Veteran thank you note

thirty-five words that's all it took to

make the greatest thank you

one Boynton Beach veteran says he has

ever received our Jacquelyn Powell

caught up with him as he says thank you

back Jacquelyn this is the note Richard

Smith found on his car it came from a

complete stranger but he says he's never

felt so gratified I thank you so much

for fighting for our country your

dedication of your life Allah weighs

forever be appreciated so much love to

you these words written in a note left

on Richard Smith's car I'm reading it I

said wow that's really something got me

a little emotional they did the back of

his car prompts some things you will see

people when they see the license plate

or something say you know thank you for

your service but you don't see stuff

like this at all

ever that's the first time I've ever

seen anything like that a stark contrast

from how Richard says he was treated

when he came home from the war we were

still you know found coast that not a

welcoming home like you see today a warm

note of thanks fifty years later I'm

very happy that somebody did that for me

and thank them if they were watching TV

he's hoping for more kindness for so

many still serving our country today for

the younger guys they've had a little

you know maybe harder than we do because

they've gone back multiple times it's a

long time a lot of work work that's well

worth it for a thank you like this one I

have a beautiful peaceful happy day in

life it was a terrific thing to rate

richard is planning to make copies of

that note to keep around his house in

the studio I'm Jacqueline Powell WPTV

newsChannel five