3 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Cards To Share With Family And Friends

hi it's me JD and welcome back to my

channel today's video is going to be all

about Thanksgiving cards Thanksgiving is

a perfect day to send out a handmade

card number one because it is literally

the day of giving thanks

so all those thank you stamps and dies

that you've accumulated but haven't used

it's now time to get them out number two

there's bound to be a loved one or a

friend that you're not able to see

during this holiday so sending them a

handmade greeting card is a perfect way

to express your gratitude

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what you see now onto the card making

this first Thanksgiving card starts off

with some ink blending and a stencil

using my ink pad I'm going to add the

first base layer of ink on my card front

just to speed things up and quickly

cover it up then I'll lay this stencil

over top which reminds me of a sunflower

so that's why I'm using it here I'll

attach it to the back with some painters

tape and then I'll proceed to get my

fingers really really inky I'm using

distress oxide inks and some Bristol

papers to get this blend as smooth as

possible I'm going back and forth

between the layers to help get a better

blend and build up the color to really

deepen it and now my favorite part of

using a stencil or a mask is the peel

reveal ooh

peel reveal I like that that's trademark

now property of its me JD thank you

after setting this bad boy aside to dry

for a little bit I'm going to die-cut

the word thankful and its shadow from

this die set and going over to add some

some of my favorite adhesive to that and

marvel at my inky fingers I also heat

emboss a sub sentiment just because well

I just thought it do need a sub

sentiment why don't we do the things we

do I don't know next I'll add it here no

here yep on top for sure I could have

used some foam tape but I really wanted

to keep this card as simple as possible

or so I thought see at first I started


a few gems in the middle of my sunflower

stencil and then well yeah I kind of

went overboard I couldn't help myself

all right they were so pretty I'm going

to hear these last few gems and this

card is complete these subscribers that

have been here before know that I love

me a good shaker card so we're going to

make a pumpkin spice latte shaker card

even though I don't like pumpkin spice

or all this ink on my fingers still I

really don't care for pumpkin spice I

don't know why so many people like it

it's not appealing to me like at all so

yeah I don't really like anything

pumpkin pumpkin spice latte nope don't

know or pumpkin seeds maybe if I'm in

the mood so it makes perfect sense that

I would make a car that says you're the

pumpkin spice in my latte you've caught

me I'm a card-making fraud on the inside

of the card I'll just write not really

or just kidding and then I'll be fine

I've got all my pieces ready to go now

I'm adding some double-sided tape to my

card front

then I will peel the backing off of all

this tape then lay my piece of acetate

right over the back of my card front so

it creates a nice shaker window after

that I'll get out some foam tape I like

to double up on my foam tape because I

like my shakers to shake to help save on

supplies I'll cut this piece in half so

now I have double the amount I need and

then I'll take one strip and then kind

of manipulate it around my circle just

so it creates a reservoir for all of my

shaker sequins and I'm thinking

hopefully I make it all the way around

without having to get more and I do

thank goodness I'll just trim off the

excess that's hanging off of the card

front and then dust it with some

anti-static powder now I'm adding the

rest of that doubled up foam tape to

help create an even layer for my card

front when I

my note card this is so it doesn't make

your card look all wonky when you send

it through the mail I've got some

sequins from the dollar store that I'm

going to use for my shaker I'm going to

add different shades of thanksgiving cuz

that's literally what it looks like just

different shades of fall and

thanksgiving in this the sequins set and

some sequins are trying to escape oh no

you don't then I'll peel off the backing

of the foam tape of the card front and

layer that over now just making sure

that my shaker can shake now I'm going

to add some double-sided tape to my

little mug as well as my little what do

you call that

oh the actual pumpkin spice hello the

man I'll pop up my sentiment with some

foam tape and I'd hear it right across

the center of my shaker card and this

card is finished fabulous even though it

has pumpkin spice now if you're

wondering why my fingers got so inky

after some ink blending well it's

because I made a mess now I use the

excess from that ink blending to do some

ink smooshing with the leftover ink on

my craft mat and so I'm just adding some

more ink to the craft mat spritzing it

with water and then putting my card

front down on it to help cover it up

with some really cool looking effects

and colors I wanted to create the effect

of a really organic like fall leaf

looking thing although it did get kind

of muddy we really supposed to heat heat

it up between layers but oh well I

didn't it so came out cool next I'll use

this really fun leaf die set from

Concord 1/9 to cut into some Kraft

cardstock I'm going to create a window

without the outline first I'm going to

pop out all the excess pieces and then I

go to die cut a circle from that really

fun you know ink smushed cardstock I use

from earlier and that's what happened

thankfully this is a really easy

technique to replicate and hide any

mistakes so I just Inc smoosh some more

to cover all that up and it's like it

never even happened even though you guys

saw it happen like 10 seconds ago okay

moving on so next I'm going to trace a

line perpendicular lines on the back of

this circle to find the center then I'm

gonna use my pokey tool to poke a hole

through it I'll do the same for another

die-cut circle the circle can be any

size as long as it's smaller than your

your spinning circle and I'll push a

brad through the backside so the prongs

are on the front side of the pretty side

that all makes sense

side sides if he thought yeah I'll add

some foam squares to the little circle

on the back side then I'll get out

another card panel the pooch will be my

back card panel and after I peel off the

backing of the film squares I'm gonna

put my card front on top to get a to get

the placement of it and then I'll place

the whole thing on the my new card panel

to get the rights position of my

spinning wheel and on my card front I'll

die cut a little notch so people will

know where to spin the card using their

finger and then I'll add a whole bunch

of foam squares to the rest of my panel

just to make sure that the my card is

pretty even when it goes through the

mail and then after peeling off all the

backing I'll place my card front on top

I never do it right because there's that

extra sliver of white cardstock on the

right there but I don't mind it I don't

mind it for now and then I'll go back to

that same leaf die set and cut out the

outline leaf part I had enough inks on

my craft mat to make two different

panels so that's where this outline

piece came from and I'll adhere that

with some glue wipe off any excess and

make sure my wheel works and then using

the remnants of that card stock that

same cardstock I'm going to die cut out

my sentiments I'm using my favorite

paper trimmer to make sure all of my

sides of the sentiment are straight

I'm just using some scissors to cut off

any excess so make sure it fits and then

I'll add some glue to the back of my

sentiment I decided to attach a white

strip to the back of these pieces just

to help coordinate that that white

corner as well as the sliver of white

cardstock on the right in this case I

decided to incorporate my mistake

instead of cutting it off or hiding it

now I'll attach my sentiment strips with

some more adhesive and then I realized

like I needed something in that corner

as well so I got out an aero die set

from lawn fawn from the actual reveal

wheel die and that really pulls this

whole Thanksgiving card together I

noticed that I didn't pop out that

remaining piece of this leaf die-cut so

I just did that really quickly and that

added more glue to help seal that in and

now playing with my review wheel because

it's just so cool and that card is

finished thank you guys so much for

watching I hope you and your family your

friends your loved ones have a very

happy Thanksgiving