How I made a travel brochure for school project // Step to the Mesmerizing Meghalaya


hi friends it's me Alena hope you all

are doing good today I'm going to share

how I made a travel brochure for my

school project

friends I have literally taken a load of

time to prepare this so I just talked to

me share with you also

I'm so sure that it will really help you

a lot

friends just have a look



Oh friends my project to us to make a

travel brochure of any of Indian states

so by the way I had chosen make aliyah

in India

I used a rain based team to decorate

this page because um one of the world's

wettest region is found in sharpen Gmail

Kalia so I've also stucked some

beautiful pictures of tourist

attractions in Mecca I also like the

crystal-clear River double-decker living

root bridge and a beautiful waterfall

I've also stuck at the rest map like you

know by looking at this you'll be able

to know what out what are the tourist

places over here as we move to the next


oh here I've written the basic

informations about my Kalia makalah is

known as the abode of clubs is one of

the most beautiful states in India

Nature has blessed her with abundant

rainfall sunshine virgin forests klister

crystal clear rivers and above all with

indulgent and hospitable people

I've also stuck a picture of elephant

falls and I've also decorated this page

with the floral based border so in the

next page I've written the lantern

location my collar is located in the

northeastern portion of India I've

decorated this page with this border

next we move on to the tourist

destinations Shalom is known as this

Copeland of the east

sharp ng is nuñez make Aaliyah's dewdrop

mouth syndrome is known as a rain lovers

paradise and Torah is known as

unexplored bit of the garo hills I've

decorated this page with also a symbol

border as you can see here next we have

worn to the tourist attractions the

double took a living rule bridge sharpen

G now prick National Park I've also

drawn a simple body for this page too

and I've also stuck pictures regarding

this CG okay into da Khasi Hills picture

panel pitcher plant late July

next vegetation vegetation includes a

wide varieties of orchids medicinal

plants fruits spices and trees next

climate the climate of Makara is

generally mild one of the world's

wettest region is found in sharp ng

Macario C this is also a simple border

next I've written the food habits of the

people people mostly prefer food

compromises of rice along with fish or

meat dishes see here are some dishes

see how I decorated this page too with a

floral design next we'll move on to the


wangala festival is known as the dance

of a hundred drums strawberry festival

autumn festival and biting Clem festival

this pictures show how unity how unite

they are see how this border is all self

with a lamb and some butterflies at last

a brief history of makalya

in the early years our Macaulay was

under Assam but it was awarded full

stated on January 21st 1972 it has been

the homeland of many tribes like the


kasi and janeshia say friends have stuck

to pictures

this shows how United the people are and

the stunning beauty of mahalia

so friends here ends our journey to make

alia friends I hope you all liked this

video and I'm so sure that this will be

a guide to prepare a travel brochure for

school projects if you liked this video

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