Writing Tips & Information : How to Write Graduation Thank You Notes

Hi, I'm Laura, from youngwritersworkshops.com,and I'm going to talk about how to write a graduation

thank you note. Start your note by expressing appreciation for the person's thoughtfulness,

of sending you a graduation gift. Also, you might want to talk about how you're going

to be using this gift, in the next part of your life. Graduation represents sort of an

ending, and also a beginning of some sort, so it's a great way to tie in a little bit

of news, and also include your gratitude for the gift.You want to close the letter, by

summing up again, how much you appreciate the person's thoughtfulness. Then, end the

letter, with a closing such as Sincerely, Your Friend, Your Nephew, and a comma, and

your name, and that's how you write a graduation thank you note.