Easy Valentine's Card For Kids

hey this job at art for kids hub calm

and I got my cool little kids with me

hats heads and who's this

I can austin how old are you Austin oh

no not for - it's not how old are you

heads fine year for what are we gonna do


we're going do Valentine's card yeah

we're gonna do a Valentine's card this

thing is super cool and it's super easy

that's some fun okay I like all the kids

at home need your two colors a pink or

they could pick a different color like

red but you want to do like a

Valentine's color and then another color

this pink calm they could use red at

home they want it and then they got we

got some scissors we got a crayon or

something to draw with and we got some

glue ready okay first thing we're going

to do is we're going to fold we're going

to fold this we have two sheets one free

trivia right we're gonna fold one of

these colors in half you know there's

two yep and we're going to fold these

and have two there's two sheets on each

one right so we got them both fold it in

half and this one's for you heads this

one's for Austin okay Austin put your

hand up here and I'll show you what

we're gonna do so you can you hang on to

that just hold that for a sec don't do

anything yet I'm gonna use a smaller a

smaller marker here we go because he's

got little on her hands small hands okay

hey Jeff what we're gonna do just that

heads I'll show you in just sec

so I know you can

once one sec though okay so what we're

gonna do is we're

start here we're going to put his whole

hand down and I'll show you this secret

is that tickle we're gonna make a heart

in the middle look

that tickle so the secret is you wanted

you want to have your kids hands touch

in the middle and I'm going to make this

into a little bit more of a heart when

we cut it out

but you want his thumb and is in his

first finger to touch on the middle part

okay hats you ready just set gostin gay

hats we're going to do the same thing

over here put your hand down and we're

going to try and make a heart yes right

like that and then kind of put your

fingers together perfect okay don't move

leave your thumb there just like that

yeah cool okay we're done with the

markers now what we're going to do is

we're going to cut this out so I'm gonna

we're going to skip ahead on the video

while we're cutting this out but we'll

show them how it looks like when we're

done okay okay guys we got it all cut

out ha and what happens when we open it

up what does that look like hi it looks

like a hard huh and what and we already

glued awesomes down huh so all we need

to do with yours has we'll move this

stuff out of the way just yeah oh just

set Causton just a sec gay all we do

with yours heads is we turn it over like

this and go ahead and squirt some glue

on there just like us to open it up

squeeze a little glue just like us and

we'll help you do yours we're going to

draw on these in just a sec so as our

little two-year-old he gets impatient

but that's normal for all two-year-olds

and then heads you can push this down

you want to put it down

there's wish

and we put it down right in the middle

so that it folds with the card huh cool

all right here hats Austin you ready to

draw whoops let's get where's that black

thought there was another black in there

we'll use blue okay heads we're gonna

make this card for Mom and Austin we're

gonna make your card for Grandma

so up up here in the middle heads right

I can you do an eye can you do an eye

right there

good job and then we got the heart so

that means love and then down here I'm

going to write grandma with Austin and

why don't you write mom so we can give

this to mom for Valentine's right here

write em oh and can you do that and then

we're gonna do grandma right here hmm

good job hads grand mom all right and

that's it that's the whole card so we

can actually spend some time and

decorate it a little bit more but we'll

do that after the video should we say

goodbye to our art friends friends