Sympathy card for a coworker

hi everybody at shanna wanted to make a

quick video showing you a card that I

made for a gal at work I just found out

that a new nurse that I've been

orientating with her mother passed away

and I just in time got a new order that

I placed with stamps of life that just

got mailed on monday came on Wednesday I

can't believe it even got here that

quick since it took 10 days for my

membership wanted to get here I got this

in three days so I'm so excited so

before i show you my card I want to is

one of my new year resolutions which you

know it's not the new year yet but I'm

going to try to start showing the

supplies that I use so one of the new

stamp sets that i ordered which isn't

new to stamps alive but it's new to me

is this praise for him and stamps alive

actually put there if you can see it

it's right there at the top so it just

has a lot of different religious verses

and so the one I used says trust in the

Lord with all your heart and lean not on

your own understanding in all the ways

acknowledge him and he shall direct your

paths proverbs 35 dash 6 and I used it

on the inside of my card and I think it

was very appropriate and then the other

stamps that I used from them is tiny

titles to stamp and I use the praying

for you on the front and then I did I

didn't pop it up but I did one of these

different layer stamping layer cards and

I use this doodle flower stamp set and

then i use the died that came also that

and I think these came together I do

believe that this came this was a set

and then the paper I used for the

background is this dcwv shimmer stackin

so I just kept layers of paper and then

the white papers i layered on top I cut

all the layers first and then put

layered up lights on top of each other

and then stamped stamp them all then

took the whites apart and then layered

them on the gray and I did not pop them

up I've seen people's where they pop up

each of the late little layers but I

didn't choose to do that I want to make

it too terribly bulky but I did pop up

the the sentiment layer and the flower

so the the dupe flowers are stamped with

mementos grey flannel and then the

flower itself here is stamped with

Stephanie Bernards of guava and both the

pink and the gray or from that shimmer

stack the praying for you is also in the

gray flannel this is just a piece of

ribbon that I had and then I layered the

pink inside I think this is pretty light

you can write on it and then the

sentiment inside is also with the the

guava and this all this is a sizzix die

also it is fancy labels for by sizzix so

just a quick video to show you this

little sympathy card I'm going to put it

on my blog also so if you want to see a

picture please visit there and Shana

sweets blog blog so calm and thank you

so much for watching my videos and I'm

hoping to do a lot more on my blog and

show hopefully all my supplies in the

new year thank you so very much bye