CARD PROCESS VIDEO #29 | easy & quick birthday card | ~my niece is making DIY embellishments~


hello everybody welcome back to my

channel this is Lisa from party fighter

and I'm back today with another card

video for you this is a super super

short video it is super self explanatory

but I'm so gonna in her voice or because

I already edited it and I thought it

would be a waste of time in whatever um

so my niece is crafting next to me so

that's what you're seeing and the bowl

and the hands that's hurt and I made a

birthday card for my classmate so I

started like class and I don't know it's

like three days later it was his

birthday and so it's not very personal

it's just a very genetic genetic not

genetic generic card because I didn't

really know him so I did use this very

dark purple striped paper and with this

white damask paper I die cut and these

balloons as well as this cake and I

decided not to remove all of the parts

mainly because I didn't get them out as

I wanted to and then oh that's very

blurry sorry there we go

and I used um cream-based what a missing

cream a card stock as my card base and

those are just for my niece so I trimmed

down this striped paper as I mentioned

and use this as my card front I just

popped it up using some foam tape and I

teared that please I don't add in

material with anything it just felt a

bit yeah so it's really nice I'm doing

this voice over so yeah that's basically

all I'm doing is just tearing the

die-cuts and

stamping sentiment and I decided to

stamp the happy birthday sentiment and

on the inside the saying I don't

remember what it actually says and in

the end it's not the years in your life

that count is still life in your years

but from Abraham Lincoln on the back

I used my made with love stamp said she

wanted to stamp it when he said was so

cute she asked if she could stamp it

she'd never stamp before so I thought it

was so adorable and on the flap of my

envelope I think I'm stamping the happy

birthday as well yes and it instant

probably that I wasn't a problem at just

three stamped it in Lewis okay and now I

trace it with my black pen so you really

can't see a difference and now I think

Oh am I really embossing I don't

remember looks like I'm doing some

embossing today so I'm getting out all

of my embossing ingredients if you want

to using my ek success powder tool first

to prep my surface as well as my card I

always get go completely overboard with

the Potter tool because I rather use

more powder than half glitter everywhere

because I have a little bit of a glitter

phobia I love glitter but it's

everywhere and I get really frustrated

with it so yeah but this works perfectly

and this is wow embossing powder in the

silver is it Sparkle or something

sparkly silver no or just silver I don't

know but it's the fine glitter not the

chunky one and yeah now I went to heat

set it

that's the melted end result if you want

to really love how it looks but I always

stood at off-camera because I don't have

that many power

next to my desk so I have my heat tool a

bit away I'm sorry about the focusing

and I know my keeps going up in and out

of probably because of the black

stickers I'm sorry about that but I

really don't check my camera and when

I'm filming this I hardly ever do that

using double-sided tape in my quickie

glue pen to a tear that my niece me such

a cute DIY embellishment I think I have

a picture of that over on my blog I'm

not sure if it took it from this time or

another time I decided since it was a

little flat to add some sparkle and I

use those blue I think they're

holographic pretty sure they are sequins

and my niece was helping me deciding

where they are supposed to go and I just

sparkled them around to give them a bit

of a gift a card a bit of extra spark

leanness we were checking if I adhered

all of them and I think on that isn't

this the cutest one ever like the little

girl and boy with the moustache so that

was my card for you today love the shine

and sparkle I really hope you enjoyed

this video if you did please give it a

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already and I will see you next time

thank you so much for watching bye