office image from I found that on

Pinterest and I found this on Pinterest

I just cut it out you can journal on the


this came from a scrapbooking kit that I

found at a secondhand store index card


some vintage fabric and these are this

one might be vintage but that one's

newer and there's another children's

storybook page of some black bears and

this is from the current company you

open it up and you can write on that

cute little bears

I love this bear he looks like he's

really going places there's some vintage

Elise behind there and this is a mrs.

cogs image of a bear fishing

this one is reading the newspaper and I

found these little paper doll little

cutout dolls on Pinterest mama bear and

Papa Bear and Goldilocks aren't they

cute so I cut them out and tuck them in

this little pocket there are some fuzzy

bears again

and this image was also on Pinterest

like fussy cut it and glued it to this

pretty scrapbook paper it's cardstock

and I typed the word best friend there's

a little girl saying her prayer with her

teddy bear right there there's another

of the tags that becky made this is an

envelope that i made a long time ago and

i put this piece of handmade paper there

with a stamp on it to tuck the flap into

and I love this bear with his shadow

that's for mrs. cogs some craft paper

and a piece of lace that's been copy

dyed it came off a pillow sham actually

and there's the Bears on a teeter-totter

again there's an image of a fuzzy bear

sitting in his chair before before all

the troubles with Goldilocks started

just a scrap paper that's folded and you

can write on that

this is a white bear jumped out at the

pocket and tried to run away but I'm

putting putting him back in the pocket

and he will be in your book it's a

pretty white bear with us red satin bow

and this bear has his candle and it's

nightshirt on sorry for the loud truck

going by got my window open because it's

cooler I'm letting the cool air in

there's a circle again craft cardstock

circle with a collage on it just a scrap

I love to spare bursting through the

paper saying hello another collage and

this one has a little torn teddy bear on

it stamped image there's another of the

pieces of fabric with the three bears

that's just a collage and you can write

a little note on that

there's journaling here and a little

vintage bear sticker this is from

another storybook Goldilocks and the

three bears

aren't big huge a lot I love this

illustration - who is this illustrator I

should know I may have covered it up

illustrated by I can't pronounce that

fabric flip there and a scant stamped

image of the Bears with the pies in that

little pocket I love this piece of lace

right there some hand handmade paper as

a pocket there's a piece of green and

then the green color I stamped on

collaging there and some coffee dye

paper and an image of some bears

providing music for the entertainment

this is a stamped image of a little girl

bear watering her flowers a little trio

of bears up there

this bear is playing the flute and

there's that little torn bear and the

quote is there's a rip and a tear and my

teddy bear love pours from him

everywhere these two little bears are

enjoying the fresh air sitting on a

bench there's a little scrap you can

write on there and then on the back page

there's a little craft sack with a

little girl feeding her animals tea

again and this image of a bear with an


and then in the back pocket I made a

pocket out of crap cardstock and

stitched on this image from a storybook

and tucked inside is this page the

children's cut out paper parties and

it's got the three bears and Goldilocks

couple outfits for her plus all their

furniture in the cottage it's pretty

small I wouldn't cut it up and try to

put it together but you can you want to

I would use it for writing on the back

so this will be in my shop I'm sorry

that I messed up some of the pages but

it is what it is it's a teddy bear book

and so it has pages from various books

and it includes some bio lost key pages

too so this will be in my shop let's see

I'm just gonna list it I'm not gonna

schedule a time for it because I never

know when I'm gonna be here I've got

people calling on me for all kinds of

things so I'm just going to list it in

my shop so when this video goes up it

will be there thanks so much for

watching and I'll be back to show you

the other book that will be in my shop

so I'll be back soon bye