How to write a thank you note for an interview

hi everyone I am cassandra thompson your

career consultant and speaker and today

we are talking about what I think is

actually the most important part of all

interviews the thank-you note in a world

where everyone feels to take him for

granted a thank-you note can put you at

the top of the pile for who to hire for

a job plus excuse me it's my nose our

justice plus it can totally set you

apart for a lot of other scenarios so

today we are going to cover why thank

you notes are so important a really

great formula for how to write one

quickly and I'm gonna give you a bonus

tip to make sure your thank-you note

looks awesome every time so for this

video we are gonna be focusing mainly on

thank you notes for interviewing for

jobs and for informational interviews

but a lot of the rules apply to anything

you know you need to write so keep watch

first before anything else a question I

get asked a lot is handwritten or

emailed and here's my my advice and what

I've heard from recruiters for an

interview email for anything else in my

ear on I want a handwritten thank-you

note on a thank-you note card so go to

that section at Target or Walmart or a

Hallmark store if you still have those

near you and get a set a very nice

standard thank-you notes but for the

interview you heard me at the beginning

it needs to be an for the job interview

it needs to be an email here's why you

want that to get to them as quickly as

possible you don't know where the person

interviewing you is headed afterwards

they might be on a red-eye across the

country won't be back until next week

and they have to make the decision on

who they hire while they're gone if you

hand write one they're gonna come back

to it but they've hired the person who

emailed them so for interviews always

email and please I'm just throwing this

in there don't be the person who

interviews and then at the end whoops

I've heard of people doing this whoops

out thank you notes at receptions like

can you give this to them how insincere

is that you wrote your thank-you note

before you had anything to talk about

for the interview so that's just like a

big nut all right so why thank you notes

are important thank you notes are

something that recruiters look for they

want to see that you are excited and

energized and really want this job that

you will go the extra mile it is there's

like crazy stats out there that three

out of four people know they should

write a thank-you note

one out of four people does it because

it's so simple and people think Oh

everyone's doing this so I'm not gonna

be set apart I talk to recruiters all

the time who say they never get

thank-you notes in fact I know multiple

recruiters who actually the few and far

between thank-you notes they get they

keep them and post them on their wall I

actually post thank-you notes I get on

my wall too

because they are that rare so it sounds

simple you think everyone's doing it but

I promise you they are not that I'm

gonna guess three out of four people who

watch this video won't even end up

making a thank-you so be the 1 out of 4

that does and the job could be yours the

formula for a thank-you note is so

simple you're going to say dear name of

person and yes please use dear use

salutations then you are going to

actually say thank you be surprised say

thank you so much for interviewing me

today or for chatting with me about this

position then you were going to name

something personal to your conversation

so that could be highlighting something

from the job that sounds really

interesting to you that they told you

about that day or let's say if it's an

informational interview that's something

you learned about the company or

something personal that you had in

common so it could be anything like oh

I'm so glad I found somebody else who's

as obsessed with the crown as I am or

please let me know when you finish

stranger things season 2 I would love to

hear your thoughts on it it can be light

it can be fun so anything personal to

your conversation then you are going to

reiterate your things again as I said

before thank you so much I really

appreciate it talking with you and then

if it's for an informational interview

or job description I really want you to

put in something that shows you want to

further in this conversation so I look

and this is not rocket science I look

forward to hearing from you if it's an

informational interview let's talk again

soon or keep me posted on blah blah blah

thing you talked about and then all you

do is say sincerely and your name guys

that's it so let me go through those

little more basically name say thank you

say something say something say

something personal reiterate your thanks

and move the conversation forward

sincerely I actually do a workshop where

I teach this and I make people write a

thank-you note

in the room it takes four minutes I have

learned this four minutes so think about

it this way four minutes can stand

between you and the job okay so my bonus

tip if you are writing a thank-you note

on an actual note card which for inner

informational interviews you should do

you know if someone helps you out with

something you you know helps you on a

project or you ask somebody for a piece

of advice write them a thank-you note

but to make it look good it means no

mistakes on it no spelling errors no

grammatical errors nothing crossed out

no writing get being big at the top and

then cramming it in the corner so how do

you make that happen you take a blank

piece of paper

you take your thank-you note you put it

here and you trace the size of it and

now you are going to write your thank

you note here first if it doesn't fit

trace it again do it again until you can

get it all on one perfectly Center

note is everything spelled correctly are

there any grammatical errors you can

check it here before wasting a notecard

once you've done that just copy like you

were in grade school what you said on to

that actual note and it'll look

beautiful and perfect every time I hope

now you feel more confident and

understand how beneficial and great

thank you notes can be in your career

okay so one little added bonus for you

if you would like to make this even

simpler than the formula I have a link

below for a template for you to kind of

insert some things and make a beautiful

perfect thank you note every time so if

you would like that template check the

description check the description box

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thank you so much for watching and I

will see you in the next one